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What Is So Unique With The Baby Boomer Generation? 

People belonging to the baby boomer generation are members of their own exclusive club

The Baby Boomer Generation is sticking out everywhere in our society. It’s not only because we represent a huge group of people, born between 1947 and 1965, but we can count on a life experience that few other groups of people can come up to.

When I turned 67 years old earlier this year, I did it with a smile. You can’t deny that 67 is a respectful age, but mentally I stopped my aging many years ago. Starting to train for marathon running at the age of 56 is one of many examples of how you can stop “playing” old. Since then I have crossed the finish line of 23 marathons, with my 24th race coming up within 3 months. You are never too old for anything in life.

The official definition of the Baby Boomer generation says,

“The demographic group born during the post-World War 2 baby boom, approximately between the years 1946 and 1964.”

We are the generation that grew up with rock’n’ roll. Elvis Presley is the king until a long-hair group from Liverpool takes over. The Beatles is the musical revolution of the century.

The Vietnam war was a daily theme people were talking about. Activist groups were established, and a general protest and rebel atmosphere was growing. With the music and a continues fighting for freedom in all aspects, comes the sexual freedom. To the tones of “We shall overcome,” and “Give peace a chance,” the first forms of birth control was approved.

The ‘80s and ‘90s are decades that best can be defined as a mix up of everything. My baby Boomer Generation celebrated that the Vietnam war finally was over, but only to be replaced by other wars.

Growing As A Baby Boomer Generation

Growing baby boomer generation

Boom! A new war, but this time without weapons. The AIDS epidemic literally falls down like a bomb. Then 1998, Viagra and here we go….

On the technical side, we in the baby boomer generation have an experience no other group of people even can imagine.

When starting my career as a paper trader back in the late ‘70s, the communication with people around the world was done by written letters, telegrams, and in the best case scenarios with a telex machine. International phone calls were expensive, and it really had to be a well-thought-through call if it even should be considered.

The positive side of this non-digital world we in the baby boomer generation experienced is that we interacted a lot with people, face-to-face.

When the fax machine replaced the telex, it was a dramatic change in the business environment. You could now communicate faster, with much more content and of course much, much cheaper.

The Baby Boomer Generation Going Digital

The entrance into the digital era has the same dimension as the industrial revolution some 190 years ago. It is a life changer for all people, no matter if you like or not.

Baby boomer generation going digitalFor millenniums and younger people the immediate, cheap, and even free communication just a click away on your smartphone or your laptop, is something taken for granted. We baby boomers who have grown up through all the technical developments, maybe view it another way.

It’s always back there somewhere in your head that phone calls, telegrams, telexes or whatever it could be, are expensive. Having that in mind, you do your very best to maximize the content of the messages you’re going to deliver.

The Digital Time is Here to Stay

When I started my online business six years ago, it was with my baby boomer experience in mind. The way you could do business online blew my mind away.

For sure, it was possible to start your own business back in the ‘80s, but it cost you a fortune to even get started. Today, the cost of starting an online business is affordable for any person, and the financial excuses to not do it are gone since a long time ago.

To all baby boomer fellows out there, the advice to you is to try the same system and platform I’m using. It is newbie friendly and of course baby boomer friendly. With the experience we baby boomer have, this online business opportunity is indeed something that each and everyone at least should try.

In the end, each of us is a product of our times. I am happy that I belong to the baby boomer generation and that I got to live through everything I did. That experience is priceless. Now it’s your time to do the same. Click the banner below and start right now!


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What Is So Unique With The Baby Boomer Generation? 


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