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Is Rahul Gandhi ‘Saving The Constitution Or Saving Dynasty? Firing Back At The Congress President

Rahul Gandhi to launch Save the Constitution drive on April 23

BJP party president Amit Shah immediately hit back at Rahul Gandhi after the Congress president launched the #SaveTheConstitution campaign and attacked the Modi government for allegedly ‘destroying Constitutional institutions.’

Taking to Twitter, Amit Shah issued a reversal and wrote that the Constitutional institutions need to be saved from the Congress:

He took on Rahul Gandhi for saying that the Congress gave the country the constitution:

He accused the Congress party of not wanting democracy, rather, of wanting dynastic rule, and issued a blog post on the topic, writing:

Saving the Constitution or Saving Dynasty?

The Congress Party has yet again taken the only path it knows very well- of spreading hate and divisions in our society. Mr. Rahul Gandhi and his party must cease their theatrics and aggression at the earliest. It’s becoming more and more clear that their Modi hatred is quickly turning into India hatred. Blinded by contempt for the Prime Minister, they’re utilizing the choicest of phrases and words to show India in a bad light. The Congress Party’s Save the Constitution campaign is both ironical and comical. At history after 1947, India, if there’s one political party which has trampled over the Constitution in letter and spirit, again and again, it’s the Congress Party.

Rahul Gandhi Save the Constitution campaign

Right now, the buzzword for the Congress and their buddies is impeachment:

The judiciary, which is an institution that’s trusted by 125 crores Indians has invited the wrath of Congress and the Nehru Gandhi dynasty particularly. I’ll not go into several reasons, but I’ll say that this is part of a broader tendency to demonize and weaken every institution that seeks to maintain its individual identity and not kowtow to the Dynasty. The Army has repeatedly been the Congress target. Throughout the UPA years, a Chief of Army Staff was targeted and the whole army was dragged into political slugfests.

Rahul Gandhi Save the Constitution campaign

India’s march against corruption:

Throughout the same time, when the country was witnessing a grand awakening against the corruption of the UPA, the Congress started a tirade against the CAG. An institution that has to stand as a torchbearer of accountability wasn’t spared simply because he brought uncomfortable truths about Congress and the dynasty. At the last 4 years, when the Congress has been facing defeat after defeat, the party is now training its guns on the Election Commission. The sanctity of the polling process was questioned. Never for a minute has the Congress introspected- why is it that the individuals are rejecting us.

Rahul Gandhi Save the Constitution campaign

Congress Dynasty Politics:

Time changes, the context changes, but the means and also the ends remain the same- discredit any institution which comes in the way of furthering the rule of the Dynasty. The night of 25th June 1975 is unforgettable in the annals of history. That time, the whole Constitution has been hijacked and held hostage to the caprices and fancies of one leader. Even that assault on our Constitutional democracy came in the wake of our challenging the malpractices of no less than Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Congress commitment, or lack of it, towards our democracy is also seen in the way the party has used Article 356 since Independence.

Rahul Gandhi Save the Constitution campaign:

Prime Ministers of India – Jawaharlal Nehru:

In 1957, when Pandit Nehru was the Prime Minister and Mr. Indira Gandhi the Congress President, the communist government in Kerala has been dismissed. From the Telugu Desam Party to the Socialists at the Akali Dal, no party escaped this insult. When Mr. Rahul Gandhi says that Congress made the Constitution, he’s continuing his family legacy of humiliating Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.

When Mr Rahul Gandhi says Congress made the Constitution, he is continuing his family legacy of humiliating Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.

Rahul Gandhi Save the Constitution campaign

The indisputable fact is- apart from the Constitution:

The Congress also has a disdain for the maker of the Constitution, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. No wonder they have made every effort to deviate from the Constitution given by respected Babasaheb. It is well known how Pandit Nehru personally ensured the defeat of Dr. Ambedkar in not one but two elections.

Rahul Gandhi Save the Constitution campaign

Congress-Third Front Government:

It is also no coincidence that in 1997, the year Mrs. Sonia Gandhi took primary membership of the Congress the Congress-Third Front Government took away promotional benefits of SC/ST employees! It was the Vajpayee Government that amended Article 16(4A) of the Constitution and ensured justice to SC/ST employees. Congress party represents all forms of corruption that are prevalent in our society.

Those who do not trust the Army, the Judiciary, the Supreme Court, the Election Commission, EVMs, the RBI are now saying ‘democracy is in danger!’

Rahul Gandhi Save the Constitution campaign

Rahul Gandhi Save the Constitution campaign:

India has a vibrant democracy and a vibrant Constitution. The Congress’ ‘Save the Constitution’ campaign is nothing but a farce that seeks to perpetuate the rule of the dynasty over the rule of democracy! Like in the past, we need to protect the Constitution from the Congress.

Earlier, speaking at New Delhi’s Talkatora Stadium, Rahul Gandhi had launched a scorching attack at the Prime Minister and the central government, accusing it of destroying Constitutional institutions, being anti-Dalit and anti-Women.

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Is Rahul Gandhi ‘Saving The Constitution Or Saving Dynasty? Firing Back At The Congress President


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