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britain first

recently a very worrying so called political party has been gaining momentum and popularity in this Country, called 'britain first'. if you are unaware as to what this horrendous movement is, you can hop over to their youtube channel or facebook page. however, if you are not racist or against religious freedom, i will warn you that you will get very angry at their use of the media. this post might come across as somewhat controversial but i have a lot to say on the matter, and none of what i have to say is positive.

so to describe britain first in a relatively polite way is to call them a far-right, nationalistic party in britain who believe that they have to take their country back and re-establish christian values. personally in my opinion, what they want to impose is something similar to a fascist regime and their christian values are definitely incredibly warped. where on earth does it say in the bible that it is acceptable to stand outside mosques and heckle at people who want to peacefully express their religion and worship their god? there is no excuse, EVER, for not allowing someone their right to follow their religion freely and peacefully. to me, britain first just come across as extremists themselves, which seems very hypocritical when their entire 'mission' seems to be based around driving out extreism and radicalisation. of course, i am a huge believer in ending the issue surrounding extremism, but britain first don't just want that. they seem to want complete removal of the religion islam in itself.

i understand that a long long long time ago, the only religion that existed in britain was christianity but that is not the case anymore and to deny that fact seems to me like blatant stupidity. 30% of british people do not even follow a religion, so it seems ridiculous that britain first are out there preaching something they think will benefit the entire country, when the majority of the country don't seem to follow that religion? i'm not a christian, and i'd much rather live in a multi-faith, pluarist and accepting society, rather than one which forces specific religions onto people. as far as i'm concerned, religion can have very little to do with people's behaviour, you can be a good or bad person regardless of what god you believe in. i have never EVER met an aggressive muslim, and even if i had, i would never discriminate against one of the world's major religions because of one unpleasant individual.

unfortunately at the moment, the media is constantly full of extremists who claim to follow the religion of islam and this seems to be giving uneducated, angry individuals the match to light their racist flame. britain first is simply feeding off these vulnerable minds which they are constantly trying to indoctrinate. reassuringly, britain first will never really get anywhere, it is unlikely that they will ever have a member of parliament and certainly not a prime minister. however, the damage is already being done. their internet following is huge and i believe it is larger than any other political party in the country. i just hope that these people come to their senses and realise that while they can claim that they are not racist all they want, that is what they truly are, they are preaching hate and claiming that some religions are more important than others.

all religions preach love and that is what they should bring to everyone. britain has the potential for great religious harmony and it is actually heart-breaking to see people have their religion freedom attacked. our country prides itself on freedom of speech and generally outstanding human rights, yet this hate speech is happening all the time. i am not be the most patriotic person, but our country is so much better than this. like a few radical individuals that claim to be muslims do not represent an entire beautiful and peaceful religion, a few bigoted british people who bash on about being christian do not represent the needs and wants of an entire country.

so britain first, if you really want to do whats best for the country, why don't you leave and never return :)

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britain first


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