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‘Faith Terrorism’ And NEW INDIA

Terrorism need not be always seen as those who walk around with AK 47 killing all innocent people and spread fear and lawlessness. Questioning the civic prudence and affecting the normalcy of life alone need not be considered as terrorism because hereafter such terrorism will not have great acceptance at the global level.

Encroachment of ancient culture rooted in faith into Science with well-designed attempts of those in the helm of affairs to question science and scientific development to instill faith, superstition, occultism, moral-policing practices of religion etc., are the biggest terrorists the humanity is likely to witness in NEW INDIA. Infiltrating all such ideas into the curriculum system will be the most powerful method to pollute the young minds and intoxicate them to live with more of superstition and religious faith than any real scientific temperament/rationale and that must be feared the most by Indians.

The recent statement of the Minister of State for Human Resource and Development about the science of Darwin’s theory of evolution whether man had descended from non human primate and if so who had witnessed etc., and the subsequent justification by those who wants to stay with the views of the Minister in fact have even touched the Dasa avatar of Vishnu mentioned in ancient Hindu mythological scripture as part of evolution.

The efforts to introduce cow urine as a drug for cancer and allocating funds from public exchequer for conducting research on cow urine in the name of validating ancient science certainly worth to be called as the entry of new form of terror in the name of faith practice and superstition of ancient culture.

Narrating the story of how Lord Ganesh got the elephant head to highlight the existence of scientific imagination and fantasy of plastic surgery in ancient India, certainly, people would appreciate. Similarly the description of airplane in Ramayana to support the desire and imagination of human mind to fly in the sky like birds is being in existence in Bharat 5000 years ago will be fine but crossing all boundaries to suggest that plastic surgery has existed in ancient India and so was the science and technology for making airplane will be nothing but mockery.

Such an endeavor would not only defame and disfigure the scientific credence of our nation but also would endanger the scientific temperament of young minds.

Cultural moral-ism can be infused into the academic curriculum not as part of science but as a separate subject is fine but extrapolating all such faith-based practices as ultra, supra and infra science only hurts the credibility of the nation.

Similarly recognizing the faith-based healing practices of ancient India that had existed before the advent of scientifically proven medical science as an advanced science and trying to infuse all such practices with proven medical science to treat patients, especially those who live in rural India would certainly scares the nation and it induces as much fear created by Adolph Hitler.

Validating any of the meaningful practices of ancient healing practices like YOGA by scientific means is wise but before any such validation is done imposing them with great conviction certainly amounts to sacrilege of not just science but the humanity as a whole.

Countries must reform to an extent of making people a-religious, free of caste systems and make people limit their faith in God and religious practices purely as private affair and such practices should not be allowed to be shown in public so there shall be no religious processions or mass gatherings in public place that might trigger communal disharmony.

Inventing new phrases like integrated health care practices just to mix hay and husk with modern medicine should not be attempted. Nor such intention is explored in the name of increasing the number of doctors to serve the rural area through bridge course.

Some Indian scientists affiliated with Government research institutions would love to say they are working on some great research topics than say what they have actually done or achieved. To say that they are doing something is the safe way to escape the scrutiny but the question is how long we can let such scientists hang onto such reply and who would audit impartially and objectively such research work to understand what they have achieved so far? All such scientists would find it easy to take some cultural or faith-based practices or concepts for research so that they can easily baptize such practices as ultra science and can gather claps from the sponsor.

Interestingly some scientists in India may be happy with the present environment. Instead of thinking creatively and prepare a competitive scientific concept for research funding, it is easy for them to float with the wind and propose a study for example – research on cow urine for treating various diseases.

At lab level, some merits can be established for cow urine and that would certainly satisfy the Government of the day as well. The scientist also can take enormous pride invalidating all such ancient sciences. The anti-diabetic developed by some government research institution recently from herbal source is one such best example.

The big question is when such research findings would come as a useful product to humanity, no one is interested in asking because such researchers are meant more for political churning and not for developing science or nation or humanity.

Can the engine and wheels of NEW INDIA be made of faith-based concepts, obscurant belief systems, unscientific healing practices and bio-moral recipes?

Can we facilitate the invasion of all such practices to build NEW INDIA? Are we digging our culture to see some hidden truth in it or to bury ourselves inside it?

Whatever be the result, are we not doing it consciously?

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‘Faith Terrorism’ And NEW INDIA


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