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screw you, brock turner.

some individuals are just disgusting and brock turner fits very well into that category of humanity. unless you have been living under a rock for the last couple of days, you probably know who he is. if you have heard anything about the story, you will definitely know all about him as the media have rushed to inform us that he attends stanford university and is a good swimmer. my point? the media seems to care a lot more about this privileged individual than the woman he sexually assaulted and psychologically scarred for life.

there are many reasons why this case will make you blood boil, especially if you either value human rights or are a feminist, and the number one reason is the rapist's pathetic excuse of a Sentence. despite being found guilty for three felonies, turner has only been sentenced to six months in prison. six months is less than a school semester. six months is no time at all. six months is a measly sentence compared to the lifetime of psychological issues he has inflicted on his innocent Victim. by law, the minimum sentence for his crimes should be two years but the judge sentenced him to half a year in a county jail. no doubt, when turner leaves jail his rich and privileged family will continue to provide for him and his life will carry on as normal. 

what is particularly shocking is the amount of support turner received, which apparently swayed the judge's decision to give him a lenient sentence. this goes to show just how big an issue rape culture is and how so often the victims are blamed. women have publicly blamed the victim for drinking alcohol before the attack, with one female stating that turner's future should not be altered due to the words of a 'girl who doesn't remember anything'. funny how the family are portraying it as brock's future being altered by the words of the victim, rather than his future rightly being limited due to brock's own actions. BREAKING NEWS! actions do have consequences. 

turner's family have completely stood by his side and have focused on his olympic dreams, rather than the impact of his actions. the fact he could swim or was intelligent should have no bearing at all. as soon as he decided to take advantage of a young female, he lost the right to all of the opportunities that he had lined up. he is not a talented swimmer, he is a criminal and will be that until he serves a proper sentence which provides a sense of closure to the 23 year old victim.

in my opinion, white privilege also plays a large role in all of this. if the attacker in this situation was a young black male, i doubt there would be so much support and eagerness to keep him out of jail. a black individual would have been sentenced the harshest sentence that was available, with little or no sympathy. in fact, people probably would not have even questioned his innocence when first arrested due to the toxicity of institutionalised racism. turner clearly believed that his wealth and privilege as a white person meant that he was untouchable from the law. his sentence has pretty much proved that he is. evidently, some people do not want to accept the fact that attending a good university with rich white parents does not stop you from being a rapist. it just means you are more likely to get away with it.

not only does the dismal sentence turner received represent white privilege, it also represents a deep underlying misogynistic tone. this message is very clearly projected from turner's father who refers to the rape as 'twenty minutes of action'. nope, not action. it was your son raping an unconscious female. but go on, continue to defend your moral-less child. the victim's account of what happened that night has been dismissed by so many people, which is insulting and degrading. imagine going through such a horrendous ordeal and then have people turn around, saying they don't believe you. but this is the case of so many rape victims. we live in a society where Victim Blaming still takes place and many victims refuse to come forward, fearing the humiliation of not being believed. many people still question what the victim was wearing, whether they were out alone or if they were intoxicated. these factors are irrelevant. a decent human being should not take sexual advantage of some one else no matter what the circumstances are. no means no. it is time to stop victim blaming and accept that society has an issue of covering up acts of violence, both sexual and domestic, which continually enforce the patriarchal society that both genders can suffer under.

i hope that the widespread support for the victim on the internet reaches her and lets her know that people DO believe her and are standing with her on this. her victim statement is incredibly powerful and each word deserves to be carefully read. i will link it down below. hopefully, one day, the media will stop focusing on the impact of the action on the attacker but rather on the innocent victim. victim blaming only helps the attacker and ensures that dangerous individuals do not serve their full prison sentence, meaning there are threats to society being released far too early. 

brock turner, whose name doesn't even deserve to be mentioned, is unfortunately just another example of how white privilege can enable you to get away with crime in a misogynistic, victim blaming society that enforces rape culture. my love goes out to the victim, and i hope she receives all the support she deserves. and screw you, brock turner.

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screw you, brock turner.


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