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20 Best Rings for You.

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Gone are the days when rings were perfect to show off one's social status, and now rings have grown much more than just being a simple part of jewelry. These rings perfectly displays designers' creativity, let's you express your thoughts and feelings, even gets you out of sticky situations, motivates you and a lot more. If you are among those who think rings are just jewelry, then read on and if you think otherwise then we strongly recommend you continue reading as we are sure to even surprise you.

Castle Ring: If you always dreamt to live a king size life, have castles, damsels, and riches, may be this ring can be useful. No, this ring isn't going to turn you into a prince or a king, but it will give a castle of your own. On second thought, you won't be able to live in it, though you can wear it. The Castle Ring is a beautifully handcrafted 18-carat yellow gold ring that features a brick castle with an opening drawbridge which when opened reveals the castle within. It comes with a fine 23.88-carat black diamond surrounded by more diamonds. Buy Now.

Castle Ring
Starwars Ring: From the far away galaxy comes this cool ring for you to tie the knot with the person of your choice. Life becomes easy and interesting if the other person is also on the same wavelength or to say, likes the far away galaxy and its droids. If they don't know your favorite droids, no issues, you can always say that you want this cool Starwars Ring as part of you for the rest of life. It comes crafted from your choice of metals and features a one-carat black diamond. Buy Now.

Starwars Ring
Titanium Escape Ring: If you are among those who always gets into sticky situations or rather sticky situations get you, then this Titanium Escape Ring is perfect for you. The Titanium Escape Ring is a practical jewel that features a hidden escape tool. The stainless steel tool measures 2" x 1/8" x 1/64" and is very flexible and lets you easily cut rope, features duct tape, zip-ties and more. Buy Now.

Titanium Escape Ring

Solar System Silver Rings: There were times when many believed earth is flat, now we know for sure it isn't; and similarly there were also times when it was believed we are the only inhabitants of the universe or life exists only on earth, but with time things are changing and that too at a fast pace. Though it's for sure that in this lifetime we wont make it to any other planet or to put it this way, this beautiful blue ball will only be our home. May be the coming generations over the years will come with scientific advancement may/will call the other planets as their home but for those who like us won't make it, we have these Solar System Silver Rings. Least we can wear these planets as rings on our finger if we cant stay on it, what do you think? Buy Now.

Solar System Silver Rings
Customized Name Ring: If you are among those who finds it tough to get someone's special name tattooed on, then this Customized Name Ring is perfect for you. What if your someone special changes (we aren't trying to be pessimistic, as life is full of changes, what seems right now may not look so in the future) then you either need to get the old tattoo removed or get another tattoo that covers the old tattoo. On the second thought, it's your call; you can customize the ring with names of your choice. Buy Now.

Customized Name Ring
Star Trek Sterling Starfleet Trillion Rings: The Star Trek Sterling Starfleet Trillion Rings (Division Colors) are handmade from artisan silver and features 7mm trillion-cut topaz, garnet, or citrine gemstone. Buy Now.

Star Trek Sterling Starfleet Trillion Rings
Coordinates Ring: How about getting a ring with coordinates that mean something to you, or a place where you met someone special, or how about getting it with home coordinates for grandparents? Many choices, but its your call. Buy Now.

Coordinates Ring
Inspiration Ring: There comes a phase in life when even after doing your best you wont get the necessary results, these are the times when one feels low, and little motivation and inspiration can be really useful. These Inspiration Rings are perfect, gives you the needed push to be on the right track. Buy Now.

Inspiration Ring
Baby Groot Silver Ring: The Baby Groot Ring is handmade from silver, features Baby Groot's face, entwined branches for the ring and small leaves growing around the ring. Simple yet elegant. Buy Now.

Baby Groot Silver Ring
Ringly Smart Ring: The Ringly Smart Ring connects to your smartphone (iOS or Android) via Bluetooth and lets you receive customized notifications through buzz and a subtle light on the side of the ring. You can select important notifications like calls, messages, apps and more that you want to come through to your ring. This smart ring comes with 4 buzz patterns and 5 colors. Buy Now.

Ringly Smart Ring

Titanium Utility Ring: This smart looking ring is crafted from aerospace grade titanium and comes with hidden useful tools. It cleverly hides a bottle opener, straight blade, serrated blade, comb and even a saw. The titanium plates are held together with brass rivets. The ring is handmade, made to order, one at a time and only one is available right now. Buy Now.

Titanium Utility Ring

Vespa Ring: The Vespa Ring looks like a miniature replica of a Vespa, features artificial diamonds for its headlamp and rearlights, and artificial ruby for the tail light. It even features seats, handlebar, and its wheels take the shape of the ring. Buy Now.

Vespa Ring
Cityscape Ring: Is there a city in the world that you feel you long to be there? May be during your travel you must have come across a city you feel connected to, belong to and didn't want to move on? Now Cityscape Ring gives a perfect opportunity to wear it on your finger. The Cityscape Ring recreates the skyline of the famous cities - Paris, London, New York and San Francisco, and is available in silver and gold plated over brass. The metal is cut to replicate the shapes of some of the most famous buildings of these cities. For example Paris ring features Eiffel Tower, the New York City has the Empire State Building, the London ring displays London Eye. The rings are available in various sizes ranging from 5 to 9. Buy Now.

Cityscape Ring
Steampunk Rings: Steampunk is much more than just a style statement, and if you ever were part of steampunk fashion then you know it's a way of life for many. The Steampunk Rings features 3 miniature steampunk gears attached to an adjustable filigree ring band. Buy Now.

Steampunk Rings
Dragon Claw Ring: Do you think dragons are invincible? Can you imagine a life along with dragons? It's beyond any question that the dragons are sure to be powerful if they were to exist, and their breath and claws make them really powerful. Want to feel the power of dragon claw; this cool ring is made of sturdy stainless steel and features a real sharp blade as a part of its design. Buy Now.

Dragon Claw Ring
Mango Bentwood Ring: Wood rings look really cool, but continual usage is an issue, but bentwood rings are made to be durable. And this Mango Bentwood Ring looks just perfect. Buy Now.

Mango Bentwood Ring
Cicada Ring: This 18K gold plated cicada ring is perfect for those who like to give a touch of little fun to their wardrobe. Buy Now.

Cicada Ring
Coin Ring: The Dollar Coin Ring features a real Morgan Silver Dollar expertly crafted and customized to your personality. The coin ring is powder coated and then given a high gloss shine to make it look perfect. Buy Now.

Coin Ring
Dragon Ring: This Dragon Ring isn't going to give you any super powers nor will it let you master a dragon, this brass ring looks cool. Buy Now.

Dragon Ring
Polyhedral Ring: The Polyhedral Ring is made from stainless steel, is available in sizes 7, 9, and 10 and is perfect for guys or gals. Buy Now.

Polyhedral Ring
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20 Best Rings for You.


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