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Our Leaders, Our Style - Part 2


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Playing Favorites
Everyone has favorites, and in fact it’s good to have some as it’s a way to appreciate the performance and talent. However, blind favoritism is unfavorable for the team and work. It’s funny when team knows who the favorites are, and actions of the Leader can be seen in that light. You would have seen some people calculating, orchestrating, fumbling and even telling plain white lies when trying to find ways to promote / support his /her people. In medium to long term, it affects the performance and motivation of the team and promotes favoritism across levels.
Crazy about clients
These are the people who just think about their clients and their demands. They also end up being completely unreasonable and blind to the team, when it comes to the clients. It’s funny when such people bend backwards to please their client, but it’s painful for the team when team members feel that their existence is not recognized and are exploited.
It’s you
A leader who is always trying to pass the blame and always gets away with the same because of his / her designation. Such a person can be seen forgetting what he / she said earlier and just finds a scape goat to pass on the blame. It’s funny when it’s for day to day events, but starts being significant when even larger mistakes and issues are blamed on others.
Some people are just born to compete and when in leadership position, they involve their teams too in the race. This race can be with peers, with other teams, other firms or even with themselves. A healthy competition is good, but a mindless race, especially when team members don’t believe in it, is bad.
Shape Shifter
A leader who can assume any mood and personality and keeps displaying different personality traits from time to time. Sometimes, such shape shifting is because of genuine personality variations, sometimes it’s another form of irritation or opportunities. It’s fun for the team to guess and gossip about the ongoing shape and upcoming shift, but it’s painful when it starts hindering the work and motivation of the team members.
Busy Bee
These kind of people are always busy, or at least pretend to be always busy. The fun part is that most of the times, such people genuinely believe that they are super tied up with tasks and are busy. In such process, while it’s fun to see a person lying to himself and being inefficient, when others have to keep following up, handle things on their own and wait most of the times, the fund changes to pain.
God Complex
These are most lovely people. Always believing that they have come a long way, arrived in life and in the process have gained divine powers. They, of course, don’t get their hands dirty and anyways it’s beneath them to work with others or even to listen to others, They think they have become Gods and just give any decision without thinking. They believe that things would happen just because they say so! It never crosses their mind that another person might have some brain or might actually deserve something in return for his / her work!
Understand me, if you can!
Leaders who don’t know what they are speaking, and sometimes don’t know how to speak at all! Varieties can be many, like, lack of fluency, can’t complete sentences or having vocabulary and grammar sense of a rat! It’s fun as along as team’s work doesn’t depend on the person’s communication and instructions, but if it does then it can become a challenging issue.

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Our Leaders, Our Style - Part 2


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