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5 Indian People That Will Inspire You Every Time

We often seek places to gain Inspiration, but have you ever wondered what inspiration truly is? Have you ever thought what it can do? It’s really hard to state, but practically, Inspiration is the power to help people achieve their dreams, it’s the hope we cling on in the dark nights. It’s the power force which helps you believe that you are worth something and your dream, however hard they may seem, will come true.

Here we are presenting the 5 such Indian people from which you can take inspiration every single time. There’s one thing common in all these people, is that they are passionate about their work and love what they really do. So, get ready to be inspired-:

1. Amitabh  Bachchan-


Bad luck either destroys you, or makes you the man or women you really are. – Amitabh Bachchan

Words seem less when we talk about this guy. He’s one of the most successful Bollywood stars who has ruled over four long decades in the Bollywood cinema. During all the twists and turns, ups and downs, he has shown to the world that true dedication and passion towards the work can change any situation. From the major success to the dreadful scene of bankruptcy, and again achieving the never-ending stardom, Big B has proved that’s it’s our skill, attitude and desire which stands us out and make us succeed. Even after achieving the age of 70, he’s still dedicated and working hard to maintain the level of his success. He’s the greatest example of fighting against the odds and a living example for everybody who sees age as an obstacle to their growth.

2. Narendra Damodar Das Modi- The Prime Minister of India

Mind is never a problem, mindset is- Narendra Modi

The life of this person covers the magical and most unbelievable journey from being a Chai vendor to the Prime Minister of India.  Being indulged in the most blood-bathed controversies, Modi faced much opposition from outside and within the party. Still, he remains calm and has proved his prominence with this actions. He didn’t even revolutionize the Gujarat into a wonderful destination but made every effort to change the fate of our country (India). Being the most powerful man of the century, Narendra Modi works over 18 hours a day just to make India a powerful and developed country. He understands the problem and works day and nights to change the nation. We all know that the United States banned Mr. Modi after a certain event, but as soon he becomes the prime minister, they invite him on the event, and Modi breaks all records of gathering people, just to witness his speech and see him for once.Even the age of 66 years, he carries a positive approach, futuristic vision, and strong desire to change the life of every Indian citizen.  We salute you, Narendra Modi Sir.

 3. Ratan Naval Tata –

Ratan Tata

Takes the stone people throw at you, and use them to build a monument. – Ratan Tata

Being the most primitive and leading man of the nation, Ratan Naval Tata has shaped the life of millions. It’s truth that he born into a very wealthy family, but he did proves that success regards the worthy. He worked as a blue-collar employee till he was promoted As Director-in-charge at the National Radio Company Limited. With his futuristic vision and marvelous approach, he shaped the reality of Tata & Sons.  His devotion and leadership abilities took him to the position of Chairman of Tata Industries.  In spite of the failures and criticism for his work and profession, he never gave up and always kept doing the work to bring forth revolutionary changes for the benefit of the society. He’s a strong giver, that’s why now also he invests in many rising start-ups and businesses.

4. Akshay Kumar-


It’s the best thing if your work is your passion in life. It makes me feel like I’m always on break. – Akshay Kumar

Working as a temporary waiter in Bangkok to a superstar actor of Bollywood, Rajeev Bhatia Aka Akshay Kumar has really covered a long voyage. With his muscular biceps, charming looks, and martial art proficiencies, he embarked his journey without any god-father.  Being having a tough backdrop, Rajeev has a troubled time during growing up in a lower-middle-class family. When talking about success, Akshay said, “You just need to focus on your work and ignore everything else. You can’t just see what’s happening everywhere. I never get an award for my work even after being engaged into blockbuster films, but that will never stop me from doing my work or giving my 100%.”  Furthermore, he’s also a great example for all those who present age as the greatest excuse for their failure.



While Giving Inspiration to others, you find it for your own.

Now that you have taken the inspiration from four people, it’s time for you to be the inspiration for someone else. Look around you, there are so many people who are just waiting to see the ray of hope. Find them and inspire them.  And always remember that while giving inspiration to others, you will find it for yourself. Inspire others, and be the change you wish to see in your world.

Keep Inspiring & Never Give Up.

Hakuna Matata!

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5 Indian People That Will Inspire You Every Time


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