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A woman in Prison recently won her case against the prison system where they had banned the posting of books to inmates.  The judge thought it was perfectly reasonable to allow prisoners to read books.  The prison system argued that banned items were being smuggled with the books.  I'm guessing the judge thought they should just check the books more carefully for drugs or knives or whatever people smuggle into prisons.

I think I would read a lot of books if I was locked up.  It would be a brilliant form of escapism and my general knowledge would increase substantially.  As a matter of fact, books are a great of learning about the world without having your mind polluted by the mainstream media.  Everything you read, see or hear in the news, or in news paper and magazines, is some way politically loaded.  Everything has a slant on it with some agenda in mind.  The reporting on most things isn't at all objective.  Its like the killing of black men by white police officers - never mind that the dead men were breaking the law and resisting arrest.  Never mind that race was never an issue in the events in these cases.  The media have decided that the police in the USA are racist and that a white office somewhere should face trial for some perceived injustice against some poor black man.  That point of view is the only racist element about these affairs.

Anyway, I digress.  The point is that we would be better off with less news and more passive information from books.  Unless the book is about Winnie The Pooh or about Star Trek.  I think in those cases we might come away with unrealistic expectations of the world.

I cannot believe I found this picture after writing that last bit about Winnie The Pooh and Star Trek.

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