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Lost My Funny

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I lost my Funny.

I am not certain where I lost it, however I suspect that it is along the roadside of highway 127 South toward Lansing between Alma and Shepard, Michigan. I went back to see if I could find it, however I became distracted and wound up way over in Pinconning purchasing a humongous block of smoked cheddar.

Determined to have the funny back in my life I embarked on a journey to find new funny to replace the old funny.

The search began in the most obvious place that I could think of…Walmart, of course. Now we all know that there is all kinds of funny at the Walmart, so I assumed that I would have a cart full of hilarity resulting from my visit. After three hours, the cart brimmed over with plenty of concern, curiosity, wondering, moments of ‘oh my’ and an overwhelming amount of ‘what the heck?’ I also had a bag with frozen chicken nuggets, tube socks and a gas cap. My car does not require a gas cap, however, the rollback price was phenomenal and I had to have it. 

All of those treasures, but no funny.

Tired from the excursion I decided to try the easy route and drove to my doctor’s office to request a prescription for funny. As thrilled as the office staff were to see me without an appointment, I was informed that Dr. Evil Right-On-The-Money had decided to continue her stingy policy of not prescribing non-essential medications for random requests. My second effort to acquire some rose-colored glasses from my optometrist met the same end. I really need to expand my medical team and if my small northern Michigan town only possessed some decent back-alleys, I may have had better luck with this plan.

Returning home, I felt defeated yet still determined to find some funny. Of course I had to hit the Internet. Things that will guarantee a laugh out of me are two things; animals that can talk and babies that do things that babies can’t really do. This disturbs my husband deeply and I know he momentarily reviews his marriage proposal every time he see me crack up at either of these situations, but I was beginning to become desperate. Visiting You Tube I clicked on my old favorites, including this link from the trustworthy BBC talking animals….

It was simply not working.

Now truly discouraged, I decided to abandon my effort and thought of dealing with a life without the funny and decided to set the table for dinner on the outside patio. While opening the large umbrella that really requires two people, I proceeded to encase myself completely in the umbrella like caterpillar sans the butterfly ending.

I was stuck.

Thoroughly unable to move, my initial fears were that my family would never miss me stuck up in there and it would be days or weeks before my discovery. I then realized the boys would be totally lost without me within hours as no one but me seems to know where I keep the toilet paper as the rolls are never replaced and I receive numerous cell phone calls from young men trapped in the bathroom in need of replacements.

That is when I found it…my funny came over me like a wave as I was trapped in the umbrella thinking about toilet paper. That was all it took, a little bathroom humor and I was back on track. Go figure, I had the funny with me all along.

I learned a good lesson about keeping my funny where I can find it. It was no one’s fault but my own that I lost it in the first place. I will cherish it more now, and keep it close.

At least now I know where to look if I misplace it again… it will be right there in the loo.

Next time: Senior Moments!

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Lost My Funny


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