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Social Media Posting Secrets Guaranteed to get Noticed

Social Media

Every company and individual are trying to get noticed on Social Media (Includes introverts as well). Increasingly psychologists are reporting negative impacts on people and organizations whose posts often go unnoticed with few likes and shares.

This is not something to be taken lightly. This is not something that affects just your business and marketing. It is now a part of your overall well-being.

Social Posting is an art as well as a science. It is difficult to teach art – that is inherent. But science can be taught and mimicked.

You have written a wonderful piece of content and you would definitely want the world to read it. So you share your content on all possible social channels. But to your dismay, you find that apart from a few very close friends, no one else has liked, shared or even commented on your posts. Sometimes even your close friends overlook your posts. That can be depressing.

Don’t worry. I am going to quickly teach you a few tricks to ensure that your Social Media posts get noticed and that they receive a huge number of likes and shares. These are very well kept secrets by successful internet based companies and popular social influencers.

Secrets Revealed

Secret 1. Understand that the audiences in different social networks have different perspectives and intents.

Someone scanning through Linkedin during their breakfast is expecting to read some serious content – could be related to career, related to their interested technological advancement, related to customer case studies, awards & recognitions, and in similar lines.

Now, this does not always mean that you need to post such a content very seriously. Most of the times, such serious content appears very bland and can result in boring your audience to death. Linkedin is a great channel for your audience to take an action.

When it comes to Facebook, the audience is pretty relaxed. They are expecting entertainment. So if you are sharing a bland customer case study on how they reduced energy consumption by 30% using your product, do not expect much engagement.

I wonder if Spider-Man could win the Iron Throne.

由 BuzzFeed 发布于 2017年7月13日

Influencing people and Brands on Twitter is the most tricky businesses. You have only 165 characters to print and you need to attract their attention within that limit. Every word counts. The audiences are with mixed interests. Provided your 165 characters are catchy enough, they will like and retweet content both serious and light.

The audience active on Reddit craves for quality content. But you got just your article headline to display. So focus on making it attractive.

Why your Mom was right about Influencer Marketing #influencermarketing from GrowthHacking

Secret 2. Adding context to your posts and not just the URL link.

You must have noticed in the above post examples that all of these posts were accompanied with attractive text content along with the article link. Your context composition contains 3 parts.

  • The Challenge. Quickly summarize the exact challenge your post attempts to solve.
  • The Value. Summarize the value proposition of your offering.
  • CTA. The call to action. Ask the reader to take an action.

Secret 3. Timing of Posts

You may have a big fan follower on your social networks, but not all of them are active on those platforms all the time. You need to know the best time of the day when your posts will have the maximum visibility. Use automation tools like Buffer to get the best probable time of posting.

Secret 4. Posts with images have higher engagement.

Compared to a post which just has text, a post accompanied by an image or video has 40% more chances of engagement. While composing the image, ensure that you are aware of the standard image sizes allowed by each social network, and ensure that you comply with the text content inside images as prescribed by the networks. Use tools like Canva to design your social post images which will also guide you on the prescribed sizes and formats.

Secret 5. Build a Critical Mass of engagement from known sources.

This is not something that the top internet businesses will ever accept. But they all do it. After they post, they personally ask their known friends, family, and colleagues to like and share to build the initial traction. People like and share posts that already appear popular.

Secret 6: Use relevant hashtags when posting.

Hashtags help your posts to get discovered faster. But be sure that you are using correct hashtags. Check this post and learn what not to do.

Secret 7. Encourage Interaction

When you have people commenting on your posts, be prompt to reply. Delay in replying almost kills the enthusiasm of others.

Secret 8. Mention Other users and Brands.

Tag other users and brands in your posting text. This will increase the chances of your post getting noticed.

Secret 9. Consistency

Be consistent in your posting. Which means post regularly. Which also does not mean that post 10 times a day.

Secret 10. Build your Brand.

Your posts should be able to create a brand recall by itself. The style of writing your texts and the images should follow a pattern. That helps your audience to quickly connect and recognize your brand.

Secret 11. Measure and Improve

When it comes to social media, there is no one rule. You need to constantly measure on how your posts are performing, bring variations, and continue to put conscious efforts to improve. Always use a short-link while sharing a post that you can track for clicks. You can use

Secret 12. Don’t start your tweets with a @username. When you do that, then only that user, plus those users who follow both of you will be able to see your Tweet.

Do you have any more hacks to share?

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Social Media Posting Secrets Guaranteed to get Noticed


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