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2019 Fall Fashion Report for Ladies-of-a-Certain-Age

Heat. Climate change. Good grief, what do they have to do with fashion?

Well, ladies, ….

It was forecast to be 100 degrees the day I wrote this blog, Labor Day, in the western Colorado town where I live. The day before, Denver, the state capital, broke a heat record at 98 degrees.

It’s difficult to write about fleece coats, chunky boots and other Fall 2019 fall fashion trends when it is so hot outside.

Yes, climate change, in my opinion, has definitely impacted fashion. When I was a kid in Colorado in the 1950s, my school wardrobe included a few dresses my mother or grandmother made me, a corduroy jumper, a wool coat, a white blouse, and sweaters. School, in Colorado back then, started the day after Labor Day. For the first day of school, I often wore a new plaid dress my mother made me or a corduroy jumper and sweater. (Pants were not allowed in Denver Public Schools.) I didn’t get anything new until spring. The day after Labor Day, on the pickleball court, I will be wearing knit stretch pants and a long-sleeve cotton tee shirt, both to protect me from the sun. In a couple of months, I may buy a few warm sweaters if it looks like we might get some winter.

So, fashion has changed for us because of climate change and the stage of life we are in. Most of my readers are retired or nearing retirement. Professional Clothes trends are not important to them. The women, who are still working, are saving for retirement and buying as few work clothes as possible. Some of my readers have moved to warmer climes. What we used to call resort wear or casual wear becomes the mainstay in their closets. Retailers, such as Fresh Produce, who previously appealed to the “sand and beach set,” now are popular with older women in retirement communities.

Unfortunately, women our age are still largely ignored by the fashion industry. (However, I do want to acknowledge J. Jill. Their September catalog has three women on the cover, including one lady-of-a-certain-age.) Before writing my fashion blog each season, I visit my local Target store. (We only have one in the city I live in.) I visit Target because I find it a great example of all the latest fashions and colors, and because there is a store in almost every city where my readers live. I was very sad when I visited my store last week. It had undergone a major renovation. Now clothes and accessories are grouped together by various life stages. I asked a clerk where she thought appropriate clothes for me would be. She directed me to the back of the store!

I did not find any outstanding trends this season. Frankly, I thought I would find more flared pants. I did not. Maybe the industry got the word that women want narrower cut pants. I saw the usual for fall: The preppy look – plaids and checks, tiger prints, and typical fall colors with lots of yellows, browns and greens. I found it interesting that several shades of pink and white shoes are included in this season’s biggest trends. At the end of my blog, I listed my resources for further information. Also, once again, I review what’s in my closet.

Good news! Black and white and tan and black are still “in” and hotter than ever.

First, let’s review some basics:

  • Support your sister – no judgment of what other ladies-of-a-certain age wear.
  • We all have a fashion personality and we naturally gravitate to certain styles. There are several quizzes you can find on-line if you are not sure
  • We all have a color season if you will, and we look our best when we wear these colors.

If don’t know your season, believe me, it is worth your time to find out

  • There’s a difference between fashion trends and style.

Coco Channel put it this way, “When fashion seduces you, the affair usually burns itself out before the next season. …Style, like a good man, doesn’t let you down. (March 31, Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy)

Hot trends:

  • Square necklines and slashed asymmetrical necklines
  • Capes
  • Tiger print
  • Fleece
  • White shoes and chunky boots – no tie-sneakers this season! (Please don’t get mad at me. I am only the messenger.)
  • Very small purses
  • Feathers
  • Cinch belts
  • Preppy look – checks and plaids
  • Gold jewelry, statement necklaces, bold earrings
  • Black and white and black and tan combinations of clothes

Sharing my 2019 fall fashion choices:

  • I always “shop my closet, first,” and do a little “tiding” while I am at it. I am a huge fan of Maria Kondo and recycling. What doesn’t bring me joy anymore, I put in my donation bag to my favorite thrift store. My closet is full of traditional casual style of clothes in “winter” colors.
  • Since most of my days include yoga and pickleball, I am planning on buying a couple of pairs of sport knit pants that look like denim. Frankly, I am very tired of my black ones.
  • From the yoga studio or the pickleball court, I often go someplace where I don’t want to look like I just came from there. A thigh-length, rib-trimmed cardigan will be perfect in gray heather.
  • No capes for me. After all, I had one when I was pregnant many years ago. A black fleece jacket might be nice if it ever cools down.
  • I love boat necks these days. V-necks used to be my favorites; but, my skin has lasted me for seven decades and shows it. I don’t look good in square neck lines. So, I want a couple of boat-neck cotton tee shirts in cranberry, one of my favorite colors, and tea rose, to go with my pink pickleball paddle, of course.
  • I will add a pair of black slip-on sneakers. I lived in my canvas shoes this summer. I already have two pairs of short boots and a pair of chunky boots, which I have found most helpful in snow and ice if we get any.
  • I’m going shopping for a purse. I did buy a tiger fur purse at Target. I don’t know why. Tiger print is not my thing. It is so cute. However, I can’t get my stuff in it, so it is going back.
  • I have two “statement” necklaces. I bought both of them at Target a good 10 years ago.
  • Nail polish is not in my closet. I will buy a new bottle of gray polish. I like Sally Hansen brand because it stays on. I do get pedicures because I have several in-grown toe nails. Pedicures are great for ladies-of-a-certain-age for a variety of reasons, including the thickening of nails and flexibility.

List of Sources:

Copyright – Elizabeth J. Wheeler, September 2, 2019

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2019 Fall Fashion Report for Ladies-of-a-Certain-Age


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