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15 Best Monitoring Gadgets For You - Part 3.

Looking for gadgets to Monitor your home, sleep, Internet access, kitchen inventory, car, dog and much more? Look no further we have the collection of 'Best Monitoring Gadgets For You' from all over the world.

Sense: This smart device tracks your sleep behavior, monitoring the conditions in your bedroom (including noise, light, temperature, humidity and particles in the air) and wakes you up in the morning at the right point in your sleep cycle. It consists of 3 parts: the Sense base, Sleep Tracker, and mobile application. Sense sits on your nightstand and monitors the conditions in your bedroom and disturbances at night. Sleep tracker is a little device that attaches to your pillow and tracks your sleep at night. And its app lets you know how well you slept or didn't and gives you a unique Sleep Score each night. Sense even features a speaker to play white noise for you so you can sleep. Its app works with both iPhone and Android smart devices. Buy Now: $129.


iKydz: iKydz is a simple box the features a key to your Internet and lets you safeguard and monitor your kids's device specific access to the Internet using a simple app. It recognizes every device you own and lets you manage them individually - smart phones, smart devices, smart TVs or more. It provides you with a series of global block lists for content, and it allows you to make your own lists. Its Meal Time feature lets you pause all Internet access with one button and lets you re-establish dinner conversation and interaction. The system access and management can be accessed, modified and updated using a standard web browser or using it app on Android or iOS device. Buy Now: About $113 (€ 99).


Suzy Snooze: Suzy Snooze is an innovative device that functions as smart nightlight, sleep trainer, and baby monitor. It teaches your kid to sleep on their own with soothing sounds and light arrangements. Its colored light creates the light of an evening sunset and creates feelings of relaxation and sleepiness. Pre-order: $149.

Suzy Snooze

Fobo Tire: Its a smart tire pressure monitoring system that features Bluetooth 4.0 and works with your Android and iOS device. The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) also features an intelligent in-car monitoring unit that works with your smartphone and even alerts you when you don't have your smartphone. It even works when your car ignition is switched off, providing 24x7 monitoring of your car tires. You can monitor up to 20 cars using its app, and also share its information with friends. It's really easy to install. Buy Now: $179.

Fobo Tire smart tire pressure monitoring system

SmartQsine: SmartQsine is a smart inventory system that lets you know when you're about to run out of inventory. All you need to do is just place the inventory on the device that you want to monitor, set its current level, and just forget it. It lets you remotely monitor your inventory, and gives you the information only when you really need it. Buy Now: $34.

SmartQsine smart inventory system

iBaby Air: iBaby Air is a smart Wi-Fi air monitor and purifier. It purifies the air, keeps track of your air quality and lets you create charts and see changes over time. It comes in two beautiful wood patterns for your interiors and measures only 6 inches tall. It sends alerts and daily room reports to your smartphone. You can use your smartphone or Apple Watch to monitor it. It comes with lullabies to play; you can also upload your own lullabies, doubles as audio baby monitor and more. Pre-order: $99.

iBaby Air smart Wi-Fi air monitor and purifier

Helmet: This family monitor lets you watch over your home, parents, dogs, cats or any other valuables. This smart camera comes with laserbeam to play with your furry friends. It features 1080 HD, 360° view, 70° tilt, nightvision, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, LTE, 2-way audio, cloudstorage, social share, video recording, airsensor, and more. Buy Now: $99.95


Zenbo Smart Home Robot: The Asus Zenbo is a smart home robot that entertains and assists in your home. It moves around the house independently, and sees with his camera. The camera also lets him recognize faces, take photos and videos, make video calls, and provide remote home monitoring. It speaks convenient audible reminders of important information and entertains kids with interactive stories. It responds to your spoken commands, entertains you with music, movies and more, has many different facial expressions, learns and adapts to your preferences and notifies family members. It connects to and controls smart home devices - lights, TVs, air conditioners, and other appliances, order items online, and interact with connected services. Its built-in screen displays the visitors at the door and then unlocks it with your voice. More info.

Zenbo Smart Home Robot

Planty: Planty is an internet-connected planter that allows you to monitor and water plants using its smartphone app. All you need to do is repot your plants in Planty, plug it in, fill the water tank and connect it to your home network. It connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi and monitors your plants' soil, temperature, light and water levels. Using its app on your smartphone, it will notify you if your plant needs anything. Its algorithms enable it to learn more about the perfect conditions for your plant to grow and provides you suggestions. Buy Now: $149.

Planty Smart Planter

Xandem Home: Xandem Home allows you to monitor your entire house and that too without any cameras. The set consists of small units that can be plugged in to form a radio-frequency sensing web that travels through walls and furniture. It covers your entire floor plan and when anyone moves within the web, they disturb the radio waves; its algorithms use these disturbances to detect and locate people inside your home. It can be of perfect use for tracking people for security, automation, and more. Pre-order: $495.

Xandem Home Security

Tailio: Tailio is a smart health monitor that needs to be placed under the box, and lets you know what your cat needs by monitoring its weight, visits, behavior and more. It can detect early signs of trouble, and send alerts to its app on your smartphone. Buy Now: $ 199.


Withings Smart Sleep System: The Withings Smart Sleep System monitors and improves your sleep quality through the combined use of a tracker placed under your mattress, an active light and sound Bedside Device, and a smartphone app. It tracks and improves your transitions into and out of sleep with a combination of sound and light effects. It monitors the conditions in your bedroom, wakes you up at the best time in your sleep cycle, features touchsensitive interface, and works with two persons in bed and more. Buy Now: $299.95.

Withings Smart Sleep System
LyfeLens: This smart device allows you to keep an eye on your car. It features dual-facing HD cameras, detectionsensors, built-in GPS, 4G LTE WiFi hotspot and cloudstorage. The device allows you to monitor your car from your smartphone. Its app provides you with a live videofeed and lets you know what's happening inside and outside the car. And if you miss anything, it stores the footage on the internal storage or sends it to the cloudserver. The built-in GPS provides real-time speed, location information of your car and stores your tour data securely to the cloudserver. It provides a push notification to your smartphone if anything goes wrong with your car. Its 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot keeps all your gadgets connected while you're on the move. Pre-order: $ 249.


Bean and Pea Smart Trackers: Bean and Pea are tiny monitors and tracking devices that make it easy for you to protect your furry friends. It lets you track your cats/dogs activity levels, weighs 0.1 oz and are long-lasting devices that can be of good use to locate your furry friends. Buy Now: $39.99 - $49.99.

Bean and Pea Smart Trackers

Aidorobot: It is the next generation home robot that's smart, interactive, and mobile; it plays with your kids, assists you with household chores and schedule, and keeps your home safe. It's your entertainment hub, personal assistant, a teacher, storyteller and more. This interactive robot recognizes each member of your family, monitors your home, controls your lights, plays useful videos, and more. It features HD projector, 6 microphones, face detection, speech recognition, voice call support, smartsensors, multiple cameras and is voice activated. Its ballbot design along with object recognition and obstacle avoidance lets him navigate your house with ease. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices. Reserve Now: $940.


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15 Best Monitoring Gadgets For You - Part 3.


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