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WordPress Blogging Google Traffic Search Engine Optimization

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It’s due time we look a little inside the WordPress C-Panel and all the buttons and Search Engine Optimization tactics to use for better Recognition, and ultimately faster Google Ranking. As previously discussed, your SEO Score is important as it plays a huge role when it comes to the time it takes to actually Rank your Blog in Google.

Nothing on Earth drives Google Traffic like proper Search Engine Optimization, especially when you consider that Google alone receives over 100 Billion Searches per Month and Crawls around 20 Billion Sites per Day. With Proper S.E.O you basically tell Google and All Major Search Engines exactly what your site is about. It’s all about Keyword and Keyword Phrase Placement with a few settings inside the WordPress C-Panel to optimize On Site S.E.O.

Your WordPress C-Panel – Is like your Holy Grail of Google Traffic to Your Blog, all you need to do is change a few simple settings and place your search phrases and keywords in the best positions. Under “Settings” in your C-Panel go to “General” and ensure that your Site Title does not exceed 60 Characters, but preferably around 55. Use a striking Tag Line but remember that when you do use a Tagline your Site Title and Tagline must not exceed 60 Characters Combined.

Site Title and Tagline is recognised as a single phrase when considering the Site S.E.O Score, and exceeding the maximum required 60 Characters will influence your site S.E.O Score negatively.

Always focus on Keywords and Keyword Search Phrases with a High Search Volume and a Low to Medium Competition.

Next you want to go to “Writing” under “Settings” in your WordPress C-Panel and be sure to enter the URL to a Ping Site of your Choice. This way, each time you post a new Blog Post it will be Automatically Pinged and send an Invitation to Search Engine Spiders to crawl your Blog. Always remember to “Save Changes” each time you change something in your C-Panel.

Under Discussions you want to scroll down to “Avatars” and set Avatar Display to Active by marking the block. Then choose a default avatar like Gravatar for instance and replace a faceless Comment with an Actual Favicon. This just makes your site Comment section appear a lot more professional.

Still under “Settings”, click on “Permalinks” to change every individual Blog Post into a better looking URL. Under Common Settings you will see an option for “Post Name”. Be sure that is selected and under “Custom Structure” it indicates the following tag – /%postname%/

You may have read in some other posts where I talk about adding the Image Required Alt Attribute, which is also done from inside your WordPress C-Panel. Right to the Top Left you will see “Media”, click on that and all the images used on your Blog will appear.

Click on Any Image and another window will open providing an option for image Title, Caption, Alt text and Description. The Alt Text is where you enter your Alt Attribute or Keyword Phrase, and this must also not exceed 60 Characters.

With Blog Post Featured Images you want to use the Keyword Phrases that you use in the H2 Header or Post Title. This way, if the image shows up in a search result for that specific phrase it will also redirect to your Blog Primary Domain.

The Tactics discussed in this Blog Post could boost your Blog SEO Score with as much as 25% making it a Grade ‘A’ Blog with an SEO Score above 75%

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A little Alt Attribute Bonus – When you use Widgets to promote banners on your Home Page side bar, you also want to include the Image Alt Attribute within the Banner HTML Code.

Most Banner HTML code normally end with (gif”/>) Now this is how to add the Alt Attribute to your HTML Code;

…….gif” (“alt=yourkeywordphrase”) /> but without the Brackets, just using that to single out the tactic.

Adding a Pre-Sale Text to Your Banner Widget – Your Banner HTML ends with a> and after a single space you simply enter (Pre-Sale Text) indicating the End of the Pre-Sale Text.

Make your Pre-Sale text compelling and use that to prove to your visitor that this is exactly what they have been looking for. Give reasons why it is the solution and use leverage text like pointing out simplicity and refund for instance.

This is just a few SEO tricks from inside your WordPress C-Panel for a little better On Site SEO. The Banner Pre-Sale text is just a little bonus to keep your guests entertained and it works like a charm with actual sales online.

Search Engine Optimization is pretty basic and extremely logic once you understand how it works, and it all comes down to simply telling Search Engines what your Blog is about. It is equally important that you focus on the Short Tail keywords and best Search Phrases you wish to attract Google traffic from. Be sure that these Keywords populate your Blog Content and Post Bodies with no exception to the Post titles or H2 headers.

A Little Secret Tool I Use – Is called Tweedis and is a Proven Plugin that increases exposure by giving your reader the option to share your post from within the Post Body. You will notice the enlarged text within all Blog Posts with the Blog Favicon that you can “Click To Tweet” and share with your followers.

The training will guide you and show you exactly how to give someone Reason to Want to Share your Content. Extremely simple to install, activate and use because it’s also very Newbie Friendly. This little Plugin alone should increase your Blog Visitors quite substantially.

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But it is a tool, and we all know that any tool only works as good as the person using the tool. Get to know your way around the different options offered by the Tweedis Plugin.

Wishing You Prosperity,

Deon Christie

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WordPress Blogging Google Traffic Search Engine Optimization


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