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Facebook 'friends' that dictate to you.

Facebook 'friends' That Dictate To You.

There's a whole new breed of Facebook Dictators in our as I say or Delete me.

Lately I have noticed an influx of 'Facebook dictators' these keyboard militia are usually always falling out with someone or another, and expect everyone to fall out with their arch enemy too.

Here's a few that have caught my eye:

"Anyone who's friends with my ex, delete yourselves off mine" - basically putting you in the position of choosing who to stay friends with.  My answer to that is, crack on bitch.  Even if I never really liked the ex.....I don't do being dictated to, ever!

"Don't like my status' and also like my exs.  You know where the delete button is" - Oh, apologies for not asking your permission first on which status' I like.

Relationship break ups are bad enough as it is, but now in the age of social media, where everyone has an account and people love to tell you what your ex or enemy is up to; and or saying about's even harder.

Some people go so overboard to tell you how wonderful their lives are, and they're the ones it hits hardest when they have to hit that dreaded "single" or "It's complicated" button.

What they can not expect you to do is act any differently towards the other party, you're not going to find them any less funny/irritating/nice etc just because they are no longer in a relationship.  You CAN in fact still like them the same.  You can also see points from both sides, as in any relationship breakup there's ALWAYS two sides to every story.  Yes, we all think that we're right in that situation but you can't expect everyone else to get that wrapped up in your life.

Chances are the fuckers will get back together after a few months anyway, and then you're 'that' friend, the cause of everything....a good!!!

Here's another one that dumbfounded me:

"Who ever wants vote for those sick fuckers UKIP feel free to remove yaself , Corrupt sickos them lot" - Now as much as I completely agree with the sentiment, I don't take kindly to someone threatening our friendship if my views differ.....which in my case 9/10 generally they do.

So, did I delete them I hear you ask? God no, who would i have to get annoyed at.

Did they delete me, or anyone for that matter? No of course they didn't.  These are attention whores, if they had any intentions of going on a mass cull, they would have just done it, and not invited people to delete them.

They are just like toddlers, throwing temper tantrums to get their own ways.  They don't want anyone to delete them really, they just want people to conform.

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Facebook 'friends' that dictate to you.


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