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Proven Way to Bring Your Website On Top Of Google

Proven Way to Bring Your Website On Top Of Google: You may have used Google Infinite times to find the solution to your query. Maybe you have searched for finding the solution for your Home Work or for buying New sweatshirts for upcoming winters. Proven Way to Bring Your Website On Top Of Google

Most of the time you just write(or speak) your query and as soon

You see the result of links to web pages that can potentially answer your queries.

You just click on any top result, out of the long list of web pages you see on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

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Proven Way to Bring Your Website On Top Of Google

But, have you ever wondered why this particular link to a web page is on the top of any Search Engine(90% its Google).

While you searched for your Keyword on it? How to Increase Traffic By SEO

What makes website ranking on the first page of result page than the websites on the Second Page?

How does Google decide the ranking of websites

Which website to rank number 1 on it and which website to last?

Or, Would you like to know how to bring your newly published content on your blog or,

Your business website to the top of the Search engine result page of any search engine? How to Increase Traffic By SEO

Of Course, you do!

Who does not want to be On the Top of Google for Searches, everyone does.

Here in this Blog, We will be discussing some Proven ways to bring your website on Top

Proven Way to Bring Your Website On Top Of Google

A/C to Hubspot 89% of US Internet users search

Online even before they make a purchase from local business stores.

So If you are not in the Top of Search Engine Result Page

You are definitely losing a ton of Money out of your business.

So now, you might have understood why you need to on the top of Google and would be wondering.

How to bring my website to the top of Google and other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo etc.

There are two major part of Google Search Result: Paid Listing & Free Listing (Organic Results).

Search Engine Marketing is for Paid Results

Where we pay Google to show our website at the top of any keyword search through Google Adwords.

And, Search Engine Optimization is for Free Organic listing.

shown below the paid listing in the SERP.

Search Engine Optimization

In this Blog, I will be telling you some ways of Increasing Organic ranking of the website on SERP through SEO.

But wait, what is even SEO?

Sure, many of you are aware that it stands for What is Search Engine Optimization.

And as the full form says, It Can be understood that its something related to Optimizing or

Modifying your website according to the Search Engines.

But the question arises, what on the website needs to be modified?

Is it Images which need to be optimized or the Content or the links?

Yes, you are right but its much more than that.

So let’s Understand the term SEO deeper; “What is Search Engine Optimization”.


A/C to Wikipedia, SEO is “the process of affecting the visibility of any website or webpage Online, in the search engine unpaid result or In Organic Listing.

Basically, SEO is a Method or Strategy of bringing your website to the top of SERP organically on Google.

Increasing the Quality and Quantity of Traffic to your website by making it search engine friendly.

By following Google Guidelines. What is Search Engine Optimization.

Let me explain you with an example:

If you have an article written about “How to make Eggless Cakes In Home” on your blog,

You want Google to show it as a top result to anyone who searches for the same phrase.

For this purpose, you need to do SEO for your article in order to make Google include your article as the top results

Whenever someone searches for the keyword “How to make Eggless Cakes In Home”.

So doing SEO ensures, the site is accessible to search engines and improves the chances that the site will be found by the Users.

So, Now I think most of you have understood what Search Engine Optimization

Actually means and Why you need to do SEO for your website.

Now let’s discuss How Does SEO Works?

Before you learn the strategy to put your website in the Search Engines.

It’s Important to know How does Search Engine actually Works?

Let’s Understand this-

Every Search Engine has Three main functions:

Crawling, where content is discovered by search engines;
Indexing, where it is analyzed and stored in huge databases; and
Retrieval, where a user query fetches a list of relevant pages.

Refer My How Does Search Engine Works blog to know more.

Now when you have got the basic idea how the search engine works

We know how the Google retrieves data from its vast database to give the most relevant data to the user.

So now what if we know what are the factors on which google depends to find out the most relevant data to the user’s query?

How easy it would become to place our website on the top of it.

But unfortunately, it is not so easy!

The process of finding out the most relevant data is very complex and complicated process.

There are more than 200 factors involved in it.

Best Seo and SMO Blogs

Companies like Google guard their own ranking algorithms as patented industry secrets.

Its Important for a company like Google because if someone knows its algorithm they may try to hack it or exploit it for monetary gains. “Best Seo and SMO Blogs”

This is the most Important reasons why Google brings updates to his algorithm.

Google Panda and Google Penguin are some important updates to Google.

Since we do not know what are factors Involved in bringing your website to the top.

We can just fulfill the needs of the Google i.e. give the most relevant and correct solution to the user’s query.

Optimizing our website for Google can be done via 3 SEO techniques.

Black Hat: This technique is mainly optimizing your website just for Search Engine.

White Hat: This technique Includes Optimizing your Website and its Content for both the Users and Search Engines.

Grey Hat: This technique is all about creating a balance between Black & White Hat Techniques.

Here is my article on Types of SEO Techniques.

So before you start Optimizing your website for Search Engine you should choose which technique to use.

Let me simplify it for you so it becomes easy for you to finalize which strategy to choose.

If you want to use SEO as Quick Rich Scheme you should choose Black Hat SEO.

From this way, you may get Immediate traffic and may even earn some dollars out of it.

But this approach will not keep you on the search engines for more time.

Black Hat SEO mostly will last on spammy and crappy pages on your website and will get you banned by Google very fast.

Whereas White Hat techniques may seem a bit time consuming but it is key to building your long and sustainable business.

This type of SEO mostly focus on their Human Audience and giving them value through your website by following the rules of search engines.

So now you can decide which one to go for!

But no doubt here I will be talking only about White Hat SEO.


These 2 ways are broader categories of SEO: On Page & Off Page

On Page optimization, refers to all steps and measures that can be taken directly within the website in order to improve its position in the search rankings such as Improving Meta Tags, Content, Keyword Density and Page Structure of the website etc.

Off Page Optimization, refers to the steps taken outside of the website in order to improve its ranking in the SERP. What is seo

In a simple way, it signifies what others think of your website.

For Example, If Top high authority websites are linking to your webpage search engine will automatically assume that you have got a really good content for users query and search engine will reward you with high rank in the SERP.

Although there are other factors as well In Off Page other than valuable backlinks from high authority websites. “What is seo”

Some Off-Page factors like Domain Authority, Backlinks, Social Signals can be controlled by you but some factors which involve user behavior cannot be controlled directly.

You have to give attention to both the On Page & Off Page factors in Order to Rank well On the Search Engines.

There are a lot of work we can do On our webpage in order to make both factors fully Optimized but first, we will look at On Page SEO first.


These are some Important factors you need to take care when It Comes to On Page SEO.

1.) Produce High-Quality Content

This is the first and the most important factor for getting a good ranking in Google.
Google tries to rank the most relevant & useful Information to user’s query on the top of SERP. What is on page optimizationcontent is king

Google algorithms are built in such a way that they give the best possible result from its database to the user’s query by providing the greatest Content they can find.

Writing a Good Quality and Long Content ensures Google that the web page will have the answer to the search query and will automatically give you top ranking than your Competitors web page with less Content. What is on page optimization

Hence making a great Content for your website is the first thing to focus on SEO.

Here are Some Tips to Create Good Content :

  • Create a Quality content for your readers which solves their problem or answers their Query.
  • Create a Compelling Headline for your Blog.
  • Do Keyword Research
  • Create a Long Content of more than 1800 words and Include Images, Audios, Videos & Infographics to engage your Audience In the Blog.
  • Post Your Content Regularly or Update them on regular basis with more Information. What is on page optimization

All these tips for creating a Good Content will reward you by :

  • Giving you Repeat visitors on the webpage.
  • Chrome bookmarks.
  • Increase Time spent on the site.
  • A decrease in Bounce Rate.
  • Increase in Google Searches for your Brand.


                                Here’s a Video of Neil Patel for Keyword Research.

After you have done Extensive keyword research for your webpage it’s time to put your focus keyword in the right place so that Google can understand for which Keyword website to be Ranked for.

Use Long Tail Keyword to promote the content. A bunch of Long Tail Keywords can give you a good amount of traffic to the website. These keywords have low keyword difficulty level and hence are easy to rank on the search engines.

What is Long Tail Keywords

Refrain yourself from Overusing your Keyword in Your Content.

Google has gotten smarter over the years and can easily understand Keyword Stuffing in the Content.

Keyword stuffing will end up hurting your ranking instead of Improving them.

Here are some Tips for placing your keyword to get most out of SEO :

a.) Use your targeted keyword In the URL section of your Blog.
b.)Use Keywords In your Meta Tags such as in your Title and Description section.
c.)Use your Header Tag. Put your Focus Keyword on the H1 Tag and Subheadings in H2 Tags (Use H1 Only Once in your Blog)

What is Long Tail Keywords

d.)Include your focus keyword On the first 100 words of the Blog.
e.) Use your keyword in alt tags section in your Image.
e.)Maintain Keyword Density b/w 1-3 %. Use LSI Keywords to overcome Keyword Stuffing.

Placing your keywords in the right place will save you from stuffing your keywords in the text section of your Blog.  What is Long Tail Keywords.


The website Structure is one of the most important parts of your SEO as well as for creating Great User Experience. Although this part becomes bit tricky and Includes many factors in it.

Website Structure majorly Consist of the website structural theme, Its Navigation, Sequence Images and many critical factors in it.

If you are using WordPress as your Content Management System you do not need to take care of much.
Still, there are few things everyone should take care of to perform well in Search Engines.

Some Tips for having a good website structure and perform well for your SEO:

What is Crawling and Indexing

  • EASY TO CRAWL: Your website must be easy for Google spiders to crawl in order to give back, right signals to the Google about all your Indexed Pages.

    What is Crawling and Indexing

For making the Job easier for Google to crawl your web pages you can submit sitemap in Search Console.
You can create a sitemap for your WordPress site by using plugin like Yoast SEO or any other Online XML Sitemap generator.

  • MOBILE FRIENDLY WEBSITE– Having a responsive website is one of the most Important factors for deciding your ranking on the Google.

There are Billions of Users who use Mobile Phones to search their Content and If your website is not Mobile Friendly you will surely face problems in tanking your website on the SERP.

Most WordPress themes available nowadays are already Mobile Friendly but if it isn’t you can Install plugins like WP touch.

  • PAGE SPEED– Do you remember how you get pissed off when your WiFi or Your Internet takes 15-20 seconds to load a page?

The slow loading time of our website can easily destroy the relationship with your user.

A/C to a study 51% of the user close or go out of the website if it takes more than 5 seconds to load.

Having a high loading speed of your website not only loses the visitor but will end up having a huge Bounce Rate for your website.

You can Easily Check and Optimize your website loading speed with Page Insight Tool or can Use this free Pingdom speed test tool.(

  • INTERLINKING – Blogging is a long journey, you constantly need to create new blogs for users.
    But what happened to all your other killer old blogs which have stopped getting new views!
    How to divert traffic to all those old blogs?

Interlinking is one of the best ways to divert the traffic from your one page to other.

Interlinking not only helps in passing the link juice from one page to another but It helps you In getting your user engaged on the site for more time.

Do not just stick only to your Internal pages while Interlinking but Include links to other External Links as well.

Data has shown web-pages having more External and Internal links to rank above than web-pages containing either Only Internal links or having no links at all.

Here are some other On Page Techniques to follow


Off-page, as mentioned above, comprises of activities done outside of your website.
Although most people just relate Off Page with Only Link Building but it is more than that.

There are factors like Page Rank Invented by founders of Google to rate the websites, but it’s not the single factor when it comes to ranking the pages in top 10.
Building TrustRank  for your website is now equally Important.

If you have quality backlinks from the authoritative site(like .edu .gov domain), you will look like a brand to the Google and It becomes likely to trust you.

You can also build 2 types of Authority for your website,

Domain Authority or DA- It deals with how well known your website is.
Page Authority or PA- It shows how popular your content on a single page in the domain is.

Both PA & DA are calculated in a rank of 0 to 100. You can calculate your Authority for free here.

Many times most of the Bloggers think link building the Only step in SEO. But as you read above, you can now easily state other factors Important in it.

Link building is one of the parts of SEO. People link to your Content if they find them valuable.

But you just can not wait for others to link to your web page after you finished publishing your content.

That will be a foolish approach.

You have to take Initiative and ask others to link to it. Or you need to create manual backlinks to your website by all these methods.

Here are some factors you need to take care of while building backlinks for your Content.


Having few backlinks from authority and a relevant source is far better than having tons of backlinks from non-authoritative and non-relevant websites.

The term Quality over Quantity perfectly applies here.

If more trustworthy and non-spammy sites are linking to you, Google will give your page more preference than your competitor’s web page.

Building backlink for your website is all about reaching the right source and creating backlinks in exchange of great value to them.


Text used while linking to your site.

Plays an important role in link building procedure. If you want to rank for Bike Rental Service then you want the anchor text of the link to be same “bike rental service” or use text which sounds natural than using non-relevant anchor text.


Social signals to a web page are related to the number of likes, dislikes, views or shares your content is getting after you publish the content.

Therefore it is advisable to have Social share buttons or Plugins on your blog.

Getting more number of shares in social networking sites not only increases social signals to Google but increase the chances of getting backlinked by more sites of your niche.

Google knows social influencers in every area, if your content is being shared by them, it can boost up your SEO Ranking.

Great way of getting more shares by influencers is either by mentioning them in your blog post and asking them to share the content on their social sites or you can give them heads up before publishing your content on your site.

You can also do a little research and find your Influencers who are already interested in your topic. Publish your Content and just let them know about your great blog.


I Hope this guide gave you Insights of placing your content on the first page of search engine result page.
Implement all the advice given here on your blog and you will start noticing Improvements in your search engine traffic and ranking in SERP.

Just be patient. It takes times for search engines to update their data, as there are billions of web pages to crawl.

More advanced approach for increasing the authority of your page is to be regular on updating your site with new content.

Do keyword research before starting to write any new blog and Optimize the basic like Title and Description Tag for your Blog.

Comment down, how you are now going to start with SEO?

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Proven Way to Bring Your Website On Top Of Google


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