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Sufferings.. Justification?

Part 1

There were many things and happenings around me and in my life which always made me wondering about the role of God and the extent of that role in molding our lives, setting our destinies and measuring sufferings and comforts.

I read different agnostic authors’ writings, who were themselves puzzled about God’s role in Human life and got embroiled into myriad perplexing thoughts even questioning the existence of God. Like some said if there existed any God, then why are there so many sufferings, injustices, famines, hurricanes, poverty, diseases and deaths in this world. Or in contrast, some speculated if God was either indifferent to the human sufferings or he had forgotten them. Even some wrote strange stuff like God had died much before or lost somewhere.

Some tried to answer this by saying that there is some higher or universal cause of the divine behind the human suffering. Sufi and literary circles impressively discussed doctrines of "Unity of Essence" (Waḥdat al-Wujūd) and "Unity of Witness" (Waḥdat ash-Shuhūd) to diffuse the doubts and shades from the believer minds. But, without going into the scholastic eruditeness or religious debate, I want to discuss a unique dimension of thought in this article which through my experience assuaged my thirsty heart a lot.

The agnostic readings were unable to shake my belief in God’s existence, because this is something which seems natural and appeals basic human wit. The idea of existence of God was so much appealing to the human reasoning that even Voltaire couldn’t stop but saying, “If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him”.  But, still there remained the question of human sufferings and the role of God, which wanted consideration for its settlement.

I remember meeting the students who attempted outstanding exams, but got amazingly poor marks. On the other hand, there were also the student who attempted poorly but ultimately succeeded. It was perhaps because the answer sheets were assigned to wrong person for checking and marking them. Going to higher ranks, other examples may be taken of Kings, rulers and men of power, who despite being incompetent and destructive, got chance to get the throne and aided to increase human sufferings.

An example maybe given that of  boundary demarcation line between India and Pakistan upon the Partition of India headed by Lord Radcliffe, who despite being a strange person to the history, population, demography, culture, background and other important things about Indian subcontinent, was assigned by the British rulers to delineate boundaries of two newly created states i.e. Pakistan and India. In other words, those weak fingers were apparently given the pen to write the fate of the people of Indian subcontinent. Without going into discussion on correctness or incorrectness in the boundaries lines probably drawn with help of measuring-scale, one must consider the innocent population mercilessly abandoned across the lines and the blood of innocents extravagantly shed on roads towards the newly born states. It is said that Lord Radcliffe being regretful over the bloodshed, refused to accept the consideration from the Government for drawing the boundaries.


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Sufferings.. Justification?


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