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CMMI V2.0 - Some Key Concepts And Terms
2020-04-13 08:55
An earlier post titled CMMI V2.0 - Some Major Changes and Improvements Over CMMI V1.3 talked about the major changes introduced into the CMMI version 2.0.Overall the changes are quite u… Read More
2020-03-02 13:26
CMMI +SAFE was developed with the purpose of providing an option to organizations that wanted to extend their CMMI implementation to include safety considerations.The last version of +SAFE… Read More
ROI Of Agile Transformation
2020-01-03 05:39
Agile transformation has become a catch word since last couple of years.Like so many things that have come and gone, this is like the latest fashion in the town.Is agile transformation about… Read More
Quality Hold Or Non-Quality Hold?
2019-12-03 12:52
At times, a manufacturer is forced to put a product on quality hold owing to some issues getting identified or getting reported on the product from the field.When the above happens in just a… Read More
Process Definition Continuum
2019-08-10 06:36
An earlier post on this blog titled Process Tailoring, Process Deviation, Process Exception, Approval and Waiver dwelt upon concepts such as tailoring, deviation, exceptions, approval and wa… Read More
CMMI V2.0 - Services View
2019-08-02 16:29
CMMI 2.0 or version 2.0 came into being with the release of the Development view in March 2018. This was closely followed by the subsequent release of the Services and Supplier Management vi… Read More
2019-01-04 02:53
Risk-based thinking is a management approach that relies upon anticipating the future and adjusting the plans accordingly so as to be better prepared for things to come.The whole idea behind… Read More
2018-12-07 00:49
CMMI V2.0 is an integrated product suite that comprises of the model itself with three different views currently - Development, Services and Supplier Management.The architecture of CMMII V2… Read More
2018-10-06 00:12
Any change in the lead auditor would result in changes related to the level of compliance expected from an organization's systems and processes.At times the question is not just the level of… Read More
2018-05-24 15:44
The term egotist auditor can be viewed as an oxymoron too.An auditor cannot but be an egotist.And like any egotist will do, any auditor doesn't like to be challenged.If you challenge an egot… Read More
2018-05-14 13:58
An earlier post titled CMMI V2.0 Appraisals - Some Important Points ( elaborated upon so… Read More
2018-04-11 01:10
CMMI V2.0 treats high maturity practises in a somewhat different manner.The practice areas have practises distributed across capability levels, running from level 1 to level 5.Practises at c… Read More
CMMI V2.0 - Some Interesting Observations
2018-04-07 10:53
CMMI V2.0 was released on March 28, 2018. V2.0 is the next release of V1.3 and would replace it completely after the sunset period gets over on March 31, 2020.At the first glance, and on a c… Read More
2018-03-03 07:38
CMMI V2.0, the next version of the CMMI model, is apparently ready for release.We are right now in March of 2018, CMMI V2.0 is tentatively slated for release some time later this month.CMMI… Read More
2018-02-01 00:50
Before getting to the question "how to handle a bad ass auditor" it is useful to first understand what a bad ass auditor is.So what a bad ass auditor is?A bad ass auditor typically exhibits… Read More
2016-12-10 03:44
Using agile in a scaled up mode is yet another way in which agile framework can help organizations build and constantly improve upon large and complex products and services.By definition, la… Read More
2016-10-01 09:40
Software size and effort estimation has been a keenly debated subject since the last few decades in the IT/software industry.The concept of size is related to the "amount of work that needs… Read More
2015-12-28 02:35
Improvement in a business context meansIncrease in effectiveness (achieving the specified business results)Increase in efficiency (effectiveness with minimal resource utilization)Improvement… Read More
2015-12-19 10:52
Companies are meant for doing business. And doing business means money.So what companies want? What companies say what they want is not what they really want. What they actually mean by what… Read More
2015-10-31 01:03
CMMI is truly a wonderful process model and its integration with Agile and Lean can accentuate it to enable exponentially higher business outcomes for organizations.However, an organization… Read More
2015-09-27 12:33
Project success depends on several mechanisms which form part of the overall governance framework.The mechanisms include management reviews like proposal reviews, project status reviews, pr… Read More
2015-09-07 16:29
CMMI for development, version 1.3 was released in the year 2010, towards the end of that year to be more precise (sometime in October/November 2010, to be even more precise).Like the ISO sta… Read More
2015-09-03 00:26
1979 - Quality Management Maturity Grid Philip Crosby, "Quality is Free"1985 - IBM Maturity GridR.A. Radice, J.T. Harding, et al, "A Programming Process Study", IBM Systems Journal, Vol. 24… Read More
2015-09-03 00:24
1733 - normal curve developed as an approximation to binomial distribution by Abraham de Moivre1783 - normal curve used to describe the distribution of errors by Pierre-Simon Laplace1809 - n… Read More
2015-09-03 00:23
WWII -  Inspectors and “quality system requirements” for suppliers (Ministry of Defense, UK)The Government placed inspectors in weapons factories in an attempt to solve the… Read More
2015-09-03 00:21
1986 - "approach similar to rugby" for commercial new product development Takeuchi, H. and I. Nonaka, "The New Product Development Game", Harvard Business Review, 1986 (January-February).199… Read More
2013-07-23 13:27
Organizations, big and small, across the business world need to constantly improve their business processes spanning across various business groups and functional areas. The purpose is to co… Read More
2012-11-25 15:25
An earlier post on CMMI high maturity titled "Is Achieving CMMI High Maturity Tougher Now?" explored the trend of CMMI high maturity appraisals.Earlier Analysis of Trend of CMMI High Maturit… Read More
2012-11-18 06:19
Many people carry the impression that ANOVA is meant for testing differences in variances. However, contrary to what its name indicates ANOVA is used for testing differences in means and not… Read More

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