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since the result of the eu referendum, more and more videos of xenophobic behavior have surfaced on the internet. quite frankly, these videos make me ashamed to be British. i did not get a chance to vote, unfortunately, but those who voted 'remain' certainly did not wish the streets of cities to be filled with racism and uneducated, disgusting behavior. of course, not everyone who voted 'leave' is xenophobic, that would be a hugely wrong assumption to make, but the brexit victory is only furthering already existent racism and prejudice. some people who have been interviewed about brexit and how thrilled they are seem to be pure white supremacists.

many people seem to think that Voting Leave will stop the job shortage. firstly, the Immigrants are not coming over to steal your jobs. have you ever been at a job interview and had someone force you out of the building because they want to 'steal' your job? NO. chances are, the reason you do not have a job is because of your lack of personal qualities or effort to actually find one. us british people are snobs, and look down on jobs like cleaning, expecting us to find 'better' jobs in offices etc. immigrants are not stealing the jobs that you want, they are hardworking people who are grateful for the employment they can find. if you hate immigrants so much, then let your education suffer and refuse to be taught by an immigrant, or die at a hospital because you don't want an immigrant to treat you. quite frankly, a xenophobic attitude will only come back and bite you at the end of the day. it's your loss.

for me, voting to leave the eu sends out the message that we do not appreciate the immigrants who are members of British Society and this saddens me greatly. i hate how my voice has been drowned out and there must be people out there who feel hated and rejected by the british society as a whole. reports of individuals shouting 'leave the country' at people they assume to be immigrants makes me feel sick. how dare you? who are you to decide who is 'worthy' of being in our country? quite frankly, i'd happily trade all you xenophobic trash for the syrian refugees who need help and support.

something that disturbed me a lot was a comment someone on the radio made about voting leave because they did not want to be ruled by germany, after having fought in a war against them. for god sake, that war was over fifty years ago. you were fighting against the nazis, not the germans. continuing long lasting prejudice, is the sort of things the nazis would have stood for, not your beloved Britain. fueling xenophobia and isolating britain further will have no long term positive results, but instead paint us as a country who are disrespectful and hostile towards others. i hope everyone out there who is fearful of the british public after acts of racism and hatred, knows that they are more than welcome here and always will be. racism will not win.

the issue of immigration has been hugely twisted and contorted in the media, painting anyone not born in britain as some sort of enemy or alien that needs to be kept out. i always thought that the public was better than that, better than to believe worthless lies built on nothing. however, i seem to be wrong. our country is more divided than ever, with hate crimes rising and rising in the space of a couple of days. calling people 'fu*king foreigners' is disgusting, and certainly not the attitude of a country i should be proud to belong to. i have never ever been a patriotic person, and videos of innocent people being verbally abused in street by white supremacists certainly does not drive me to support britain anymore.

those who Voted Leave for issues other than immigration, fair enough. i respect your right to an opinion different to mine, and at the end of the day, you won. but your votes have created a result which has caused more issues than it will ever solve. the eu referendum has stirred up racial hatred and made people think it is acceptable to treat others like dirt because of their religion and heritage. that is nothing to be proud of.

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