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with over 500 million registered users worldwide, Facebook has become the largest money making platform online after google, which discerning marketers have been benefiting from for some time now.

making money on the internet is heavily depend on traffic. the more people who see your product, services, program or what ever it is you are hoping to, make money from, the greater your chance of making money. money is made directly or indirectly from the people who come in contact with what you are offering, and that is why Facebook is such a huge attraction for marketers, as it offers them exposure to millions of their target market.


Facebook is a social networking platform on the internet were people are given the room to converge, share ideas, pictures and other multimedia materials.

you are able to interact real time with other people in different part of the world, a platform were you can search for long lost friends and find them.

Facebook is the biggest social networking sites in terms of traffic and size. As at today Facebook has over 500 million registered users. taking note that the world population is about 6.5 billion, the population of facebook is about one fifth of the world population. Again, if you take a look at the population of each nation across the globe, and you have to rank countries in terms of population, Facebook will be the fifth largest nation in the world, that is a huge population. even bigger than USA.

the interactive nature of Facebook makes it attractive to a lot of people and it is on a record that half the registered population of Facebook visit the site every day.


Right before our very eyes, the world is changing on a daily basis. I am talking about radical but quiet changes that affect the way things are done in the planet, unfortunately we are not all unto these changes especially how they affect the way business are run! Guess who is leading the change to change the way? Bill Gate! Donald Trump! Warren Buffet!

Fair deal if you think these names but they are not as influential right now as Mark Zuckerberg, the 26 years old Harvard drop out computer prodigy and programmer who has change the way people all over the world are now marketing and advertising their business through Facebook his social networking site which is now worth $50 billion and is now more than yahoo! Ebay, Time Warner and closing the gap on the internet giants like Amazon, Google and Disney!s

Do you know that in July 2010, Mark Zuckerberg announced during an interview that Facebook has hit the 500 million user mark (and still counting)! That is slightly over 8% of the world 6.2 billion people already logged onto the social networking site! And who knows how many that will be in one or two years? That is the business Mark started from his Harvard dormitory room along with his room mates in 2004 is now changing the global business world is really astonishing.

In fact, Yahoo! Has lost out to Facebook, leading it to sack 700 of it over 10,000 staff. In 2009 yahoo shut down Geocities, the free web pages that so many clubs and small business used, and now there are strong rumor that they are going to close down Delicious and Altavista as well as yahoo Buzz but think about this, Don’t you think switching down Delicious will make a lot of people angry?

But this is not the best news for business people in 2011. rather it is the fact that 8% of the world population now on facebook, advertising your product, services and business on the social networking site is a must do for every very body because it is the cheapest way to reach the highest number of people with your business! Some of the services Yahoo is now pulling down are services that Facebook has taken over and now offer and more people will now move on to Facebook thereby making the market more favorable

But is it really a mystery? No, not really. With so many people gathered in one “Virtual” place sharing so much information, pictures and videos of themselves and their daily lives with friends, folks, fans and well-wishers, they create an unbelievable platform for target advertising at the cheapest.


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before trying to make money on Facebook,you need to understand one fact, which is, you need to have a product or services or value you want to add to people's life


You've probably heard of Facebook and may even use it, but do you realize what a massive earning potential there is behind it?

Facebook has over 500 million active users and serves hundreds of millions of pages every single day. It has an Alexa rank of 2, which is something most of us could never ever dream of achieving. It's safe to say it is one of the most popular sites on the Internet.

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Did you realise that Facebook can help you establish yourself as an authority in your chosen niche?

Did you realise that there is an easy way for you to get direct access to both your existing and potential customers Facebook feed pages so you can communicate with them with a click of your mouse?

They are called fan pages and were quietly introduced by Facebook last year. They are picking up in popularity now as more and more people realise the incredible value that they offer to you

What if I told you that you could target your fans by age, sex, interest and more when you were emailing them?

How valuable is that to you?

Can you imagine being able to craft your sales message specifically for your target market and being able to actually access them without having to pay the Big G a small fortune.

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After creating a Facebook account, making money on facebook can be summed up in 2 strategies, The Cheap and the The Not So Much

The Cheap can be divided into 4 basic steps;

Get lots of friends
Create pages
Create groups
Invite your friends to participate while doing the same

First and foremost remember that this is a long term strategy.
Your personal profile should be mainly about yourself, not too much about the business, not too salesy but, don’t be afraid to offer product and services directly on your profile page. If you feel you need more content on the personal page, use some of the different applications available to fill some space or even a sell items and services directly from your profile page. Some of the Facebook Developer Applications will drive traffic to your site from not only your profile but your pages as well where you can make from advertising and services.

Get Lots of Friends.
If you don’t have many friends, the fastest and easiest way to get them would be to join groups send out friend requests to members of those groups. Another way would be to create a common interest group of such things as genealogy. You then search with your surname as the keyword and request friends from the results.

Create Pages
Pages are generally specific to your business or, topics that you either care about or would like to try making money with. So one page would be about the business as a whole and another page would be about another business or a product line. This is also the page that will rank on Google, although poorly. Pages now have most of the features that groups do and there is now little to no difference between the two.

Create Groups
You could then create a group to support each business or product line. Within the group you can add videos and pictures and start topics of interest as well as create posts and make offers. Others can do this on your page as well but, being the admin, only you can delete.

Invite your friends top participate while doing the same
You then send invitations to your friends to join the groups as well as ‘ stop by’ friends groups, pages and, profile inviting there as well as participating in on interesting topics. Their friends see the groups and also join. When there is ‘postings’ within the group. those postings are then shown on the ‘Home Page’ of all the members accounts.

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