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How to make $500 a day on CPA Marketing!

Hello and welcome to my $500 CPA every day Review. If you are interested in this new system from Glynn K and Jani G then please read this review carefully as it will let you know exactly what you are about to purchase. No doubt you will have received an email, seen this system advertised on social media or stumbled upon it on a fake review site. I would first of all like to make it clear that what I am about to show you is completely genuine and I am not affiliated with the $500 CPA every day system. The following review is my personal opinion only and I would encourage other people to comment and join in the conversation at the end of this review, should you agree or disagree with me. That being said, let’s get started.
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$500 CPA Every Day Review – The Secret Traffic Source

$500 CPA every day was launched via Warrior Plus, a popular affiliate marketing network. The Warrior Plus site, sell lots of products in various niches, but there are lots to do with making money online and generating traffic for your website. Not too surprisingly the product in question here is supposed to be able to teach you how to make money online, driving very cheap traffic to CPA offers or affiliate products using a “secret traffic source”.

The Simple $500 Per Day Method, Or Not

$500 CPA every day review - the sales page.On entering the official website we see a quite familiar style of sales page with a guy called Glynn K, who tells us that we can make at least $500 per day, using a simple method. In fact the method is so simple that it can be done in just 3 steps. The first step is to acquire traffic from the “secret source”, secondly you send the traffic to any offer that you chose and then the last step is simply to collect your money. Sounds great right? Well no… Like everything in life that sounds too good to be true, the $500 CPA method isn’t quite as straight forward as all that.

Upsells, Upsells And More Upsells!

First of all, if after reading this review you decide to go ahead and try this product, you will need to put aside quite a bit of time since the upsells for this product seem to never end! I for one hate lots of upsells. One thing that all crappy products have in common is tons of upsells and this was unfortunately no exception. As I purchased this product in order to write this review, I started losing the will to live after about twenty minutes of further sales pitches. What is really annoying and the sales process for this product is the fact that you are offered upsell after upsell, but as you say “no thanks”, you are then offered the same product at a reduced price. Needless to say, I didn’t take any of the additional products since I simply wanted to discover what $500 CPA every day was all about and what the secret traffic source was.
So eventually after wading through a barrage of sales hype and upsells, I finally arrive at the members area. Here I would finally discover the secret traffic formula that was responsible for making around $500 each and every day! Right?

$500 CPA every day members area$500 CPA Every Day Members Area

Remarkably on entering the $500 CPA every day members area the first thing that we are presented with is a video that encourages us to sign up and promote the very product that we have just purchased! A little premature in my opinion, but never the less I continued with the intro video. Within the same video we are told that just for being a member of the $500 CPA every day membership, we are also given four bonuses. Now I know that this might not be obvious to everyone out there, but when I am given bonus products like this I get a little suspicious, especially when I haven’t even seen the main course yet! And it turns out that I have a right to be suspicious, since the bonus products here serve only to make the creators of this system more money. The bonus package on this site is simply a selection of offers that will tempt you to spend more money and make Glynn K and Jani G even more cash in commissions.
So what about the main course? So far my journey into investigating this so called money making system has involved nothing but upsells and products to make the creators rich! So far it’s fair to say that I am fairly unimpressed by my experience. But finally we reach the main course, the holy grail of making money online and the answer to making around $500 every day! Or not…

The Main Training Course

$500 CPA every day members area and the first training video. A tutorial about using Bing ads? Really?So I finally arrived at the main training course, slightly annoyed, but hey… Things are about to get better right?? Well, unfortunately not… Sometimes it still amazes me how these guys have the audacity to create such cheap and nasty products. I instantly put this course within the cheap and nasty category after just 40 seconds of watching the very first training course. Yes, just 40 seconds into the video and we discover the so called secret method of making $500 a day… What is it?? Pay per click traffic from Bing ads!

Bing Ads? You Have Got To Be Joking Right??

You hear me right folks, this guy calling himself Glynn K and his buddy have put together a training course that simply tells you to send Bing traffic to CPA offers.
Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with using Bing traffic to promote your website or to drive traffic to offers online. I totally agree with the fact that in some respects this method works. What really annoys me is the fact that this system is being sold as a secret method that hardly anyone is using. This is simply not true! Advertising with Bing ads, carries risks as does any business venture where you need to pay up front for traffic. The $500 CPA every day training course makes it sound easy to make money using Bing as a traffic source, when in actual fact it’s not.
I have had quite a bit of experience with Bing ads and I can say that they are an excellent company to deal with, however you shouldn’t get on the wrong side of them. Within $500 CPA every day course there is an outdated method mentioned that makes the process sound really easy and it’s called direct linking. This method is highly likely to get your Bing account suspended, especially if you are directly linking to the type of products that this guy recommends.

$500 CPA Every Day Review Summary

$500 CPA every day review summary.To summarize my $500 CPA every day review I would say that although the method that Glynn talks about within the members area is not a scam, everything else on the site is designed to make the creators money rather than you. The entire process of purchasing this product was nothing but further upsells and products to drain you of your money. Even once you are in the members area, the push to take your money doesn’t stop. Even if you move beyond the fact that this site is designed to remove money from your pocket, there is still plenty to complain about. The one thing that I really hate is the fact that $500 CPA every day recommends that you promote Clicksure products and binary options products that rip people off daily. To me this is not very ethical and just goes to show the level at which some people are prepared to stoop in order to make a bit of cash online. Needless to say, I won’t be recommending $500 CPA every day any time soon.

What to do now?

If you really want to learn how to produce effective Bing ads to make money online, there are plenty of good courses out there that teach more ethical methods. If you want to discover the best and most effective methods of making money online, using proven and ethical methods, then you can start learning right now at absolutely no cost. Click the big button below and learn how for free.
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How to make $500 a day on CPA Marketing!


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