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Carbon aktif haycarb 750rb

carbon aktif haycarb

Karbon aktif Haycarb  8X30 Adalah Carbon Activated  Berupa Granular Yang Berasal Dari Batok  Kelapa.

Biasanya Digunakan Untuk Fase  Liquid. Pada Parikel Size Dan Strukturnya  Telah Di Design Secara Khusus Untuk  Menghasilkan Penyerapan Yang Terbaik  Pada Impurities Dari Aliran Liquid Dengan  Aliran Resistance Rendah Dan Penurunan  Tekanan.    Aplikasi  Acg Hr 5 8X30 Digunakan Untuk Aplikasi Fase  Liquid. Secara Umum Pho 8X30 Digunakan  Untuk Water Filter, Swimming Pool Dan  Waste Water Treatment. Pho 8X30 Didesign  Untuk Menyaring Dan Menghilangkan Bau,  Warna, Rasa, Klorine Dan Komponen  Organik Yang Terlarut.

Keunggulan Produk:

  • Bersertifikat Halal
  • Bersertifikat Iso 9000 : 2000
  • Berasal Dari Batok Kelapa Segar ( Bukan  Hasil Daur Ulang)
  • Bersertifikat Nsf
  • Packaging  Nett 25 Kg

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)

GAC are irregular shaped particles formed by milling and sieving. These products range from the sizes 0.2mm to 5 mm. They have the advantages of being harder and longer lasting than powdered activated carbons, clean to handle, purify large volumes of gas or liquids of a consistent quality, and can be reactivated and reused many times. GAC are used in both liquid and gas phase applications and in both fixed and moving systems.

In liquid phase uses, Granular Activated Carbon is packed in columns and towers through which liquids flows. GAC are used where there is a single product to be refined or produced continuously in large quantities. In gas phase applications GACs have the advantage of having sufficient flow with an acceptable pressure drop through the carbon bed.

In addition, granular activated carbons are nearly always regenerated and reused, The period between reactivation varies significantly but is on average 18 months. Loss of material during reactivation ranges from 5% to 15%.

Steam Activation

Steam activation is the most widely used process because it is generally used to activate both coconut shell and coal based carbons. Steam activated carbons are produced in a two-stage process. Firstly the raw material, in the form of lumps, pre sized material, briquettes or extrudates, is carbonized by heating in an inert atmosphere such as flue gas, so that dehydration and devolatilization of the carbon occur. For this stage temperatures usually do not exceed 700 C. Carbonization reduces the volatile content of the source material to under 20%. A coke is produced which has pores that are either small or too restricted to be used as an adsorbent.

The second stage is the activation stage which enlarges the pore structure, increases the internal surface area and makes it more accessible. The carbonized product is activated with steam at a temperature between 900C and 1100C. The chemical reaction between the carbon and steam takes place at the internal surface of the carbon, removing carbon from the pore walls and thereby enlarging the pores. The steam activation process allows the pore size to be readily altered and carbons can be produced to suit specific end-sues. For an example, the pore structure has to be opened up more for the adsorption of small molecules from a solution, as in water purification, than for the adsorption of large colour molecules in sugar decolorization.

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Carbon aktif haycarb 750rb


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