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5 Useful Tips to Stay Productive While Working from Home

Working from home is more common than ever due to a virus

To stay Productive while working from home was difficult only a few years ago. Due to the new and unique situation in the world with the Coronavirus, working from home is, in many cases, the only choice.

As an online entrepreneur, working from home is my usual modus operandi since several years ago. However, for many, it represents a unique challenge, especially if this is the first time doing it.

The freedom to work from home also implies specific indispensable rules to be a successful way of being productive. Try your best to never lose grip of the following 5 rules, and your “working from home” mode will be something that will follow you the rest of your life.


#1 Create your home office

working from home officeIt sounds ambitious, but creating a workspace shouldn’t be that complicated. You don’t need any fancy office design with expensive furniture and utensils. It’s just a question of having an assigning place where you feel that you can work without interruptions.

Find a desk and a comfortable chair; it’s all you need. A door you can close to avoid disturbing noises and sufficient lighting, and you’re set. I assume that a computer should be your working tool. It’s necessary to be in a space where the Internet signal is strong enough to be connected appropriately during your working time.

Coordinate with your family. You all need to agree that the decided working space from now is your place when working from home.

Let your family know that while working, you can’t attend other non-crucial matters. Let them all know that working from home makes no difference from earlier, except that you’re at home and not at the office.


#2 Schedule your day

Schedule your dayThis is probably the hardest task to handle. The freedom to not have to show up in the office can quickly turn into a random time distribution of your day. If you have children, they will be happy to see mom or dad at home, and for sure, they will interrupt your work during the day if you don’t set the rules from the very beginning.

The advantage of working from home is that probably your spouse is in the same situation, and you can coordinate your work in such a way that one parent will be with the kids while the other one is working.

WARNING! Digital technology offers you a tremendous opportunity to be connected everywhere and every time. Be extraordinarily disciplined and avoid all non-related messages during your working time. If possible, take away tones for emails and messages of all kinds. There is nothing that destroys your working efficiency, like checking new messages all the time.

Se my earlier article about efficiency and effectiveness, and only check your “private” messages when taking a working brake.


#3 Get “Prepared” for work

After several years of running my online business, I can work efficiently in a swimming suit. However, in the beginning, it wasn’t like that. All years in the corporate world with a specific dressing style and way of interacting with other people configures your mindset correspondingly. If you can’t find that pre-established environment, your brain just tells you that you’re not at work.

Believe me, in the beginning, I dressed up as always during my corporate life. In a way, it becomes easier to mentalize yourself that you are in working mode.


#4 Handle the new situation 

The first couple of days working from home will probably not be very productive. Don’t worry! It’s quite normal. It takes some time to find your new working routines. Train your brain to separate work and private life. In both cases, you’re at home but with two completely different purposes.

On one side, you need to be productive, no matter if you’re at home or in your office. So, when you finally find your way of working, establish new working routines that fit into your new way of living.

Take advantage of this sad and problematic epidemic situation. By finding new working routines from your home office, likely you will find a new Lifestyle alternative and how to make a living from home.


#5 Learn something new

Learn something new working from homeAs humans, we are very much linked to well-known routines and comfort zones. Many are also victims of a stressful lifestyle without space for new things and innovations. The worst thing that could happen is to be forced to find new paths when the crisis becomes a reality.

When working from home, you will get as an extra “bonus” a lot of free time. Use that time to explore new things. For example, it could be that you love the new way of working. There is no doubt that this Coronavirus crisis will redesign the way we are living, like it or not. 

The world will speed up automation and digitalization to be less vulnerable when the next crisis shows up. Use this opportunity to figure out how you can create a new lifestyle where you are in charge of everything.

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Working from Home in Summary

Your home will now be your home and your office. Adapt accordingly. Schedule your day more in detail than before, to avoid converting working hours to leisure time. You are going to work as usual, but your office is now your home. Prepare yourself for work. Dive right into this new situation. Handle it professionally and productively view all the opportunities. 

It’s time to learn something new. The time is playing your game, and it can’t be a better moment. Everything is upside down. Keep the control, or you will be controlled by the circumstances.

It’s time to check new ways of molding your life. The world will never be the same again. This is the opportunity for you to be part of the new world order. Click the banner below and grab all the information you will need to transform your way of living into a completely new lifestyle.

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5 Useful Tips to Stay Productive While Working from Home


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