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Atman-The Self

It’s the bureaucrat in me authorizing every second to detach myself from the unwanted relationships because he knows all the things I feel aren’t sensitive, all the actions I do aren’t right, all the creatures I see aren’t real, all the objects I sense aren’t fragrant.
He wants me to bifurcate between what is real and what is unreal, renouncing what is unreal.

He is the eternal light residing in my heart, thus bringing brightness into my subtle body, helping and guiding me to understand the importance of Vedas, Upanishads by taking birth into my mind and soul. doubling my curiosity on the reason behind my birth, he ambulates me on a walker into an another world of ecstasy displaying the miracles in his creation he ultimately leads me into the track of devotion for a fruitful life and finally departs me on a destination filled with roller coaster of adventures each holding a special incidents in the books. Though those books weigh less than 100 gm in weight, they weigh infinity times the weight of knowledge and wisdom. One must understand the importance of spirituality.

The ultimate goal of the Advaita Philosophy (highest truth)is to identify and realize the Atman- the self. That will liberate everyone from suffering.

It’s more like a challenge for me to portray the things from my inference where many ordinary guys like me failed to articulate the real essence with their own perspective. But, to my knowledge what I have mentioned In the above paragraphs is correct when Shankaracharya Advaita philosophy is considered. First of all reading those above lines most people develop an enigmatic question in their minds with no voice from inside to ask.

Why do we need to realise the self?

Brahman resides in everyone heart but most of all cover it with ignorance called ‘Maya’ by convincing ourselves to commit to the things which aren’t permanent, we generally find pleasure from the things which are unreal, we think we have attained the culmination and this progress is enough to lead the luxurious life. But, can one liberate oneself from the cycle of samsara( cycle of births and deaths)? Until and unless you Realise the answer to the question who am I? Your soul never gets liberated, only your body dies but your Atman remains unchanged, it only takes another form. Just like the plant which takes the form of decayed matter after it’s death, same thing applies to human beings

The day when you find the answer to who am i? That day a cosmic energy develops in the self and nothing can neither provoke nor titillate you to get attached to the illusory things. You began to experience the beauty of the Brahman, which will be illuminating brightly like sun vanishing your ignorance.

In order to realise the self, one must renounce greed and lust for things, control over sense organs and organs of action can be attained only by meditation.

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Atman-The Self


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