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National Novel Writing Month: A Meme

"The scariest moment is always just before you start". —- Stephen King

The questions/meme are a reblog from, but the answers are all my own...

Working Title [of NaNoWrimo work for the current season]:
Novel 1: The Tale of Snow White and Rose Red
Novel 2: The Angry Gondals stuff
Novel 3: And the Rest (including Sibs of Doom and Gollumidas stuff)

All over the map, but I'm guessing fantastical epic stuff

Projected Word Count:
It would be great if I could get one of them to 50k.  My modest expectation is that all combined will be at least hit 50k.


Start typing?
Sure. The deadline is 11:59pm each night to review, word count and repeat.

Have an outline?
Yes for the first two, not so much for the third.


Know how it starts?

Know how it ends? (Does it have an ending?)
Novel 1: Yes
Novel 2: Sorta
Novel 3: No, bloody clue-I'll go where the story takes me.

Have your climax in order?

Have your main characters yet?

Plan to draw on your experiences?
Maybe. There are very few life experiences that are unique so I'm sure if it didn't happen to me, it happened to someone.


I usually infuse some kind of funny in anything fictional that I write. Your Mileage May Vary as to how funny it is.

Oh yeah.  I do 'Serious' pretty well.

Oh yeah.  There will be tragedy.  It wouldn't be me if there wasn't some kind of tragedy.

Not really, although Your Mileage May Vary there too in reading some incidents.

Based on another story?
Novel 2: Yes. It's my reimagining of the Angria and Gondal tales.


A paper journal?
Yep.  A lot of material was/is documented in those pretty journals that Barnes and Noble and the now defunct Borders used to sell. My herculean task has been to digitized all of it.

A computer? 

Index cards? 
Yep, in ways that would make the teachers that I frustrated because I wouldn't use them and complete term papers go "What The?".

Bulleted lists? 
Sometimes on the index cards.

Plot Charts?
On the larger index cards-leftover practice from storyboarding for film.

Character Charts?
Yes and no.  I like to keep names + traits + appearances listed, which makes things easier to keep track of, but I know them in my head and so I'll rarely update them.


Favorite writing resource?
On Writing by Stephen King
The Elements of Style by Strunk and White
The prefaces of the short stories written by Marion Zimmer Bradley in her Sword and Sorceress anthologies
How to Become a Famous Writer Before your Dead by Ariel Gore

The Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Works Trust (
Forward Motion for Writers (
Vision (
The tweets from @lawnrocket (
NaNo for the New and the Insane A guide to surviving NaNoWriMo(SM) By Lazette Gifford (

A line you would like to use:
"Cleaving through the night sky" - I came up with it but I don't know where I'll use it yet.

A scene you would like to include:
Possibly the one where one character sleeps with the other but was leading him on to find out what side of the fight he was on and he doesn't see it coming because she pretty much doesn't seem to be cutthroat.

A concept you would like to explore:
Novel 1: The compromises we make
Novel 2: Personal Evolution
Novel 3: Oh the places that we go

A cliché you would like to avoid:
While I'd like to avoid as many as possible ( holla!), I don't think it's possible to avoid even one.  You basically find a way to make them less hackneyed.

A character you would like to use:
I can't really think of one that's not my own.


Do you expect to be able to complete it?
I'd like to, but realistically I may not.  It doesn't mean I can't try.

Do you intend to complete it? 
I'll do my level best.

Would you ever try to publish it?
I'd like to try publishing one of the three.  That would be kinda cool.

What do you expect to get out this month of frantic writing? 
Some really ripping yarns that I would like to read on my own and to share with others.

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National Novel Writing Month: A Meme


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