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Saala Mein to Sahb Bann Gaya (Part-III)

I can never describe my days at B&D with these two words of english language "sailed through". That's because I was challenged at a regular basis. This was the most exciting part of my internship. I was questioned time and again to produce something different. Whenever Rohit asked me to tell me that think something different, I kept wondering about what was he actually expecting? How can I do something different when there is a fixed pattern these people must be following. Just teach me that and I am good to go."


That was my thinking and even while expressing it right now, I just want to go back and hit this knucklehead hard and show him what I have gained because of the brain scratching. Rohit and Naval gave me a hard time around. Whenever I used to ask them about anything, "Search on Google" was the only reply I got. Ritika and I shared the same look "Why can't they simply answer the question when google will tell exactly the same?".

I actually learnt something about human psychology from this. Whenever we watch a movie where the protagonist is shown having sleepless nights and questioning himself again and again, we are very much excited with the idea. We enjoy watching their struggle.
But when it comes to us, we chicken out. It is something really common in us. And me not being any different, got infested with the very same rodent of "laziness and follow fixed pattern-ess".

I still remember that night when I was sitting all alone in the office trying to give my best shot at work and the very moment Rohit saw my work, you have produced crap is what I get as his response.

Isn't this how life is!! From being hero to zero. At one moment, you feel so good that you have grown up and are spending sleepless nights in office and the very next moment your boss says that your work is utter nonsense.

Now just rewinding a bit....

I was having gala time with my buddy/companion/best work buddy Ritika. Everyday, we used to drink two cups of coffee. One at around 12 and second after lunch at around 5. So, we were having fun time during 5pm coffee break when Rohit marched in. He came to me and said those 3 magical words to me
"Show EBIT today"
(for the people who don't have a finance background, EBIT is the earnings of a company before we make adjustments named as   interest payments of loan and corporate tax payments)

Ritika was looking at me with those eyes "Tu to gaya yaar!!!(you are screwed buddy)". I went back to my desk and started working on my model. She came back and still kept laughing stealthily.

Slowly, by the end of the day, everyone started leaving the office. Ritika came to me and asked whether I'm done or not and without even waiting for my answer, she winked and left.

Now I was amongst the last few people in the office. I was getting calls from my dad asking about my whereabouts and the only reply I had to those questions was a simple "I don't know". And like this, I was the last one.
Now I had all those horror movie scenes going around in my head.  The only guy left in the office... All dark and empty around and out of no where a guy comes in front of me with an axe.

Phew!!! It was hell scary.
I felt the chill down my spine and just closed my laptop and ran to the metro station. Luckily, I was almost done before the spookiness made me do this.

The next morning was the one when Rohit labelled me as a dumb-head. Although I produced the right results but I wasted two hours on something that could have been done in like 15 minutes.
This was the time I actually heard my brain getting back in shape and ready to open the doors to new thoughts. (that sound of keeeeeeeeee....).

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Saala Mein to Sahb Bann Gaya (Part-III)


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