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Change The Product, Dynasty Cannot Save Own Boat

Marketing magic has indeed helped several companies to sell their products well and also establish a brand image for all such products. It is also well known that the customers have rejected several products which they had bought and experimented after seeing the initial euphoria created due to the Marketing. With time the customers have understood that the products that they bought lack merit vis-à-vis the promises created by them.

Subsequently, the companies have re-launched almost the same products again with a total change in packaging after making some cosmetic changes in the product with the mind-boggling advertisement to re-draw the lost customers. But all such products have met the same fate purely because it was the same product but the company has re-launched with the foolish conviction that the customers are fools and their memory is volatile.

If we look at the fate of most of the personal care and toiletry products in the market will tell us how the over hype of substandard products or exaggerating the merit of the products beyond the actual can hurt the image and reputation of the entire organization itself. The story of fairness creams with tall claims starting from fairness in 7 days to 1 hr to tanning protection etc., will tell us how the false propaganda, great marketing, and packaging efforts also can fall flat if the product fails to live up to the promise.

The recent trend of most of the FMCG companies attempting to bring out their personal care and toiletry products with the addition of some herbs at abysmal levels and attempts to promote to the customer with the story of 5000 years of legacy of the herbs used is the clear indication that how the companies adopt different strategies to sell the same product with some non merit based newness.

The above marketing approach so far was limited to FMCG industries but has recently penetrated into the Political Parties as well, at least in India.

Some political parties due to their inherent contradictions and disagreement are promoting a product which has nothing but dynasty to its side. Such products of dynasty when lack merit, clarity, independent articulation ability, analytical capability, sense of reasoning, intelligence, responsibility, maturity etc., how the company can promote such product? Even if great social marketing strategies are adopted, management pundits are employed, watts up, facebook, twitter, and other groups are created for promoting such product, can the product win?

Some customers may be curious over the newness of such product for a short while but when the product is tested independently, they can easily ascertain the fact beyond reasonable doubt that product does not have any merit and value.

Can the fight/disagreement between the heart, liver and brain allow the toenail to crown as a fortress of the system? Will such coronation ever help the company to progress and prosper? Why the company is crowing a prince who has nothing by the baggage of dynasty and not merit.

All those political parties promoting dynasty must introspect and if they fail to do so, the intelligent electorates of India will teach them a lesson. But if the political party is not going to learn any lesson despite defeat after defeat it had suffered but still promote only the dynast, the believers and even the nonbelievers of God will leave the destiny of such party to GOD.

It is not just the marketing style or marketing expenses or advertisement is going to win the product but the product must have merit and value for money. If the product is sham, how much ever promotion is given to such product, the product is only going to fail but it also would defeat the interest of the company.

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Change The Product, Dynasty Cannot Save Own Boat


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