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7 Things To Do Before You Design A Website

7 Things To Do Before You Design A Website

We are at the coinage of responsive design where creating a website can be quite challenging. However, to make things simpler and your process better, it's important to breakdown your plan into different sections.

Here are a few things that you must consider before you design your website.

Set A Goal

Even before you start building your website, first and foremost, set a goal that signifies why you want to build the website. Do you want to raise traffic? Are you branding your product? Are you interested in selling something? It's important to understand what you want from your website before your decide on how you would like to make it "user-friendly".

Choosing A Domain Name

Domain names sounds so little, yet they say so much! The right domain name helps your site withstand your competitors and rank well in the web traffic. In addition, domain names reflect your brand’s voice in the wide web. Thus, finding the right name for your brand is highly crucial.

By incorporating combos of SEO, right spelling, and brand identity, your domain name has the right chance to help locate your brand online. To put it in simple terms, businesses are easily accessed online through right use of domain names and get more customers.

Determine Your Content

The next step to pay attention is the content that is going to encompass inside your website. Consider the nature of your website and business. Is your site going to be media-rich, with pictures, videos, and presentations? How responsive will your designs be?How much traffic does your website receive? Always remember to research thoroughly before you dwell into making the final decision of designing your site.

7 Things To Do Before You Design A Website

Target Audience

One of the most important items to consider before designing your website is, who will be your target customer? If you’ve been in business for more than a few months you probably already know who this is. Determining things like age, income, gender, and education will play an important role in the web design process and help determine your audience’s online behaviors.

Choosing A Color Scheme

Choosing a color scheme really has no hard and fast rule, yet the more colors you use, the harder it is to establish a unique design. According to Neil Patel's color psychology, studies suggest that people make a subconscious judgment about a product within 90 seconds of initial viewing. Up to 90% of that assessment is based on color alone! Initially, the safest method you should be starting at first is building a color palette from scratch for your site. Every color has it's own take, it's own meaning. Infer the kind of palatte you would want to choose for your site. According to Kissmetrics, the usage of colors differ between genders and also between age groups! And quite honestly, bule and green are the safest.

7 Things To Do Before You Design A Website


Design dictates where users are likely to focus on your website. According to an article by Jacob Neilson on How Users Read On The Web, websites which have a clear and scannable layout sum up to 47% of usability improvement. In normal words, when a user skims through your site and finds information quickly, he/she is less likely to close your website!

A 2 year old website is very old!

Answer the following questions yourself before you start with designing your site.

  1. What type of content will be displayed on the website?
  2. Are images going to be used predominantly in the site?
  3. Does your pictures compliment your site's chosen scheme?
  4. Are you going to maintain a blog to generate more traffic?
  5. Where will your logo be placed in the site?
  6. What is your primary and secondary font?

7 Things To Do Before You Design A Website

Get the drill? Make sure your answer all these questions before you start. Likewise, the most overlooked aspect of web design is always content and photography! The right photos can improve the overall design of your site enormously. Hence, if you don’t really feel comfortable in scripting content or taking/choosing photos refer a professional who can make things simpler for you.


A necessary aspect of your site is CTA (Call-To-Action). For starters, focus on keeping your CTA's -

  1. Visually striking with copy that compels you to click the offer
  2. Brief: A couple of words is best, no more than five is ideal
  3. Action-oriented: Begin with a verb like "Download" or "Register"
  4. Located in an easy-to-find spot that follows organically from the flow of the webpage
  5. Large enough to see from a distance, but not so large as to detract attention from the main content on the page
  6. Easy to understand and clear: Be sure to state exactly what the visitor will get if they click on the CTA and go to the landing page

The nuances of web designing are phenominally mind-blowing and they require constant awareness and the knack to attend to details to help create the most responsive website possible. Remember to keep all these facts in mind before your venture and good luck to creating your new site!

Image Courtesy :, Kissmetrics & Splitshire

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7 Things To Do Before You Design A Website


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