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How to Deal with the Weekend Syndrome and Love Every Day

The Weekend Syndrome is becoming more common every day

If the Weekend syndrome hits you, don’t worry! You’re not alone. First of all, we have to figure out what kind of weekend syndrome you’re suffering from. There are three different types.

They all have in common that your life becomes something that you don’t want. It turns into a kind of hamster wheel without exit.

The “Thank God it’s Friday” expression.


The week has been full of work. Maybe you have been completely overloaded, and time has been your way of checking if you are on schedule. Not necessarily, you have to dislike what you’re working with. Still, the continuous stress makes you lose anything around you if not job-related. 

When coming home at night, you’re completely exhausted and have problems to switch the channel and live a normal family life. The truth is that many family problems occur due to this stressful and exaggerated situation. 

Friday comes, and you view it as a relief to be able to continue life as you’re doing. “Thank God it’s Friday,” is like a necessary drug to keep on going as you do. 


What to do on weekends?


As a consequence of the previous Friday description, the weekend syndrome continues. As your working week has been saturated with 100% job-related topics, there are no plans for what to do on the weekend.

In some cases, you invent something quick and spontaneous. In other cases, the weekend will be a sort of escape session with most time spent in front of the TV screen, scrolling through whatever comes up.

You convince yourself that you need to rest and restore your “body-machine” to afford the next coming week of the same stressful work. The weekend syndrome contributes to a low- quality weekend, with few positive vibes to get out of your hamster wheel.


Monday around the corner!


It’s Sunday evening, or maybe just the middle of the day on Sunday. Without even noticing it, your anxiety sets in, and your head is already positioned on Monday. How will next week look like? How to deal with all the tasks I didn’t have time to finish last week? What will my boss say?

The questions starting to go around in your head are many, and mentally you’re already at work. Check my previous article about how to love Monday.

If you have recognized that you’re a victim of the weekend syndrome, you’ll at least ask yourself what you did this weekend that is coming to an end. Unfortunately, too many do not even make that reflection but see the weekend as a necessary resting time.

If you belong to the other group, you should congratulate yourself, because the next step can now be taken. It’s like trying to help an alcoholic to get rid of his or her problem. It can never happen if the victim isn’t aware of the problem and becomes accountable. 


Simple Steps to Combat the Weekend Syndrome

Combat the Weekend Syndrome“That’s fine….interesting description, but it’s a theory,” might be your reaction.

Yes, it’s a description of a situation that might be theory for some, and real truth for others. How can I be so sure about that? Because I have been there.

With an executive position in a multinational company, well paid and with a lot of responsibility, for many years, my life suffered the weekend syndrome. Little by little, I started to question myself what I was up to. That was a good start because you could view yourself from a different perspective.

The “home-work” I created to myself, forced me to come up with a workable plan to change everything to something I could live with joy and pleasure.

It’s incredible, but the formula I came up with, was something implemented already by Simon Sinek. See my earlier article “What Is Your Why.”



Do you remember when you were a child, and people asked you what you would like to work with when growing up?

The typical answers were pilot, firemen, nurse, astronaut, and other professions in that way. They all have in common that it was a job you felt would be fun to work with. 

When growing up and ready to finish school, the professions on the wish list start to change. Influenced by teachers, parents, and other people in your surroundings, your list starts to have a different criterion. You wanted a job where you could have a good income, and where you could view an attractive career ladder ahead.

The fun part starts to have a secondary role, and money and career take over your future.

Steve Jobs said once:

“The only way to do a great work, is to love what you do.”

Forget the money and career. If you love what you do, money and success will follow you.


Once you have identified what you would love to do, and where the fun part never will be missing, you need to find out what to do.

Forget about statistics, telling you where the future is. Forget the list showing you where to earn the most money. If I should follow 100% of the statistics, I should be an anesthesiologist using solar energy in my work. Good, if you have a passion for it. Otherwise, forget it.

Instead, if you, for example, like to help people to improve their language skills, find something that has to do with teaching languages. It can be anything from being a teacher to creating software for better language learning. Let the child’s dreams come back again and search for the fun part.


If your Why and What are correctly in place, How to do it, seldom causes any significant obstacles. To do something you feel passionate about will automatically create a lot of ideas for you.

When I woke up from my dreams in my hamster wheel and got an extraordinary hunger for the search for the missing “fun” part, the Internet becomes my searching tool.

During all years in the corporate world, specific management and entrepreneurial skills had been developed. To help people to create a business was and still is something I’m burning for. To be part of the success of entrepreneurs building their dream business is something that fascinates me. It becomes a passion.

So, all the corporate years indeed weren’t a waste of time. The learning process improved every single day, and at a certain point, the skillset becomes something you can use elsewhere.

From A to B to get Rid of the Weekend Syndrome


get Rid of the Weekend SyndromeIf you can relate to my story, heads up, and do not quit your corporate job on Monday. After all, you will need an income to pay your bills.

The recommendation is to start something new part-time. Maybe your first try will not work out the way you want, and then you are standing there without any income.

When I found the system that finally fulfilled all my expectations, I did it first part-time. There is no pressure to achieve something in record time, to be able to survive. You build your business at your space, and never forget to have fun and to love what you’re doing.

Time will come and you’ll make the decision to go all-in, but that should be your decision. The worst you can do is to let circumstances force you into something.

Click the banner below if you can see yourself in the situation I was. Register for the free workshop that will cover all you need to know to safely take the next step to your ultimate lifestyle. Something where fun, love, and passion should be the never-ending leading stars.

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How to Deal with the Weekend Syndrome and Love Every Day


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