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6 Cool Reasons I am an Amazon Affiliate !

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6  Cool Reasons I am an Amazon Affiliate

Hey  ladies and gentlemen and a special hello to my readers (big cashers) it’s the chief blogger back at you on a cool Monday night.

I went to Chicago for the weekend to visit my sister , brother,  nieces and nephews. And everybody was doing just fine. It’s about a 5 hour drive from Iowa, so I’m going to do this night time share and get myself to bed ! Let’ s Roll.

I have been getting alot of questions about the Amazon Affiliate program from my readers (big cashers). There are rumors out there so tonight’s post I want to clear things  up read this post I wrote in April to get in the loop ”  Become an Amazon Affiliate and Prosper”

The usual reasons I hear  people give for not being an Amazon Affiliate include

  • The commissions are too small. They start at 4% and for most products can go as high as 8% depending upon how many products are sold.
  • Because most people on Amazon buy low priced products like books,so 4% of a $10 product doesn’t add up to a worthwhile commission

All of these are very valid reasons:

One of my favorite bloggers influencer Darren Rowse of  problogger has been an Amazon Affiliate since 2003.

6 Cool Reasons I  am an Amazon Affiliate

The main reasons I still am an Amazon Affiliate (apart from the obvious fact that it converts for me) are:

  • Amazon is a highly  trusted brand

everyone knows Amazon. If someone was going to buy online, Amazon would have to be one of the safest options. I know I trust them. Love unlimited Kindle and Prime.

  • Commissions are higher  on higher value product

while 4% on a book isn’t a high commission if you promote a high value product like a professional camera the commission can be decent

  • People buy more than one item at a time

when you send someone to Amazon you earn a commission on whatever they buy and whatever they end up buying within a 24 hour period. Many people load up their cart with huge amounts of items so commissions can add up fast.

  • Easy Integration

Amazon provides some good tools and widgets to help you integrate the sales channel into your website.

  • Holidays are booming times

Amazon runs some good seasonal sales. The merchandise sells like hotcakes. Thanksgiving to Christmas can be  a very profitable time to promote and sell. Get on the bandwagon now y’all.

  • Amazon has a wide supply of different products.

Amazon is much more than books these days guys. There are so many promotional options that most niches would probably find something relevant to their audience.

Ladies and gentlemen I’ll never argue that Amazon’s Affiliate program is perfect for every blog but I do think it’s worth checking out don’t  snooze or you’ll ……………

Top Amazon Sellers   and the  Making Cash Online Bookstore are  Amazon technology driven stores and do very well for us here.

Read this helpful Review   Amazon Affiliate Program Review.

Here’s How to Make Money from Amazon’s Affiliate program.

1. Build Traffic to Your Blog

Traffic, traffic, traffic. As with most methods of making cash from blogging,the more eyeballs that see your offers the better chance you have of them converting. Yes it is a numbers game.

Does that mean it’s not worth experimenting with Amazon’s Affiliate program if you don’t get much traffic?

Personally I think it’s definitely worth using early on. You won’t earn a huge amount but you will learn a lot and earning a few dollars is better than none.

In my first 3 months of using Amazon I earned $22.95, it wasn’t much but what would have happened if I’d have let that small amount stop me from trying?

So guys experiment early but starting your main focus needs to be on creating great content and building traffic to your blog.

2. Build Loyalty and Trust with Your Readers

Loyalty and trust = sales. While I do get a fair amount of search engine traffic. I’ve found that in most cases search visitors don’t sign up to the affiliate programs on my  blogs. Loyal and repeat readers do.

The main reason for this is that readers who connect with you on a daily basis begin to trust you ( and your blog).

When you make a recommendation or do a review they’re more likely to take that advice than someone who has just arrived from a search engine.

Read one of my Best post  Top 4 Affiliate Marketing Programs.

3. Find Relevant Products to Promote.

This is another common sense tip that many of us screw up. The more relevant your products are to your audience the better chance you’ll have of converting sales.

Promoting IPods on a blog that talks about religion you’re unlikely to make a lot of sales.

Amazon doesn’t work with every topic,sometimes it’s hard to find a product that matches your topic. Try different products related to your topic and track which products convert best for your audience.

Well that’s our night-time share for all my readers I love you. I’m getting ready to have a big bowl of french vanilla ice cream and a big slice of chocolate cake.

Leave me comments and let me know how has the Amazon Affiliates program worked for you? Sign up for my updates and big cashers don’t forget to share this post with your family,friends and social media outlets.  Take care and be cool.

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6 Cool Reasons I am an Amazon Affiliate !


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