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The Key to Success in a Two Day Work Week

A two day work week is something everybody can have

How would it be possible with a two day work week, if you right now are working full weeks? Well, if somebody should have made this kind of approach 20 years ago, it would have been seen as something completely taken from a fantasy world.

The truth is that the “fantasy world” is here and now, and a two day work week is a reality. Richard Branson is talking about his three day work week, which is in the same line as the idea exposed in this article.

All necessary technology is here to let it happen, but do you use it to your advantage? You make all your payments and bank transactions online — tickets for journeys or events you buy on the Internet. You may even argue that you run your own online Business. The question is, does all this allow you a two day work week?

When I started my online business six years ago, the time to invest never was an issue. Instead, your passion transforms your life into a kind of a workaholic. Indeed, you never will get any success if the passion isn’t there. Also, it would help if you spent many hours in front of your computer screen, especially in the beginning.

A Two Day Work Week for Growth

Grow with a two day work week

The growth of your business, all failures, trials but also successes, trigger you to work more than ever. All this is normal. Nothing goes on a straight lane towards success, but you have to go through struggles and difficulties. It has always been like that, even before the digital era.

However, with the digital world and all Apps and software literally on your fingertips, push you unconsciously into a rabbit hole where you spend too much time on all social media. It can be for different reasons, but as soon as you hear a beep on your phone, you need to check out what it is. And uuuups, without noticing it, you spend half an hour on things that aren’t in your working plan for the day. To detox from social media is the first step towards a two day work week.

A two day work week is all about improving your efficiency, but also to be more effective. The technology correctly used will indeed be a tremendous help to achieve your goal to work less.

It would be possible to make a never-ending list of different apps that you can use, but that will not help you, as we all are in different businesses.

As a passionate online marketer, I will give you my four most important apps to improve my efficiency potentially.

The apps to consider for your development

The number one is the system and platform where I build my business. All from websites to sales funnels, training, and support. This blog is an example of what you can do on this platform. It’s the core of the automation of my business.

The second one is the autoresponder to handle the list of all leads and potential customers. Imagine if you should send an email message manually to 30 thousand people. An impossible mission…at least if a two day work week is your goal.

Instagram is a vital communication source in my business. To frequently publish posts requires an app where you can program posts ahead. Wherever you are in the world, the programmed posts will go public in accordance to your preset schedule.

Finally, as a blogger and marketer not having English as my mother tongue, it helps me to save much time having an app that can correct my written English. It’s not a traditional spell check, but an app that works together with you, making suggestions to different choices of words and grammatical versions. Your written text will look much more professional and more appealing.

Thus, all apps and other devices you’ll find in this new digital world can be your biggest enemy if you use them randomly without restrictions. On the other hand, these apps and automation tools are necessary devices to have a chance to work less.

Who Will Boost Your Two Day Work Week?

Boost your two day work weekSometimes you need somebody to hit your head to wake up and to make necessary corrections. In my case, my lovely wife let me know that she doesn’t like to compete with my computer. When working with something that you love, it’s hard to quit. Giving up is something that doesn’t exist. The solution may then be to change your working habit.

To work two days a week is a way of continuing with your passion, and at the same time, be more time with your loved ones. A two day work week requires focus, efficiency, and effectiveness. It’s a tough work to do, but possible and worth the effort.

Unfortunately, the corporate world offers few, if any, to a two day work week. The reason is that your boss has another agenda than yours. A corporate job also requires coordination between different positions, and you can’t program your working schedule only based on your desire.


There are five steps towards a two day work week:

  1. Go independent and work with your own business
  2. Use apps and software that will help you to grow your business. Avoid “good to have” stuff.
  3. Detox from social media
  4. Talk to your closest family members about how to mix your business without letting your family suffer
  5. Just decide the days to work, adapt your working agenda to the programmed working schedule, and…..STICK TO IT!


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Jan O. Nilsson – The Key to Success in a Two Day Work Week

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The Key to Success in a Two Day Work Week


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