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Ok, Who's the Wise-Guy that's been singing "Let it Snow?"

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Yes, this is Maine and yes, we get lots of Snow in the wintertime. Especially January and February.

But this is overkill.

I've been hearing even the most hearty, winter-loving Mainers exclaim about how much we've been getting.

It's THAT excessive.

It all began on January 24th, a Saturday. We had a middle-of-the-road, every-day type of snow. It fell most of Saturday and finished up sometime overnight. I think we got 5 inches, at most.

Not a big deal. We hadn't had much snow so far this winter, so this was a welcome and lovely sight.

THREE days later, Tuesday, January 27th. If you didn't hear about this storm, then you might just live in a bucket. Winter storm Juno descended on the area and when all was said and done, we had over 20 inches at our house not far from the coast.

But it was fun! School was canceled for two days, the streets and driveways became canyons, and oh, the beauty of it all!

We also thought, "Whew, that was a big one. Hopefully we'll just have small ones from now on."

Oh no - no such luck.

THREE MORE days later, Friday, January 30th. We got 10 more inches on top of all the other snow, of course. Because in Maine, the snow just keeps piling up and won't melt until sometime in April.


Oh, and school was canceled again.

My husband likes to write snow totals on our calendar and as I looked at them I saw a pattern. Three days, anyone?

So as we were digging out on Saturday morning, I checked the weather app on my phone and saw that another storm was coming on Monday, February 2nd.



That Monday, we got another 9 inches, I think (by now, who cares?) and schools were canceled. Again.

I joked that this meant we'd get another storm on Thursday.

Geez, I hate being right.

That brought us to THREE MORE DAYS later. Yesterday. Thursday. Another storm and this time, only 3-6 inches were predicted. Well, we got 6.

Somehow 6 inches of snow doesn't seem like much when you have 4 feet of snow on your yard. And 6-8 feet piles where it's pushed at the street corners and driveways.

But 6 inches was a mess. A MESS. The parking lot where I work was not plowed all day, so I had to park a block away. And that's not so bad except that it was cold, single digits, blowing snow. And the sidewalks hadn't been plowed either.

It was pretty miserable.

Then I got home and the snow blower was on the fritz, meaning only one wheel was turning. I did all the right things to put it back to normal, but to no avail. It just wanted to spin in circles. I wrestled it around for awhile and then finally gave up in cursing and tears.

I promptly phoned my husband and picked a fight about the fact that when he wanted to buy a new snow blower a few years ago, I voted for hiring a plow guy. He came home a couple of hours later, figured out what was wrong with the snow blower, and finished the driveway and paths.

Secretly I feel like he deserves to do it all by himself all the time since I lost the vote. But marriage doesn't really work like that. Or shouldn't.

So last night after THAT storm was over, the temperature dropped to about 10 below zero and the wind picked up.

Oh joy! Because hoards of snow isn't enough - let's have wind and frozen faces too!

Early this morning before he left, my husband said something about a longer storm coming next week.

"Oh psh," I said. "You mark my word, WE WILL GET ANOTHER BIG SNOW IN THREE DAYS - ON SUNDAY."

I guess I'll never learn.

The forecast now says it will be a Sunday/Monday storm that will bring 9 inches or more.

I won't even tell you what I saw on the long-range forecast.

But I will say this. I'm so ready to go to Arizona or Florida until about mid-April.

Who's with me?

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Ok, Who's the Wise-Guy that's been singing "Let it Snow?"


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