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harambe the innocent gorilla: MURDERED

harambe, a western lowland Gorilla, was murdered last weekend for simply behaving like a gorilla. the day before, the zoo had celebrated his seventeenth birthday but within twenty four hours, he would have a bullet in the head. he was shot because a four year old child fell into enclosure and he was deemed to be in immediate danger. the decision to tranquilise harambe was looked over, and death was viewed as the only option. to me, the whole situation is a human failure.

firstly, to me, it seems absolutely ridiculous that the child was even able to enter the enclosure. the child's mother, michelle gregg, posted a facebook status claiming that she was a good parent and she referred to the whole thing as just one of those 'accidents'. an accident would be your child falling over or dropping your mobile phone, an accident is not your lack of attention or care resulting in the death of an innocent gorilla. millions of parents visit the cincinnati zoo each year and none of their children manage to enter an enclosure. i am not a parent myself but it seems common sense to hold onto your young children at a zoo where you are surrounded by potentially dangerous animals.

i personally do not support the majority of zoos. of course, some zoos have the interest of the animals at heart and do all they can to protect and promote endangered species. however, often it seems profit comes before animal welfare and as long as the visitors are happy, the treatment of animals is seen as irrelevant. this seems the case of the cincinnati zoo. a child should not have been able to enter the gorilla enclosure at all, as a breach of the enclosure posing a threat to both gorilla and visitor. so, ultimately, the responsibility of the incident lies at the zoo's feet. that combined with a parent's neglect to do their duty, a catastrophe was inevitable. i hope the mother feels a large amount of remorse and regret for what her lack of attention caused.

the gorilla should be allowed to live in its natural environment, away from the carelessness of humans and the danger we may pose to them. gorillas are only seen as dangerous towards us due to their nature, which is only harmful when humans are thrown into the mix. in the wild, they are no threat to anyone. gorillas are meant to live in jungles and be free with plenty of space to explore, not to be cramped in a tiny enclosure with thousands of people staring at them everyday. we have no right to capture and exploit innocent creatures for money.

harambe, i am sorry that your life was taken due to incapable, careless and cruel humans. you deserved a lot better and should not have been in that 'habitat' regardless. i hope one day all zoo animals can be released into the wild where they belong, so they can enjoy the full quality of life they are entitled to.

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harambe the innocent gorilla: MURDERED


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