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Natural Progression in the field of Science

Science has long been revered in the Publishing and teaching industry. As you know publishing has like most topics I write about here follow some sort of Natural Progression. No revelations here you might think, any recent student of Science will tell you a similar interesting story and as I am not a graduate of science it would be foolish of me to write about all the new areas open to our global educational index. However self education is very important to me and is something I always try to install into my updates.

The natural progression of science I would like to focus on which is very good in the publishing of science in all its facets is coding. Coding is a mine field that has not yet been easily documented in a way in which is practical for finding employment. Many new roads of coding lead to making previous languages obsolete. This sort of derivation is fine compared to localised languages around the world. That said some areas that could be not worth learning for somebody new wanting to gain employment in a certain field has already proved its weight in salt. When new languages are being taught particularly online in the self educational space its hard to visualise the end point for employment and the practicality of this sort of coding becomes uncertain and unknown to the student.

Also in coding unlike science the effects or the end result of the work done in coding is not all that spectacular. The roles of coding can seem mundane to the untrained eye. So how can we visualise on the practicalities of programming? Also you can read about three things in coding that are said to be spectacular, attractive, exciting in some way when actually its not all that exciting they just say it is in the hope that you will stay happy long enough to stick around and learn enough new code in one area of publishing or calculating so as to be able to employ you for a few years whilst that new language is in beta level. This at the moment I believe is to do with funding, so the more money that is pumped into a language the more chance there will be more work to pass around. And people can go on stage and try and speak about new things. I sure you agree many speakers have already been given topics which when they come to speak the topic is already a nostalgic and often less practical subject, so if you want to keep ahead of the curve keep learning and trying to make connections with what works in the work place. But also be mindful that these new teachings help make way for new younger employees so as to keep an even keel in the employment sector. You must have some sort of practical experience and you can get this easily whilst studying by applying straight to the horses mouth. You might have to travel or connect with people face to face via Skype as some sort of conversation needs to happen. Ask any scientist they will tell you a similar thing. Its all very well staying indoors focusing on an explanation but by going out and sharing where your head is at there is more chance of your brains frequency of making tangible positive ripples in the field your in.

So what is coding? What language does what best? In what field does science spill into in the real world. You could speak to other scientists and find out where they ended up. Which journals took them under there wing and what feedback helped them to progress in life and career. Where to start and where to focus. I could give you a list of languages but chances are in a couple of years many new ones will pop up.

What is the difference between a developer and programmer?

How are app developers not necessarily what individual employers are looking for?

How has publishing changed and why is science such a leader in understanding all this structural information?

Why do young scientists have what it is you are looking for and once you find the right person how then can you quickly and easily qualify them? For example some hurdles you might face is that you both speak to different languages, its very similar in IT.

When you want something simple done in coding, where can you turn, who do you speak to and where do you draw the line and admit it is over your teachability index?

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Natural Progression in the field of Science


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