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Network Marketing Old School is Broke School

What’s old school network marketing?

Old school Network Marketing is like this.

You get into a new Network marketing gig.

You get excited about the potential to earn extra income.

Your sponsor says to you to go get some numbers of family and friends to pitch the product, service, and opportunity to.

You run through that list bothering everyone you can, and end up pissing of the majority of them and if you get one who’s mildly interested it’s like this major accomplishment.

Then you discover FaceBook…

It starts all over but with your family and friends that hang out there.

Does it ever get you anywhere?

Well, with some people who have a large following and all that popularity going, it can happen.  It usually happens with the diet type stuff where people lose all this weight and of course who doesn’t want to lose weight in a society full of many of us overfed heifers walking around?

Eventually many figure out that they can’t live on detox shakes forever, that it’s not healthy long term, and that if they don’t change their core lifestyle eating, the weight will come back.

What I am driving at here is that even the most well heeled social butterflies run out of warm market eventually.

Then what?

If they’re in a unilevel deal like Arbonne, they have to maybe pack up and MOVE to greener pastures where they can recruit new people, and that’s if they can figure out where this fabled virgin territory exists.

Many will give up and move onto the next new shiny network marketing company with new product, service, or angle.

The Internet: Network Marketing’s Ultimate Greener Pasture

The good ol Internet is the one thing that can rescue you from the old school network marketing mentality and tactics, if you’re able to understand the why.

It’s simply this.

Unlimited leads.

Unlimited growth.

Unlimited potential.

You can’t get that through social networks or local networking.

You just… can’t.

So how do you take advantage of this?

You need to learn how it works.

Quite simply, you need to learn how to create your internet presence(s), and then make it so that they are out there working for you 24/7, pulling in interested parties who are already searching for the types of things that you are offering.

This eliminates cold calling and bothering with people who would rather be sitting down watching their favorite TV program rather than building a more secure future.

Listen, you don’t want to mess with chasing people who don’t want to be bothered.

It’s a colossal waste of time and energy, and you’ll go broke doing that.

Many have, so don’t be one of em.

Now, you can spend YEARS learning the ins and outs of how to market your network marketing, affiliate marketing, or any other type of business online, or you can get into a system that compartmentalizes all of this and teaches you how, while also offering the very tools that you need to get started building your internet presence right away.

The first thing that you need to do is to get blogging, and I don’t mean with one of the free hobby blogging systems that are out there, because they don’t want network marketers or other marketers using their platforms.  You’ll eventually be outed and then… booted.

What are Some Network Marketing Companies?

On one of my other blogs I list a section on network marketing companies.  Depending on when you see it, it may be small or large.  That’s because I am building it out and it takes time to create great content.

In those articles, I try to break down some details about the various network marketing compensation plans and how people who are pursuing those businesses, or network marketing in general, can use blogging on the Kalatu platform to further their marketing efforts over time in ways that will pay them back over years if they learn the techniques and start right away.

Of course I use my own advice and am a marketing blogger, with several blogs out there that are in some way related to my online marketing efforts.  I practice what I preach and have been through the trenches, so to speak, and along the way have learned a lot about blog promotion, the ins and outs of Google SEO, and everything from email autoresponders to setting up lead capture pages.  I’m also quite technical, coming from the Information Technology sector, so I know all about internet domains, subdomains, redirects, etc.  You couldn’t do much better than hooking up with a guy like me who has hard won expertise in so many areas.

Want to cut through all of the crap out there?

Then lock arms with me.

Get on over to my other blog and learn all about network marketing related topics and ideas and how you can use the internet to supercharge your network marketing business and get a massive leg up on the competition that is still stuck in the old school of bothering their family and friends to the point of total breakdown. Learn how not to market your network marketing program online because seeing how many people out there are doing it the wrong way tells me that this information is VERY badly needed.

I was going to recreate this content on this blog, but I decided why not just redirect my readers over to one of my blogs where I already wrote about the subject in depth? I get to not have to rewrite the same content, and I can still write on the subject here in general terms and point there for the specifics on the various network marketing compensation plans and other items of interest.

It’s why Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, so why not use the linking that makes hyper text what it is? Got it? Good.




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Network Marketing Old School is Broke School


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