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20 best WordPress plugin for your website in 2020

Best Wordpress plugin is an article that talks about the best plugins you can install on your website among the millions of plugins available in the market. A brief introduction on what WordPress plugins are.

What is a WordPress plugin?

WordPress plugins are software that contains groups of functions integrated with WordPress as a written PHP programming language. What a plugin does is that it makes it easy for website owners to add features to their website without understanding the programming language.

How to install a WordPress plugin There are few things to note before installing plugins on WordPress
1. You can’t install plugins on a due to its limitations.
2. You can only install plugins on WordPress once you have upgraded to

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Step by step process of installing a plugin

Installing any WordPress plugins is quite easy With the following steps you would be able to successfully install any WordPress plugin.
Step 1: On your WordPress site go to the WordPress plugin directory page.
Step 2: Click on the ‘add new’ option on the plugin page.
Step 3: Find or search for the plugins of your choice.
Step 4: Click on the install now button.

Note: The orange rotating means your plugins is in the process of installation but once it is done installing, the orange icon would change to activate
Step 5: Click on the “activate button”

With these steps, you have successfully installed and Activated any WordPress plugin.

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Best WordPress plugin to install on your website

The list of best WordPress plugin is splitted into categories based on the specific function they perform in keeping your site running. The list includes the best WordPress plugins for

  1. SEO
  2. Security
  3. Backup
  4. Ecommerce

Best WordPress plugins for SEO

SEO means “search engine optimization” with SEO you can drive free traffic either organic or editorial to your website via search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

There are multiples of WordPress plugin for SEO available in the market today, I deliberately selected the best amongst them which include

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the best WordPress plugins for SEO as it provides varieties of option which include SEO titles and description to all the posts and pages on your website, it provides an option for meta descriptions, editing your image alt text, etc. It is best used for On-page SEO.
download here

2. SEMrush

Semrush is regarded as the best plugin for SEO, this tool is popularly used by bloggers, SEO analyst, website owners, etc. With SEMrush you would be able to carry out competitor analysis, check out organic keywords you can rank for.

Check out for backlinks (nofollow and follow), in short, SEMeush gives a detailed analysis of how well your website performs on the search engine.
It also has a writing tool called “SEO writing assistant” that helps you write SEO friendly content.
download here

3. Google search console

This plugin helps you monitor and manage your site’s presence and performance on Google’s search results. It keeps you updated on your average CTR (Click-through rate), average position, keyword position and more.
It also notifies and gives you tips on how to fix your content when google can’t crawl or index pages on your website. download here

4. Ahref

Ahref is a platform where you can edit the content on your website, spy on your competitor, research keywords and backlinks, it is regarded as an all-in-one SEO plugin and its main focus is on backlink analysis.
download here

5. Rankmath

Some people consider rank math as the best WordPress SEO plugin on the market. Rank math is user-friendly and the installation process is easy because it has a setup wizard that serves as an installation guide.

It has a 404 monitor and with rank math, you can create an XML sitemap.
Rank math’s 404 monitor helps you to pinpoint dead(404) pages that are been searched out by users and it also provides the solution of you reinstalling the dead page or by removing the 404 URL link.

Rank math also has rich snippet support with the option of you choosing any of the 6 different snippets like events, videos, local business e.t.c
With rank math, you can add a meta title description and also help in internal link building recommendation.
download here

Best WordPress security plugin

Everyone knows that WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, there are other content management system’s but WordPress has stood out for years but with its popularity also lies its vulnerability.

The various website has long been sabotaged through cyber crimes especially hacking. Though WordPress in its self is heavily secured but with new plugins been developed at a rapid rate, It has made it porous to cyber attacks.

Either as a little blog or a heavy website that produces huge traffic, it’s advisable to secure your site.
To know a good security plugin, there must be certain features and tasks it should be able to perform which includes:

  1. Regular security scans
  2. Stronger and protective firewall
  3. Malware scanning
  4. Hardened security
  5. Notification monitoring and blacklisting of dangerous sites
  6. Strong security against force attacks WordPress
  7. A strong protocol for rejecting weak password.

All the features listed above are characteristics of good security plugins.
All security plugins that I would be listed here are customized to be easily installed with some of them having premium versions.

Best WordPress security plugins include

1) Wordfence

Wordfence is a free security plugin that helps in malware checking which it does on a regular basis, it has a special scanning system that helps in scanning Host sites for backdoors that could put your sites at a security risk.

It has a rapid response to breaches in security by sending email notifications through its malware scanning system Wordfence also blacklists IP addresses housing potential security threats.
download here

2) iThemes Security

This Malware Scanner has its free version and also it’s the premium version. It has an automatic fixer, after scanning your website of any malware, it fixes the issues without you having to do anything, it also restricts users that have attacked other website before.

Its premium version has the additional features which include Timely Malware scans, rejection of weak password from users, a beautiful widget that helps in customizing all its function, its also has limited login attempts feature and operation for detecting 404 errors.
download here

3. Sucuri

Sucuri Security is a free WordPress security plugins but it has a premium version you can decide to buy.

The Security plugin helps in monitoring the Security of your sites, one of its features is that on the installation of Sucuri, It’s security features immediately scan your site for any infected file or areas and it also scans for security weak spot.

The premium version has some interesting features like Google site browsing and McAfee site Advisor, they are all third-party features.
Sucuri also provides email notifications when any suspicious threat has been discovered, it’s firewall helps clear out bad traffic.
Sucuri also offers a cleanup solution if your site ever gets infected by malware.
download here

4. All in one WordPress security and firewall

All in one WordPress security is an easy to install a free security plugin.
It has some awesome features like the scanning of the site for possible security loopholes, creating a strong firewall for your website.

This tool also blacklists IP addresses with threats and it also has an account monitoring system. All in one WordPress security has a ranking system that enables you to see which areas of your website is protected and Which area isn’t One of the best things about all in one WordPress security is that for now, it doesn’t have a premium version making it totally free.
download here

5. Secupress

With the fact that Secupress was just recently added to the WordPress security plugins, Ithas since then grown at a fast rate.
This tool has both the free and premium versions, Secupress has a stronger security scanner that scans your site from different point considered to be vulnerable with automatic fixing.

Secupress premium version which you can get as of now for $59 has the anti-spam protective features, a backup operation for your site should in case a need for restoring comes, Secupress also has the AWS (automated website scan).
Download here

Best WordPress backup plugin

It is very necessary for you to backup your WordPress site so as to prevent loss of documents when carrying out major changes on your website, hence here is a list of best WordPress plugins for backups.

1. Vaultpress

Vaultpress is a WordPress plugin that was launched at Automattic by Matt Mullenweg and his team. Vaultpress is an independent Automattic WordPress plugin integrated into Jetpack another Automattic product, so without a jetpack subscription, you can’t use WordPress.

With a monthly subscription of $3.50, you can be rest assured that the vault press plugin will provide an automatic backup solution for your site.
Apart from the backup features it has, it also has a very strong spam protection features that help protect against any spam measures on your website without your knowledge or involvement.
Download here

2. Updraftplus

This free WordPress backup plugin is one of the most effective WordPress plugins in 2020 with over 2 million users.

This tool provides a backup feature that permits you to back up your files and saves them on to a dropbox or download them on your computer. It conjointly offers you the choice of selecting any of the files you wish to backup mechanically and to conjointly transfer them on Dropbox, Google Drive, S3, email and a lot of.

Apart from the backup feature this tool offers, it conjointly WordPress degree choice of permitting you to revive your backup from your WordPress admin panel.

Updraftplus features a premium version with plenty of powerful backup options. Download here

3. Backupbuddy

Backupbuddy is a WordPress backup plugin with more than 500,000+ users. It is a backup tool that helps in automatically storing your backup files in a cloud storage service like FTP, Rackspace Cloud and much more.
Its Stash service offers a real-time backup, with this tool you can schedule your backups to be on a daily basis. It costs $52 for a blogger plan.
Download here

4. Boldgrip backup

This automated tool, powered by WordPress was developed by boldgrip, a website builder.
With this tool, you can backup your website and while you switch host, this tool can be used in moving your website.
You can also schedule your backups both manually and automatically.
It also protects against errors in the backup update and it cost $60 per year.
Download here

5. Blogvault

With this tool, be rest assured to have an automatic backup for your site on a daily basis.
It also helps in the recovering of a website easily as it has the propensity to
accommodate a backup of 90days in its archive. It cost $89 per year.
download here

Best WordPress plugins for e-commerce

If you think of opening a store online where you can sell your product, then it’s necessary for you to install some of the plugins I will be listed here for the effective running of your online store.

1. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is one of the most efficient e-commerce WordPress plugins you can opt-in for If you would like to feature anything to sell on your website.

Basically, it is often used quite effectively if you would like to create a web store. Its tons of features helps to assist in the growth of your website.
With this tool, You can provide your customers with multiple options through your online store also.

There are extendable shipping options available with WooCommerce which includes free shipping, local pickups, flat rates, and lots of more. you can basically sell anything with it, from physical products to event tickets, software, and repair plans.

It also features a lot of payment options for your customers. They will checkout using cheques, cash on delivery, credit cards or maybe PayPal, this is often a really convenient feature for a plugin to possess. It’s also appreciated by the purchasers also.
download here

2. Bigcommerce

Bigcommerce is an e-commerce plugin that helps in effectively designing your business sales online.
This unique plugin runs powerhouses like Skullcandy, Been and Jerry’s Camelback and much more.
Bigcommerce, when integrated with your WordPress site, offers lots of seamless benefits.

3. Easy digital downloads

Easy digital download Easy digital download as the name implies is a very simple and easy to use plugin that helps you sell digital downloads online.
One unique feature of EDD is its ability to simply report details about your earnings, your sales, and analytics via it’s reporting system.

4. WP eCommerce

WP e-commerce is a simple and powerful e-commerce plugin you can consider for your online store as it helps in customizing your store with different styles.
You can also sell physical products, membership, and subscriptions.
It also features a lot of payment options.

5. MemberPress

MemberPress is a plugin that helps you build a membership option for your eCommerce website using one among the simplest WordPress membership plugin available.
With MemberPress, You create unique subscriptions and exclusive content for your members so as to entice other users to check in.
An excellent thing about MemberPress is that they’re also compatible with all kinds of payment gateways and with online store plugins like WooCommerce.

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In summary, this are the list of plugins you should consider installing into your WordPress website for a better and beautiful running of your site.

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20 best WordPress plugin for your website in 2020


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