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Life Teaches Me Many Lessons

It's not even 5 o'clock in the morning, but I have to write.

If there is one thing I have learned in life, it is that sometimes you have to lead with your heart. Sometimes you have to take chances. Sometimes you have to be willing to risk falling. Unless you take that risk, you will never ride a bicycle. You will never go up to bat again in baseball. You will never meet the love of your life. You will most certainly fall off the bike, strike out in baseball, and be hurt in love. That's when you learn to get up and try again. That's one of the lessons life teaches you.

It's easy to do what is logical. Many follow existing paths that are there to reach destinations. There are some, though, who want to chart new paths. These are the ones who push civilization forward. It's only through the process of innovation that progress is made. They do what others couldn't imagine. They restore the faith that all things are possible. We only have to discover how to make them happen.

The journey along this path is usually lonely. Unlike the Tour de France, where people cheer and encourage the riders, the spectators are often like vultures, waiting to validate their existence in predicting failure instead of joining in the discovery of finding out how to make something work. When failure comes, as it often does, the pundits can be seen preening their feathers of self-justification of how they were right. These are the same scavengers whose feathers you may have to ruffle in the process, not because you are trying to do so, but because they become obstacles you have to push past when they could be helping make things happen. They lose sight that often there are valuable lessons learned in trying and falling short of your goal. You don't take up pole vaulting and set a world record on your first try. It's like sportscasters who criticize players without ever having played at the elite level against the best of the world. They talk about choking, when they have no idea of what true excellence is, often defined by opportunity meeting preparation for that moment.

In my life, I don't want to simply do what is feasible. I want to do what others can't even imagine. I want to push the human spirit to the maximum. I want to see what I am capable of, not merely settle for what I know I can do.

There is a fine line between innovation and insanity. I will try my best to discern whether I am the former or the latter. However, it is a decision I will make. I will not allow others to prevent me from trying to reach my dreams when they don't know what's in my head and on my heart. I will try to be logical and methodical in my approach to the task at hand. I will try my best not to be foolish, but I will also allow inspiration and determination to be part of the journey. They can often be disguised as foolishness. If my destiny doesn't unfold through inspiration or determination, then I don't think that my life will have been fully lived. I will dare to go where others fear. I know some will think that I am crazy. That is the price I am willing to pay.

I invite you to join in my journey. I would really appreciate the company. You can help lessen my load. I am also willing to join in yours as long as it takes me to the extraordinary, not the mundane. Too many are willing to lead safe, predictable lives. I want to be the first one to fly an airplane, not wait until it becomes a jet and let somebody else take me for the ride. I realize that many may not be too comfortable with the path I have chosen. Sometimes it isn't even comfortable for me. Climbing up the face of a rock with no safety rope isn't something I want to do, but I realize that to some what I do may be seen as just as foolhardy to them. I will try to approach them in love. However, if my soul cries out against all logic, I will listen to that still, small voice inside and above all, I won't be afraid to be seen as a failure in other peoples' eyes.

It is only when I do this that I will truly be able to stand up and say, "I am."

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Life Teaches Me Many Lessons


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