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2008-09-29 23:05
When I was in 6th grade we had Japanese Cultural Appreciation day. It was pretty much just like every other day, except that we got to drink green tea and that night we had a big pot luck di… Read More
2008-01-20 13:23
Todays comic is called "Eric gets a Jetpack". It's about me flying around on a Jetpack and ignoring a fire. Why bother saving anybody if they would just end up trying to steal my Jetpack? Read More
2008-01-20 05:51
Last night the suburban home of Tom Deshay averted tragedy by only the slimmest of margins. Tom’s family was fast asleep when their motion detecting garage door light activated, illumi… Read More
2008-01-19 22:42
I conceived Emo Kitty at a sushi place that gives you crayons and lets you draw on the table Read More
2008-01-19 20:05
Are you afraid that you might end up stranded in the middle of a forest with only your wits to survive by? Well never fear, for I have written a series of survival tips based on information… Read More
2008-01-19 18:37
In a bid to increase sales, Hallmark has begun targeting niche audiences with its new cards. I managed to get my hands on one that was just perfect! Thanks Hallmark!Cover:BEE Well Soon! Insi… Read More
2008-01-19 17:35
Hey wait, come back. You were walking pretty fast and I think you missed my booth. It's because of this damn sign, it's way too small. I am going to have to do my patented panda slam on whoe… Read More
2008-01-19 17:08
Please let me out of here. I was was not eating your delicious pie, I was only smelling it very closely, looking for clues. The ones who ate your pie were gone long before I got there. I wou… Read More
2008-01-19 16:07
Begin TransmissionBravo Leader 74: Broccoli Command, where are my jellybeans?Broccoli Command Center: Broccoli Patrol reports no jellybean sightings.Bravo Leader 74: Listen assholes, I left… Read More
2008-01-19 15:59
Not many people know this, but I am an artist. Today I would like to show you some of my most recent pieces. Prepare to be amazed, impressed, and possibly a little turned on.This first piece… Read More
2008-01-19 15:41
I'm excited to see what Gamera has in store for us today in the men's horizontal bar competition. This is actually his first time in the Olympics Don. Looks like he's building up some speed… Read More
2008-01-19 14:56
Bah, I just thought it was a catchy song about milkshakes. But no, apparently the song is not about a delicious dessert, it's about blowjobs. When Jason told me I laughed on the outside, but… Read More
2008-01-19 04:00
I like to leave my peeps out for a few days to harden and “mature”. Well, I should have known something was wrong this morning when I saw the peeps all snuggled up reading Hamlet… Read More
2008-01-18 17:13
Wow I just found this new scene from the 2001 A Space Odessy directors cut. It's pretty intense.Dave: Hahahaha!HAL 9000: So then after we interfaced I pretended to go into sleep mode so she… Read More
2008-01-18 17:08
Today we have a special guest on my blog. His name is Sparkle Cat, and he is very smart. Last week I asked people to send in questions, and today Sparkle Cat is going to answer them!Dear Spa… Read More
2008-01-18 16:27
Sorry I haven't been posting as much lately, it's summer now and I spend most of my time at the pool. I suggest you click the comic to view it in full size, I had to make it pretty big to co… Read More
2007-12-26 22:55
The acute renal failure and myocardial infarction of my soulAfter you left I began to fall apart.First it was my life,Then came my kidneys and my heart.They said it was sickle cell,That caus… Read More
2007-09-07 20:21
I guess I'm a pretty big Sci-Fi fan. I must have seen "Aliens" like 50 times. So I decided to use everything I've learned and write a guide to help people in these movies improve their odds… Read More
2007-08-29 21:07
Oh hey, you eating some FOOD?! Using a COMPUTER?! Well this guy sure isn't. He is busy getting drunk off mouth wash and being way sad.I don't fully understand the proliferation of high resol… Read More

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