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SEO: Tags and Keyword Researching Tools

SEO: Tags and Keyword Researching Tools

Tags are a must to get your website, post, and product in the Search engines, which is how people will find you online.

SEO Tips: Don’t Forget the Tags

When writing a post or listing a product, most people never forget to add a title. Sometimes people think a relevant title and a good description are all you need to get your post or product noticed. Wrong! You need to use Tags. Don’t forget the Tags.

More and more people are shopping and working online. This is why it is important to make sure your website is as search engine optimized as possible.

Tags are a must to get your website, post, and product in the search engines, which is how people will find you online. Don’t forget to take advantage of using as many tags as possible. Make sure you are using the right tags.

There was a time when not many people knew what tags were or how to use them. When listing a product or posting to social media, there will be a tags section. Some people don’t notice it or choose to ignore it.

Don’t ignore it! Tags are like Keywords or phrases people use in search engines. This is how people will find out what you have online.

Is it relevant? That is one of the questions you need to ask when choosing a tag for your product or post.

You will need to use tags that describe what you have posted. These tags are relevant to what has been posted.

Very Important for your business. Getting the right people to your website will increase your sales.

Is it a search term or keyword? This is another question to ask when posting a tag for your item. You can get creative with tags but if no one is searching for that phrase you won’t get the right people to your website.

You want to avoid using descriptive words like pretty, awesome, gorgeous or those kinds of words in your tag. By all means, use them to describe your product, but most likely these are not words people use when searching for products or information.

You can use keywords in your description that can also be used as tags. Sometimes you may need to check a keyword tool to make sure you are finding relevant keywords and phrases to use as tags.

These tools can help you to find relevant search terms that may not be as popular as others. This means less competition. It also means these tags will still get people to your website. Make sure your tags are relevant, actual search terms and the right keywords.

Knowing these tips will help you to make your business online even more productive. You will increase traffic and sales.

Keywords Tools

1. Moz

This is a search engine results page service and is driven through Moz’s Mozscape, which provides: domain authority, page authority, and backlinks. First, Mozscape isn’t cheap. Using this will help you find a grasp on the type of competition your up against within the SERP and see whether the keywords are actually ones you want to pursue, or pass by and try for the following keyword(s).

Ensure that you focus on page authority, however, not used for rankings by Google, this will provide you with an idea of how good the pages are in the SERP.

2. Google Suggest

Type your keywords into the search bar and look at the related queries that come up. These are queries that others are looking for that Google thinks is related to the query your typing in at that moment, check them.

You know just where this is heading? Yup, the bottom of that Google SERP. LOOK AT IT too, more suggestions means more possibilities. More combinations mean better numbers, which better numbers can provide a chance of better rankings.

It’s always a numbers game, and you want numerous numbers. Make certain you have got this: keyword keg. this gives you approximate search volume statistics and relative competition, that will help you analyze quickly if the word(s) are worth pursuing.


Another keyword generator tool with a fancy name. This tool is good in giving you different keywords to target and think about more in-depth.

There are tons more of online keywords tools. Make your research and find the best for your business.

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SEO: Tags and Keyword Researching Tools


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