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Saala Mein to Sahb Bann Gaya (Part-II)

Sitting at my work station, in front of my laptop,  I was thinking that when would I get over this "About the Company" part of my internship. It was pretty boring to go through pages and pages about B&D. It is very rare that even a full time employee would know the name of the founder of the company, year of start of operations, number of offices leave alone sections like number of division, management style etc and I was just an intern so you can imagine the boredom!

But the best part was when I looked on my right.

Guess what!

I found Ritika half-asleep with the project overview file in front of her. Looking at her made the situation even worse because for the entire time I kept thinking of switching with her and getting an opportunity to read something related to my work here. But I just discovered that the game was even on both the sides of the table.

But this moment was also like a revelation to me. I had a rush of blood within because I felt so proud of being part of the very same institute where we can dare to sleep on the first day of our internship while sitting right next to the mentor. This means that we are unbeatable when it comes to boring lectures and tortuous professors in big lecture theatres. That is like the best lullaby a student can ever get and the sleep is so satisfying at such times.

That's the spirit Ritika!!

Suddenly, Naval came by and broke her dream by saying
"I am watching you are doing. Wake up guys!!"

But the best part of the day was yet to arrive in the cafeteria during our lunch time.

We went inside and saw a coffee machine with "Cafe Coffee Day" printed all over it. It was like the company left no scope for any other advertisement on its coffee vending machine. The coffee made us feel much better.
We sat together when I saw Naval opening his lunch.

"A bowl full of american corns"

Although it is good to eat healthy but for a guy like me, who lives to eat and is taught that no meal is complete unless it is given a perfect polish of unhealthiness all over it, it was perfectly justified on my part to presume that this is not his usual meal. So, being a punjabi, I asked him
"Sir, are you on a fast today?"

He negated my question but his lunch over the next seventy four days more made it very clear that there are people who believe in eating healthy and not everyone is crazy for tasty food items like me.
Till date, Ritika and I share a good laugh over this incident when I showed my hungry-for-tasty-food-demon.

***                                                          ***                                               ***

My initial stint at B&D got more interesting with each passing day. It was mainly because I started learning the nitty-gritties of financial modeling on Microsoft Excel.

On one fine day, entered Rohit.
Before I start sharing my experiences with Rohit, let me give a brief description of him.

Rohit was my mentor during the summer internship. He is a perfect replacement of Shahrukh Khan in "Rabb Ne Bana Di Jodi",someone who believes in working hard and simple living.
He was quite focussed on his work and liked perfection in the financial models. He used to call me "Zoo-Zoo" and it was always fun to sit around and have chit chat sessions with him. So, luckily, I got a mentor who is also my friend now.

So, Rohit came and the things around me changed. Till then I had finished one financial model of a solar power plant project. This model was already completed by Naval and he gave us the needed information so that we could build our first financial model and learn its working. Rohit asked for my model so that he could figure out that how much did I learn about model building.

He looked at my model and entered a few number here and there. He was baffled by the model and asked me about the total time I took to build it. I thought this was the right time to get a first good impression so I proudly answered "Three".

"You don't know how to build a model. You just made sure that all these numbers are similar to the one built by Naval."

It was just the start of his feedback and was followed by a good amount of confidence thrashing words. I got to know one thing that the next two months won't be very easy with him. But little did I know that it was just one side of him.

To be Continued...

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Saala Mein to Sahb Bann Gaya (Part-II)


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