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Can’t Buy My Love – 5 Reasons To STOP Buying Likes NOW [And What To Do Instead]

Your real estate page is setup and it’s time to get more likes on Facebook.


You’ve committed to a consistent post schedule.

And invited your friends, family and network to Like your page.

The only problem is you’re still looking at something like this every morning when you check your numbers.


Does the number of people who Like your page actually matter? OF COURSE IT DOES! The more people who choose to interact with you on Facebook, the greater your Audience will be. A sizeable audience means more website traffic and can ultimately get you more leads.

After all, that’s the point of staying active and engaging your community on social media. Right?

Why put all this time and energy into Facebook marketing if no one is seeing your content?

There’s no question that you’ve got to focus some attention on growing your page in order to ensure your continual success and relevance on Facebook. So, what’s a realistic solution to get more Likes on Facebook?

Buying Them?


Whatever you’ve heard about the benefits of buying Facebook Likes, I want you to forget it. Right now. For every fake Like you add to your page, one real person will see less and less of your content. So, if you spend X amount of dollars purchasing 100 fake likes, you can kiss 100 potential leads goodbye.

Today we’re going to go through the top 5 reasons you should never buy Facebook likes again and what you can do instead to grow your page organically and connect with real leads.

Let’s go!

stop buying fake likes

Here are the top 5 reason why fake likes are TERRIBLE for your business.

#1) Kill Engagement

If you think your content is aimlessly floating in cyberspace now…just wait until you start raking in those false fans. Getting people to Like your page is only the beginning. Your fake likes will never engage with you. I mean, sure you can pay extra for that, but then you’ll never hear from them again. So really, you’ll be in the same predicament you’re in now, only instead of trying to push your content to a few hundred real people, you’ll have to comes to terms with the fact that your page has thousands of Likes, but none of them are interacting with your content.

#2) Diminish Credibility

Your audience is smart. And if you think you’re going to get away with adding a bunch of bots to your network without them noticing, then shame on you. I’m sure part of your motivation to buy Likes in the first place is actually to try and boost credibility. And it makes sense, in theory. When a new lead comes on your page and sees that you have 1 million fans, they’re bound to be impressed. A large numbers of followers is an indirect referral, really. Gaining likes can totally help you to appear more trustworthy and knowledgeable, but only if they’re quality Likes. And all I mean by quality, in this case, is that they are real people. Imagine what a prospect would think when they first see that you’ve got 100K likes but zero interaction on your last 3 posts. Would you do business with someone like that?

#3) Destroy Relationships

You can’t  buy relationships. Period. And by trying to pull a fast one on your real customers, you’re going to end up harming your current and future relationships. If you’re Buying Likes to try and show that you’re a more popular or qualified agent, what else are you faking? Are your testimonials real? Are you accurately representing the properties you’re selling or homes you’re showing? These are just a few examples of the first questions returning clients or future prospects might ask themselves before moving on to the next agent. You need to be authentic in order to build relationships in your area.

Stop Buying Facebook Likes

#4) Drain Your Budget

No matter how little you’re paying per like, there are literally dozens of better places for you to sink your marketing dollars (and cents) into. But the more you rely on bought fans, the more all of these other, more effective actions are going to cost you. You will never get more likes on Facebook or get to know your target audience better if the majority of your Likes aren’t even in the same country. And if you’re buying Likes, I guarantee you this is the case.

#5) And Most Importantly…

Fake Likes Will NEVER Do Business With You

You shouldn’t need any further convincing than this. These fake Likes will never turn into leads or convert to sales. So why are you bothering with this at all? You’re much better off continuing to speak directly to your audience (however small) and invest in advertising to reach more people who could benefit from your services. Building a solid community on Facebook takes time and is worth investing in.

Now it’s time to take action and start advertising to get more likes on Facebook. Here’s the one activity you can do today to make sure that your page and content get directly shown to your audience.

get likes on Facebook

Take these 5 steps to complete 1 activity that you can repeat as many times as you want. This 1 thing is going to keep your audience engaged and keep you from ever having to buy likes again.

#1) The Meat And Potatoes

The first thing you need to do to get more likes on Facebook is choose a recent blog post you’ve written to share with your audience. Your content is the fundamental piece of this strategy and should really be at the core of all of your ad and marketing tactics.

For this post, you want something that will appeal to a lot of people and is more general and not related to a specific real estate topic. Remember, the goal here is to get more likes on Facebook and build a quality community on your page.

Minnesota-based Leadsite user Chase Binnie posted this awesome blog last year and it’s a perfect example of the kind of content you’d want to share to get more likes on Facebook.

Chase blog

It’s specific enough that folks in his area will know that he is talking directly to them, yet doesn’t focus on a single topic that is relevant to only buyers or sellers. Everyone loves Christmas lights!

It’s almost February 2017 so this exact post obviously wouldn’t be the most timely piece of content to share, but there’s a ton of ways to reframe this.

You could talk about:

  • The Best Romantic Places To Spend Valentine’s Day
  • Top 10 Pubs To Crawl For St. Patrick’s Day
  • Best Parks To Host An Easter Egg Hunt

There are a bunch of holidays coming up and you can easily take the same approach as Chase.

Now, if you do already know your audience pretty well on Facebook, or at least who your ideal audience would be, you can share a more specific post. This one that Chase recently published is a good example.


You’re narrowing your audience by only talking to those who have a garden on their property and are interested in gardening.

We’re going to use the first blog as our sample Facebook post. Make sure that your blog has a high-quality image like either of the ones above so it’s easily shareable on Facebook. When you’re ready, copy the URL and go to your Facebook page.

#2) Don’t Fake It

Now you’re going to share your blog to get more likes on Facebook. Don’t try to dress it up into something it isn’t or make false promises. Give your readers a true sense of what they’re getting and what value you are providing.

share blog ready

Open a post and paste in your blog URL. It should look something like this.

Before you publish

At the bottom, Facebook will show you all of your options for usable images. If you don’t like your options, you can click the + sign in the square next to the picture and upload another one. Once you are feeling good about the image or graphic, go ahead and delete the link. The preview will still stay so all folks will have to do is click the image and they’ll be taken to your blog.

Now you can write your post. Keep it simple and honest. Use the first sentence to tell your audience what you’re talking about. And then end with a question or call to action. A question will encourage your fans to start talking on the post itself. Here’s what we wrote.


When you’re done, click the blue Publish button and get ready to get some views!

#3) Give It A Boost

Right after you publish your post, boost it. Just click the Boost Post button.

The first thing you’ll need to do is choose who you want to see your post. You’ll either want to create an audience of People you choose through targeting or select the option “People who like your Page and their friends.” If you’re really unsure who to target, go ahead and pick the second option. Otherwise, click Create New Audience.

Audience friends

We’re going to name this audience “Christmas Lights” based on the post content. That way, after the boost is done running, we can see how well it performed. For now, keep it simple. Target both men and women from ages 25-65 who live in and around your area.

If you’ve run a Facebook Ad or two already, you can get a bit more specific with your targeting, but we’re only trying to get more likes on Facebook and up our engagement with this post.

target audience

You can see exactly what your post will look like. This is not going to run like an ad. It will show just like any other post you’ve published on your page, only it will say “Sponsored” beneath your name.

new audience

Before you complete the boost, you need to decide on your budget and timeframe. Let’s say you want to run the boost for one week and spend $20 total. You’ll be spending just under $3 per day and you can pause your promotion at any time if you’re not getting the results you want. That said, you may have to try this a few different times to determine what your audience best responds to.

budget and duration

Finally, select your payment method and click Boost. Your promo will then go into review and Facebook will notify you as soon as it’s approved. There’s always a small chance it could be rejected. This can be something as simple as having too much text on your featured photo or graphic. Whatever the case, Facebook will let you know so you can edit it and resubmit the post.

#4) Take Your Relationship To The Next Level

Keep an eye on your post. Whenever someone Likes, Comments or Shares it, open up your Messenger App and send them a message. This is not a sales pitch. You’re simply starting a conversation. The best part? You’ve already got something to talk about.

messenger outreach

From this conversation, you can see that I asked open-ended questions about my blog. Even if folks don’t respond right away, chances are a friendly message will get people talking. Do this each day for every new person who engages with your post during the promotion. This is how you will begin to truly create a connected and interactive community online.

#5) Rinse, Repeat, Convert


It’s entirely possible that the people who engage with you on social media aren’t ready to buy or sell…yet. Keeping in touching via Messenger in an excellent way to make sure you’re their first call the second they or someone they know are ready to make a real estate transaction. You can repeat this action as often as you want. Every time someone new interacts with you, send them a personal greeting via Messenger. If you continue to take action on this, you’ll soon have an entire new log of contacts and potential leads. Plus, you’ll get more likes on Facebook.

Sure, this activity isn’t as easy as buying Likes, but the results will real and trackable. Try it out.

Not convinced about the power of Facebook Messenger? Check out these 5 amazing stats!

With 1 billion unique users, Messenger is the most popular iOs app of all time, after Facebook itself of course. (Source)

And now powers 10% of all VoIP calls. (Source)

68% of Facebook users in the U.S. access it via mobile. (Source)

Each month 17 billion photos are sent through Messenger and 22 million GIFS are exchanged daily. (Source)

Messenger’s new platform now has 18,000 bots, and 23,000 developers have signed up for Facebook’s Bot Engine. (Source)

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