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animal testing breaks hearts

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over the past century, science has had breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough, but to what cost? each year, hundreds of millions of animals are slaughtered for scientific experiments which obviously have no benefit for them. that number includes not only experiments for medicines but experiments on innocent animals for the latest mac or revlon lipstick. is your nude lipstick really worth the pain that the bunny rabbit or monkey went through?

since animal rights groups have started campaigning heavily against animal testing, more laws have been brought in to protect animals and reduce the annual amount of deaths, but it is not enough. for as long as humans have considered themselves the dominant species, we have taken advantage of innocent animals with no regard for their life or well being. countless of horrific and botched experiments have tortured animals causing their untimely death. in the 1970s. one mad scientist severed the head off a labrador and attached to the neck of another dog. the dog stayed alive for four days and then stopped breathing due to complications. what scientific benefit did this have? having multiple heads is hardly going to be a popular plastic surgery operation and dogs are not biologically similar to humans at all. canada tests chemical weapons for the military on pigs, chemical weapons should not be used on anyone so the whole experiment is just barbaric. psychologists have sewn three week old kitten's eyelids shut to see how they develop psychologically in the dark. it does not take a genius to work out the result.. hundreds of sensory deprived kittens who failed to have a healthy life and all had premature deaths. dogs have had their teeth extracted WITHOUT anaesthetic to test dentistry methods. if the experiment is meant to benefit humans, then test it on humans? oh wait, no sane human would honestly let you rip out their teeth without any pain killer... it seems to me that just because animals do not have a voice some people think that they have a right to abuse the poor creatures. viagra has been tested on rats, where their genitals are skinned and electrocuted. gents, when you enjoy your viagra, remember the thousands and thousands of innocent animals who suffered for that. pretty sure you wouldn't someone doing the same to your private parts! i could go on and on with the inhumane and unsuccessful experiments that animals have been subjected to over the years, but i think you get the general point i am trying to make.

the experiments conducted on animals are not even successful half the time. for example, rigorous testing of a cancer drug on mice found that it reduced or completely destroyed malignant tumours but it failed to work on humans. the experiment gained nothing other than a full graveyard of mice and a large bill of wasted scientific equipment. there are several alternatives to animal testing which so far have been proven to be more effective and reliable. human cells can be to reconstruct human organs and to mimic the human body. human skin grafts can be used to replace the use of rabbits, with no real harm done to the human and a rabbit's life being saved. just because a monkey or pig does not have an allergic reaction or serious side effects to a drug does not mean the same won't happen to a human. it makes complete sense to me for the people benefiting from this groundbreaking research to be the ones participating in safe and controlled scientific experiments.

of the total amount of animals killed due to experiments each year, the united states, china, japan, australia and france contribute to this more than any other country. the united states alone kills 115 million animals a year and this generally does not include all small animals killed, such as mice or rats. furthermore, the united kingdom is in the 'top ten' when it comes to animal testing casualties killing 11.5 million animals in 2011. this included 6,095 monkeys and 358, 213 rabbits. the majority of the animals killed during experiments are rats and mice. they may be small and seen as rodents as some, but they have as much of a right to life as any other animal. it is incredibly difficult to find an accurate figure for how many animals exactly are killed worldwide in this manner each year due to some countries not keeping records or making their experiments public knowledge. whatever the number, it is far far too high.

honestly, everyone should just educate themselves on what happens behind closed doors when it comes to their beauty products and medicine. if you wouldn't let your child breathe in tobacco smoke, then why is it acceptable for dogs to inhale fumes for 6 hours a day for as long as three years? nothing screams speciesism more than animal testing. if we really are the most developed species, then it really is not beyond our capability to understand that these experiments are morally wrong and need to be stopped.

sophie x

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animal testing breaks hearts


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