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Why Subject Your Party To Sati (सती), Instead Support Modiji

The clarion call of BJP to achieve Congress Mukt Bharat looks quite easy. Thanks to the Humpty-dumpty ride of the sycophants of the dynast to crown the waiting prince as the president of the party itself is sufficient to achieve the mission of BJP.

Instead of bringing anything new, authentic and original, Congress is simply engaged in attacking Modiji, demonetization and GST. The incessant attack of Congress on demonetization indirectly indicates the possibility of the party being the worst victim of demonetization. It means, the final answer is left to the reader’s imagination.

The recent Azadi for J&K comment by one of the most important leaders of the Congress and the subsequent statement issued by the Congress distancing itself from such irresponsible and immature comment shows nothing but the voices of discord and dissonance by millions of mutiny under the dying dynasty.

Congress itself may seek its mukti from the political space of India by constantly attacking Modiji for all wrong reasons. Instead of offering any new narratives the party is simply engaged in hate politics against Modiji. Comments of the waiting prince about GST during recent Gujarat election campaign exposes how one’s brain can accommodate both immaturity and idiotism simultaneously. GST was proposed by Congress and all Congress-ruled states have agreed to the GST rates but still its leader behaves like a water droplet on a lotus leaf. One may wonder how such age-old party can accept such leader to lead.

Congress should be credited not only as the age-old party in India but also as very bold, brave, courageous and most adventurous political party in India otherwise how they would dare to make the waiting prince as their superhero.

People of India have indeed studied history a bit and also know about Sati (suttee) otherwise called as disambiguation. Sati was an obsolete funeral practice followed in ancient India where the widow immolates herself on her husband’s pyre or would commit suicide by other means once the husband dies. It was such a reductionist culture biased against a particular gender. Since such culture was linked with caste, religion, tradition and custom, it was very difficult to eliminate such practice, however, India could get rid off such barbaric culture due to several years of social reforms.

The big question is that when BJP is on the mission to make Congress mukt India why some alliance partners of Congress (those who have opposed the Congress in the past) also demand their right for mukti by following sati by continuously supporting the party unconditionally.

Why those Political Parties want to self-immolate along with congress like how widows jump into the pyre of their husband.

Why these opposition parties not spinning some new and wanted narratives for the people of India and instead why they engage in hate politics, slap below the belt attack on Modiji and are so adamant to attain mukti along with Congress.

It is not BJP that has made these opposition parties irrelevant but own hate politics and sublime romance & obsessed love over Congress has done enough to their downfall. But unfortunately, these political parties are yet to recognize the truth.

In the ancient times, aged people used to go to Kailash or other sacred places for mukti. But most of these political parties are trying to attain mukti in own constituency by simply attacking and criticizing Modiji for all the path-breaking and people-centric initiatives. They attack Modiji for working hard to eliminate corruption.

People are confused as for why these political parties want to subject their party to Sati which was abandoned by our society nearly hundred years ago. Why these parties exhibit the stature of lianas that without congress they cannot exist? Does that mean something else exists beyond politics?

Modiji is building New India. It is time for all political parties to join under Modiji and catch their opportunity and role to build New India. Accepting the greatness of Modiji will only make all these political parties greater. Try to be as great as Modiji by supporting him and not by opposing.

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Why Subject Your Party To Sati (सती), Instead Support Modiji


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