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Losing it

So I've lost a bit of weight recently - no idea how much, since I point blank refuse to weigh myself - and have needed to buy some new clothes.

Lucky for me, I've hit upon a few charity shops (think Goodwill type places) that had sales on and I've bought new items for £2 each! So far I've purchased 2 trousers, 2 tops and a skirt for a grand total of 10 pounds. Not bad at all.

I've only dropped a size (ish, it's hard to say, considering one top is two sizes smaller than normal and I don't think I'm out of proportion all that much!!), but it's enough for me to notice and a few other people, as well.

I haven't joined a gym or subscribed to a specific weight loss regime, as such. I stopped eating sugar and all processed foods, and ate mung bean soup for 40 days as my main meal, along with all the fresh fruits and veg and hummus and nuts and a bit of cheese that I could stuff in me. Turns out it is really difficult to overeat when everything you put in your mouth is real, whole foods.

The mung bean soup thing is over (it was a way to kick my sugar addiction to the kerb and help me reset my taste-buds), so now I'm eating the same meals as my family now and I'm kind of wondering how things will go from here. I ate bread today (dun dun duuuun), which was the first time I've eaten any bread products for over a month. I love bread! It was a whole wheat pita bread stuffed with veggies and cheese so very filling and not at all triggering the way white toast slathered in butter and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar would be (yikes, I could eat at least 4 slices of that stuff).

I have spent years trying to convince myself that being overweight wasn't a big deal - haha - and that my self worth wasn't down to my size. The thing is, I do believe in health at every size. I do NOT believe that someone's body size is a good way to judge their health level or their worth as a human being (such a crummy thing to do). But I don't like being too big for normal shop sizes or struggle to fit in those far to tiny airplane seats. It just sucks all around, really.

I've been doing yoga daily in addition to changing my eating habits, which has been wonderful. I have watched my body get stronger over time and have marvelled at its abilities. So cool! Yoga is amazing.

I'm assuming my weight will continue to go down, although probably slower if I continue to eat cheese at the rate I've done today! I do love a bit of vintage mature cheddar, nom nom. But anyway, I expect I will lose more weight before I even out. I would be happy at a size or two lower than I am now, but that goal is rather hazy, since sizing is whack. What I really need is to be able to wear my wedding rings again. :) That would be fantastic, since my fingers swelled up with my first pregnancy and never seemed to get smaller again! Several weeks ago I couldn't even get it over my knuckle and now it can slip beyond the knuckle but I haven't pushed it all the way on lest it gets stuck and my finger turns purple!

So I guess I'm writing this for the accountability aspect? I have always steered clear of dieting conversations because I found them excruciatingly boring - people going on and on about the amount of calories in this packet of crisps vs that packet of crisps when you should really not eat them in the first place, eh? My view points are not what you would call conventional or popular when dieting comes up, "Just stop eating sugar and processed foods!!" yields a resounding chorus of crickets.

But whatever. I feel great, which is the main thing I guess. I'm free of my food addictions and it's really liberating to feel like everything I'm eating is benefiting my body in one way or another.

Everyone likes a before and after picture, eh? The pictures were taken about 4 weeks apart. I would have worn the same top (I'm wearing the same shorts, or at least the same brand and size) but I can't find it. It's too big now anyway.

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Losing it


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