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Sorry Valentine, I am a Muslim!

It’s that time of year again, when people dress up in red or pink, buy red roses and chocolates, and give out hearts in profession of their love. Even Muslims are caught up in Valentine’s Day, which is really a celebration of consumerism, commercialism, and a superficial love.

On the outside, it may seem cute, fun, and harmless to celebrate Valentine’s Day. However, if we look back to the history of Valentine’s Day and see what it represents, we would understand that it conflicts with our Muslim culture and faith on a number of levels.

First of all, in the true Muslim identity, what are the occasions that we are encouraged to celebrate? As mentioned by our Prophet (peace be upon him), the Muslims’ festivals are Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha.

The Valentine’s Day goes back to Roman times. This means that it is something which belongs exclusively to the Christians (and Jews), not to Islam, and the Muslims have no share and no part in it. If the Christians (and Jews) have a festival, which belongs exclusively to them, then no Muslim should join in with them, just as he does not share their religion or their direction of prayer.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day means resembling or imitating the pagan Romans. There are many reasons which justify why a Muslim should abstain himself from Valentine day:

Firstly:- It is a mistake to confuse what they call the day with what the real intentions are behind it. The Love referred to on this day is romantic love, taking mistresses and lovers, boyfriends and girlfriends. It is known to be a day of promiscuity and sex for them, with no restraints or restriction. They are not talking of pure love between a man and his wife or a woman and her husband, or at least they do not distinguish between the legitimate love in the relationship between husband and wife, and the forbidden love of mistresses and lovers. The result of that is the spread of fornication and immorality.

Secondly:- Expression of feelings and emotions is not a justification for the Muslim to allocate a day for celebration based on his own thoughts and ideas, and to call it a festival, or make it like a festival or Eid. So how about when it is one of the festivals of the non-Muslims? In Islam, a husband loves his wife throughout the year, and he expresses that love towards her with gifts, in verse and in prose, in letters and in other ways, throughout the years – not just on one day of the year.

Thirdly:- There is no religion which encourages its followers to love and care for one another more than Islam does. This applies at all times and in all circumstances, not just on one particular day. Indeed, Islam encourages us to express our emotions and love at all times, as the Prophet(SAW) said: “If a man loves his brother, let him tell him that he loves him. ” [Abu Dawood]

Fourthly:- Love in Islam is more general and more comprehensive; it is not restricted only to one kind of love, that between a man and a woman. There are many more kinds of love. There is the love of Allah, love of His Messenger(SAW) and his companions love for good and righteous people, love and support for the religion, love of martyrdom for the Sake of Allah, etc. There are many kinds of love. It is a dangerous mistake to restrict this broad meaning to this one kind of love.

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              Naiem Ur Rehman Teeli.

Naiem Ur Rehman Teeli is a medical student, writer and blogger. Find more about him here. Also follow him on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

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