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The 3 Mandatory Tools To Start Profiting With Your Online Business

Your online business needs this to generate profit, no matter what.

If you are starting your online Business right now or are planning to do it shortly, this is a must for you. If you surf around on the Internet, you will find thousands of sites with advice about what you need to run your online business successfully.

This article about “20 must have tools”, is a good article, but you need to separate “good to have” and necessary tools, to achieve success with your online business.

In today’s digital word new tools and applications appear in the market every day, and the menu to choose among is enormous. Most newbies in the industry fall into the trap (I was one of them) to get everything you consider nice and useful. After a while, you have spent a considerable amount of money on cool apps without getting nowhere.

Can you relate to this?

Based on my own experience there are three necessary tools you need for your online business.

Your Online Business Will Grow With These Tools

Your Online Business Will Grow

When I finally woke up and recognize that I was overwhelmed with all the nice apps in my arsenal, I made a radical movement.

To survive with your online business, what are the indispensable tools you need? Here are the answers:

Affiliate platform

Of course, every ambitious person with an entrepreneurial mindset wants to create everything in the way his or her conviction dictate. However, let’s be realistic. It takes time, effort and money. So, why not jump on something already made and take advantage of what is available in the market. Later on, you can always develop your own ideas.

When investigating what is available in the market, I found thousands of different alternatives. As a newbie in the industry, of course, I fell in the trap of the false scammy promises.

When I finally found the correct platform for me, it wasn’t only a simple platform. It is a complete system, with education, training, coaching and the affiliate products you need to create business opportunities with your online business immediately.


Very soon you will notice that the core of your business is built around your list of subscribers or potential customers. When you have a dozen of potential customers, it’s easy to manage it manually, but when your list contains thousands of leads, how should you handle it in a business manner that could generate profit at the end of the day?

The answer is: You need an autoresponder!

There are many autoresponders to choose among. It’s all about what you feel is best for you. The primary purpose of any autoresponder is to push your prospects deeper into your sales funnel.

Aweber is one of the most popular autoresponders preferred by all small and medium-sized businesses.

It offers an impressive range of tools for your online business. Aweber offers a 30-day-free trial period.

After testing a couple of different autoresponders, I found that Aweber is the one that fulfills the requirements I have to run my business.

Spell and grammar tool

Without any doubt, this is the most polemic tool to sell in. I mean how do you sell in a spell check application to people who have English as their native language? I’ll come back to that point in a second, but let’s first dive into English blogging by non-English-native people. As a Swede, I belong to this group.

In fact, multicultural people have a great future online. Content is key to success, and as a multicultural or linguistic person you have a lot of interesting stories

To start with, if you write in English, the audience you reach will be much bigger than if you write in English.

According to statistics, English is the most spoken language in the world. Of the 195 countries in the world, 67 nations have English as their primary language. Add to that figure another 27 countries where English is considered as the second language. This makes a total of 94 countries out of 195, or almost 50% of the countries in the world.

Many bloggers in English, do not have English as their native language. Be proud of it, as you’ll give a special unique touch to your writing. Can you imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger without his German dialect? It wouldn’t be Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Whatever level of English you belong to, you need to be careful that your writing will be understood. There are many tools available in the market to help you with everything from simple corrections to advice on how to make your text more appealing.

I use Grammarly, which is an excellent tool. Besides the regular spell checking feature, it helps you to find better words and to be correct on the grammar part of your text. Take advantage of the free month trial. You will love it.

Grammarly for English natives

By the way, all my blog posts like this one, are revised by Grammarly. Not that bad, or what’s your opinion?

“ So what, I’m American and why should I need this?” or “As British, I consider this tool is unnecessary.”

To start up right read this quote by Oscar Wilde:

“We have everything in common with American nowadays, except, of course, language.”

Indeed some words are the same but with different meanings. Nothing wrong with that. The same happens with for example Spanish spoken in Mexico versus Argentina.

What is cool with Grammarly is that you can decide before starting the corrections, which type of English you would like to use. Thus an American blogger having Brits as the primary audience can get all the necessary support by using Grammarly.

You can also get suggestions for more suitable wording, depending on if you want your text to be casual, businesslike, emotional or non-emotional.

Let Your Online Business Grow From Day One

Do fall into the trap and buy all nice and cool apps you’ll come across. Believe me, because I have made the journey, with the following three tools you are on your way to build something that will have a substantial impact on the success with your online business.

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This article has been revised and corrected by using Grammarly®. Click here and get your free app for free to start using immediately.

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The 3 Mandatory Tools To Start Profiting With Your Online Business


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