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The Con-Artist named Cancer Treatment

           I have been asked several times in the past to contribute my art and craft skills to Relay for Life, and I always declined. Not because I’m too busy (although I am a busy mom), or feel I deserve to get paid, or don’t feel compassion for those people suffering with Cancer, but because I don’t believe in raising money to find a cure. Now that may sound harsh at first, and many of you might be pissed off right now, but most of you would be more likely to join me than judge me if you knew there was ALREADY a cure for cancer.
           Before I go into what this cure is, let me lay a foundation of facts and statistics for you. Geez, where do I begin? Let me just rattle some off here…

  • According to the World Health Organization, 7.1 million people die of cancer each year. That works out to 591,666 deaths each month or 19,722 deaths a day due to cancer.

    • The American Cancer Society (ACS) is the world’s wealthiest “non-profit” organization. According to James Bennett, professor of economics at George Mason University and recognized authority on charitable organizations, in 1988 the ACS held a fund balance of over $400 million with about $69 million of holdings in land, buildings, and equipment. Of that money, the ACS spent only $90 million— 26% of its budget (big shocker there) — on medical research and programs. The rest covered "operating expenses," including about 60% for generous salaries, pensions, executive benefits, and overhead.

    • In 1992, the American Cancer Society’s Board of Trustees included corporate executives from the pharmaceutical, investment, banking, and media industries. Among them was David R. Bethune, president of Lederle Laboratories, a multinational pharmaceutical company and a division of American Cyanamid Company. Bethune is also vice president of American Cyanamid, which makes chemical fertilizers and herbicides while transforming itself into a full-fledged pharmaceutical company. In 1988, American Cyanamid introduced Novatrone, an anti-cancer drug. And in 1992, it announced that it would buy a majority of shares of Immunex, a cancer drug maker. Also on the Board of Trustees was Gordon Binder, CEO of Amgen, the world's foremost biotechnology company, with over $1 billion in product sales in 1992. Amgen's success rests almost exclusively on one product, Neupogen, which is administered to chemotherapy patients to stimulate their production of white blood cells. As the cancer epidemic grew, sales for Neupogen continued to skyrocket.

    • In 1977 and 1978, the American Cancer Society OPPOSED regulations proposed for hair coloring products that contained dyes and chemicals known to cause breast and liver cancer in rodents. (If you think corruption in the ACS has ceased since then, you are ignorant.)

    • In September 1996, the American Cancer Society, together with a diverse group of patient and physician organizations filed a "citizen's petition" to pressure the FDA to ease restrictions on access to silicone gel breast implants. What the ACS did not disclose was that the gel in these implants had clearly been shown to induce cancer in several industry rodent studies, and that these implants were also contaminated with other potent carcinogens such as ethylene oxide and crystalline silica.

    • A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association has revealed that the popular cancer drug Avastin raises patients' risk of death by up to 350% (OMG!) when combined with chemotherapy. Designed to stop the production of new blood vessels in the body, and thus the spread of cancer cells, Avastin is also responsible for causing blood clots in legs and lungs when used as directed.

    • Conflict of Interest? The American Cancer Society receives large financial donations from AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, who also manages 11 cancer centers in U.S. hospitals, owning 50% of each.

    • Here is the grant list at the Komen for the Cure organization:… When you read the list, note that there is not a single grant provided for nutritional education to teach women how to prevent breast cancer with vitamin D, cruciferous vegetables, anti-cancer herbs, supplements or to avoid dangerous cancer-causing food ingredients like sodium nitrite, MSG and chemical sweeteners. Instead, the majority of the funds are spent on recruiting breast cancer patients with mammograms.

      • In the 1970’s mammographic technology delivered 5 to 10 rads (radiation-absorbed doses) screening, as compared to 1 rad in current screening methods. In women between the ages of 35 and 50, each rad of exposure increased the risk of breast cancer by 1% a year, according to Dr. Frank Rauscher, Jr., then-director of the National Cancer Institute. According to Russell L. Blaylock, MD, one estimate is that annual radiological breast exams increase the risk of breast cancer by 2% a year. So over 10 years the risk will have increased 20%. In the 1960s and 70s, women, even those who received 10 screenings a year, were never told the risk they faced from exposure. Today, regular mammograms are still widely suggested by doctors for breast cancer detection and prevention. (Oh the irony!)

      • DuPont, an American Cancer Society donor, manufactures film for the mammography machines.

      • Various studies have found that chemotherapy destroys brain tissue and cognitive function, as well as the entirety of a person's immune system. Here are a few stories about this evidence: , ,

      • The cancer that chemo supposedly eliminated in “cured” patients typically returned within a few years and became even more deadly. Artificially reducing the size of a tumor does nothing to reverse the physiology of cancer in a patient's body. It doesn't initiate the healing that needs to take place to reverse cancer and stay cancer free.

      • Chemotherapy chemicals are derived from the chemical weapons of World War 1 (Mustard Gas in particular). What was once used on the battlefield to murder soldiers is now dripped into the veins of cancer victims and called "medicine."
      • Common side effects of chemotherapy: Extreme muscle loss, vomiting, hair falling out, a loss of brain function, sexual function and healthy sleep. (These are not signs of people healing, but rather people who are being poisoned. This should be obvious to any intelligent person.)

      • According to the FDA, the AMA or any state health licensing board, anyone claiming to have a cancer "cure" is immediately considered a quack. Over the last several decades, countless doctors researching genuine cancer cures have been arrested, imprisoned or run out of the country. Please read this personal story about how the FDA shut Dr.Stanislaw Burzynski, M.D. down: You can also read the "official" story about Burzynski here: Here is also another look at what happens to doctors who venture away from what they have been trained to do:

      • Sunlight is proven to generate Vitamin D in your skin. Vitamin D is proven to prevent 78% of ALL cancers. ( However, we are told by doctors, pharmaceutical companies and sun block manufacturers (which often times is a pharmaceutical company in disguise) that applying sunblock and spf products such as makeup and face creams is essential to preventing skin cancer.

      • 100% of the research performed by Monsanto, the company who makes aspartame confirmed aspartame's safety, whereas 92% of the independently funded research found PROBLEMS with consuming aspartame. The FDA, however, approved of its use.

      • Kenneth C. Frazier, CEO of Merck & Co. Inc. (one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world) is also Independent Director of ExxonMobile Corp. and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. His total compensation for 2010: $9,439,632.00

      • Ian C. Read, CEO of Pfizer Inc. (second largest pharmaceutical company in the world) is also Independent Director of the Kimberly-Clark Corporation (manufacturer of consumer goods and personal care products) and serves on the Boards of U.S. Council for International Business and the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations. His total compensation for 2010: $3,872,276.00   

      • William C. Weldon, CEO of Johnson and Johnson (THE largest pharmaceutical company in the world) is also Independent director of JP Morgan Chase Co. and serves as Chairman of the CEO Roundtable on Cancer. His total compensations for 2010: $28,720,491.00

      • The following is a list of the twelve largest pharmaceutical companies ranked by revenue as of July 2009 in the Fortune Global 500.
                Rank       CompanyCountry  Total Revenues  (USD millions)  Net income/   (loss) (USD millions)       Employees
      1Johnson & JohnsonUnited States63,747.012,949.0118,700
      2PfizerUnited States48,296.08,104.081,800
      3GlaxoSmithKlineUnited Kingdom44,654.08,438.699,003
      7AstraZenecaUnited Kingdom31,601.06,101.065,000
      8Abbott LaboratoriesUnited States29,527.64,880.768,838
      9MerckUnited States23,850.37,808.455,200
      10WyethUnited States22,833.94,417.847,426
      11Bristol-Myers SquibbUnited States21,366.05,247.035,000
      12Eli LillyUnited States20,378.0(2,071.9)40,500

                  Had enough? Is your stomach in knots yet? Still trust the foundations and industries that supposedly look out for us? Don't think there is any conflict of interest? Think again.There are many more astonishing statistic and facts about big pharma, big food and the FDA, but I could be here for literally days. It only takes a few pieces of convincing evidence to shatter your faith in the system as we know it.
                  Now for the good news; the cure for cancer. Yes, there are actually all natural cures for cancer that have been proven time and time again to work, and no, you will not find hardly any traditional doctors who know this or will admit this. Holistic treatments and preventative medicines do not benefit them in their career, and therefore are not taught as a part of their education.
                  First you must understand that the human body is a whole organism. Yes, we have different parts and organs, but if the body as a whole is not healthy, then individual parts start to deteriorate. This should be common sense, and yet our health care system treats us just the opposite.
                  You also need to know the primary source for vitamin and mineral absorption is in the intestinal tract and colon, so if this one place is not in proper health, it will negatively affect your whole body and can cause several different health issues simply because you aren't getting adequate nutrition, even if you begin eating right.
                  Your intestines and colon NEED good bacteria. The tiny living organisms, also known as flora, help to break down plant starches and other foods that the human body may have difficulty digesting. This allows the body to convert more food into energy. Good bacteria also help the body to turn extra calories into fat. The human body does not make vitamin K by itself. Bacteria create this, and other essential vitamins, as by-products of the food and other digestive materials they ingest. They also help our bodies to break down drugs and carcinogens, which can cause cancer. This is not the only way that bacteria help to prevent cancer, however. They also help the walls of the digestive tract to renew themselves. This regular renewal gets rid of damaged cells that could lead to cancer.
                  But here is the problem that so many people face... they have little to no good bacteria in their digestive tract. The cause of this? ANTIBIOTICS. How many children start out their lives with their parents continually listening to their doctor and putting them on antibiotics? Most. Babies and children are very susceptible to ear and respiratory infections. By the time the average child reaches 5 years old, they have been on antibiotics 12 times.
                  According to several studies on the topic, around the year 2000, Pediatricians prescribed over $500 million worth of antibiotics annually just for one condition, ear infections. When children are continually on antibiotics, they are gradually killing off the flora that their little system needs to maintain a strong immune system. So literally every time a child is administered antibiotics, they are weakening their immune system. Weakened immune system means they are susceptible to all kinds of illnesses, diseases and disorders. Big Pharma likes to get 'em early so they will have a customer for life.
                 The MAIN factor in a child's health (or any person for that matter) is DIET. When kids are coming down with viruses and ear infections every time you turn around, you think you have no choice but to put them on harmful antibiotics because without them the infection would get much worse and could cause death... so we are TOLD. The truth is, the body can and WILL heal itself if it has proper vitamins, minerals and nutrition. Every time your body overcomes an infection on it's own, your immune system becomes stronger and more immune to getting ill.
                  But in a society that caters to convenience, the average American child consumes more fast food than they do home cooked meals, and when they are eating at home, it is usually highly processed foods that are loaded with preservatives, synthetic hormones, genetically modified ingredients, high fructose corn syrup, MSG, hydrogenated oils and other harmful biproducts and fillers. Very few children are eating whole foods anymore and that is why America is the fattest nation. Childhood obesity and diabetes is on the rise. Here's some statistics and an article to further read about it (
                  Lets look at just the side affects of monosodium glutamate (MSG) which is found in lots of different processed foods. Glutamic acid is a neurotransmitter that excites our neurons. This electrical charging of neurons is what makes foods with added free glutamic acid taste so good. Unfortunately, the free glutamic acid can cause problems in many people. Actually, our brains have many receptors for glutamic acid and some areas, such as the hypothalamus do not have an impermeable blood-brain barrier, so free glutamic acid from food sources can get into the brain, injuring and sometimes killing neurons. At least 25% of the U.S. population react to free glutamic acid from food sources. Those reactions range from mild and transitory to debilitating and life threatening.
                  According to Dr. Jack Samuels, president of the Truth in Labeling Campaign, the evidence of toxicity is overwhelming. Exposed laboratory animals suffer brain lesions and neuroendocrine disorders. Scientists studying retinal degeneration in mice treated with free glutamic acid have noted that these mice also became extremely obese following administration of free glutamic acid. The vulnerable hypothalamus in our brains regulates weight control, as well as other endocrine functions, so when the brain is deluged with more free glutamic acid than it can handle, scientists know that problems and diseases can develop. A diverse number of disease conditions such as ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a progressive degeneration of neurons and motor cells of the brain), Alzheimer’s disease, seizures, and stroke are associated with the glutamate cascade.
                  Learn to read the labels on the food you are buying if you buy shelf life foods. Just because it doesn't read MSG doesn't mean it isn't there. Companies have gotten smart about their labeling so as to disguise those ingredients that are harmful to your health. These ingredients ALWAYS contain MSG:

        • Glutamate
        • Monosodium glutamate
        • Monopotassium glutamate
        • Yeast extract
        • Hydrolyzed protein (ANY protein that is hydrolyzed)
        • Glutamic acid
        • Calcium caseinate
        • Yeast food
        • Hydrolyzed corn gluten
        • Gelatin
        • Textured protein
        • Yeast nutrient
        • Autolyzed yeast
        • Natrium glutamate

                  There are many other toxic ingredients in processed foods (ALL allowed by, none other than, the FDA). I urge you to do your own research on the affects of aspartame, hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils, soy and soy proteins, high fructose corn syrup, GMO's, and synthetic growth hormones.
                  Another HUGE cause of health deterioration that can lead to cancer is candida overgrowth. When you have plenty of good bacteria in your digestive tracts and are eating plenty of fruits and veggies that give you vitamins and minerals, candida is kept in check. But when your system is lacking good bacteria, and you are constantly eating unhealthy foods and drinks, candida can grow out of control. And do you know what feeds candida? SUGAR. Do you know what candida craves? SUGAR. So if you have a serious sweets addiction, I'm willing to bet money you have a candida overgrowth.
        Symptoms of Candida overgrowth:
        The most common are:
        • an incapacitating fatigue
        • problems with concentration and short-term memory
        • flu-like symptoms such as pain in the joints and muscle
        • extreme tightness in the shoulders and neck
        • hyper-acidity/acid reflux
        • brown colored mucus in the back of the throat
        • blisters in the mouth/tongue/throat
        • either white or "blood blisters"
        • un-refreshing sleep
        • sore throat
        • white coated tongue
        • dark circles under the eyes
        • an aversion to being touched or jumping
        • "crawling" skin
        • chronic sinus problems and headaches including migraines
        • chronic dental problems
        • depression
        • irritability
        • anxiety
        • panic attacks
        • recurring obsessive thoughts
        • personality changes and mood swings (irrational rage or crying for no reason - fear of talking to people, any kind of confrontation, isolation)
        • paranoia
        • chills and night sweats
        • shortness of breath
        • dizziness and balance problems
        • sensitivity to heat and/or cold
        • alcohol intolerance
        • gluten and/or casein intolerance
        • irregular heartbeat
        • irritable bowel
        • constipation and/or diarrhea
        • painful gas and abdominal bloating
        • low-grade fever or low body temperature
        • numbness, tingling and/or burning sensations in the face or extremities
        • dryness of the mouth and eyes
        • difficulty swallowing
        • projectile vomiting  
        • menstrual problems including PMS and endometriosis
        • recurrent yeast infections
        • recurrent ear infections
        • rashes and dry, flaking skin
        • eczema
        • dermatitis
        • acne
        • skin discoloration and/or blotchiness
        • dandruff
        • jock and rectal itching
        • chronic athlete's foot
        • chronic toenail and fingernail fungus
        • ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
        • allergies and sensitivities to noise/sound, foods, odors, chemicals
        • anemia
        • weight changes without changes in diet
        • light-headedness
        • feeling in a fog
        • fainting
        • muscle twitching and muscle weakness
        • restless leg syndrome
        • low sex drive and/or numbness in the genital area
                  So, you can see that although none of these are really life threatening, they are symptoms that if you have one or more of them, can cause much grief.
                  I know personally what its like to deal with a candida overgrowth. At the beginning of high school I developed a mild to moderate case of psoriasis that affected me the most during the winter time when my skin would get very dry. My skin itched a lot and hurt where my joints were. It was not unusual for me to make a fist, bend my arm, or squat down and crack my skin. It would begin bleeding and hurting even more. I tried the best "dry sensitive skin" lotions and medicated creams and everything seemed to sooth it initially, but ended up irritating my skin even more in the end. It wasn't until I did a 21 day Candida Cleanse, which consists of little to no sugars, lots of raw veggies, minimally processed foods, ONLY WATER to drink, and a 3 herb combination (Acidophilus, Olive Leaf, Caprylic Acid) that my psoriasis not only got better, but completely went away and never returned. On top of that, my insomnia stopped, I was able to focus in school way better (which is awesome for someone who was diagnosed with ADHD) and my memory had improved. Overall, I just felt better and my mood was better.
                  But most people don't know these all natural remedies. Children who spend their whole adolescent lives poisoning their bodies end up becoming sluggish, medication dependent adults who continue to abuse their bodies. Eventually other factors play a role. The pollutants in the air, first or second hand cigarette smoke, exposure to radiation, lack of sunlight, and psychology of a person can and will negatively affect people even more and in different ways.
                  Then one day, they feel a lump, or experience some unfamiliar pain. They go to the doctor and sure enough... cancer. The doctors say, "We don't know what causes cancer," but yes they do. It's no secret that we are destroying our bodies with everything we eat or put on. Not to mention the way we think. Believe it or not, happier people live longer.
                  So truly, the key is prevention. The way you live and eat and what you continually rub into your skin is without a doubt going to determine whether you get cancer or not, or if you are pregnant or will become pregnant, whether your child will one day get cancer. The choices we make now determines a lot for our futures and future generations. So if you are a parent, stop being lazy. Stop doing what is quickest and most convenient. Stop buying into what every doctor tells you. Stop letting your toddler decide what they eat. Start being the responsible parent. Start researching for yourself. Start taking care of your child's health. If you won't do it, who will? Certainly not your child if they have been taught and shown by you as an example that consuming garbage is the way to eat. They look to you. They depend on you, and many of you are failing them. You are setting them up for a lifetime of misery, or at least discomfort and frustration. Don't you love your child enough to want them to be the best they can possibly be in all ways? Then do something NOW while the damage control isn't so difficult.
                   And if you are an adult who has a disease or finds yourself with cancer, there IS a solution. There IS a way to be healthy again without poisoning yourself with chemo and radiation. It will take a lot of will power because you will literally have to change the way you habitually live, but is your life worth it? Is your health worth it?
                    First, you must cut out as many chemicals from your daily routine as possible. It will probably not be possible to cut out all chemicals in today's society, but you can cut out most. Start with your personal care products that you use daily. Change your toothpaste, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, deodorants and make-up (if you wear it) to organic.
                  It may be difficult to find a fully organic toothpaste, but you should at least make sure it has no laurel or laureth sulfates, no fluoride, and no artificial colors or flavors. Or you can substitute toothpaste altogether for baking soda and peppermint oil. Nothing cleanses and deodorizes better than baking soda, and a couple drops of natural peppermint oil in a small glass of water will create a fresh breath mouthwash. As long as you aren't consuming more than a small amount of sugars and brushing at least twice a day, this will keep your teeth in good shape.
                  Refer to my post from August titled Then I Guess I'm a Quack to see a list of chemicals to look for and avoid in your personal care products. Even if "Organic" is labeled on the front, read the ingredient label anyway. If it is not Certified Organic with the little emblem, then it likely isn't fully organic and you should check what is in it. Just because you can't find  a product offered organic, doesn't mean you can't still get a good natural product. As I said, just watch your labels.

                  Your best bet is to scratch lotions and creams completely. There are organic ones out there, but the least amount of ingredients the better, so the best skin moisturizer I have found is organic extra virgin UNrefined coconut oil. Of all the natural oils, it absorbs into your skin the best and has the best healing benefits ( My take is if you wouldn't eat it, then it shouldn't go on your skin.
                  Next, you need to detox, and depending on how unhealthy you are or what your illness is, these detoxes can vary. No matter what your symptoms or illnesses are, everyone can benefit from a candida yeast cleanse, but not all candida cleanses out there are affective, and some can even make you worse. This is something you want to research and read the stats on. The cleanse I did in high school and did again just a few months ago as a ten year follow up is one that lots of people I know have done and has worked great when completed as directed. If you are interested and want the schedule and specifics about the herbs, leave me a comment on this post and I will send it to you.
                  You will need to spend plenty of time in direct sunlight. This doesn't require you to stay out long enough to burn; 20 minutes per day is fine as long as it is DIRECT sun. DO NOT use sunblock of any kind.
                   Most importantly, change your diet.
        • Little to no dairy products, absolutely no animal milk. Can substitute with almond milk, comes in regular, vanilla, and chocolate and has 50% more calcium than regular milk. If cancer is present, NO dairy whatsoever.
        • Cut back meat intake to 5% or less, NO pork, NO beef, only organic lean chicken and natural raised or wild caught fish. If cancer is present, NO meat whatsoever.
        • LOTS of raw fruits and veggies, predominately veggies, as much organic as you can get at your supermarket. If cancer is present, organic ONLY.
        • A moderate amount of whole grains and fiber with absolutely no soy, high fructose corn syrup, or partially hydrogenated oils. If cancer is present, only a small amount of whole grains and fiber, organic ONLY.
                  Lastly, you need to feel good emotionally. This may seem meaningless, but studies show that repetition of positive emotions actually help the body to become alkaline and boost your immune system. Sad and depressed mind = sick body.
                   Andrew Steptoe, the British Heart Foundation Professor of Psychology at University College London, has found that happier people also have greater protection against things like heart disease and stroke. "We know that stress which has bad effects on biology, leads to those bad changes as far as health is concerned," said Mr. Steptoe.
                   A study of nuns in Milwaukee examined the diaries of the sisters of Notre Dame when they joined back in the 1930s and counted the number of times they used positive and negative words.
        Some were full of joyful and positive thoughts. Others were Debbie Downers; enough for modern-day researchers to divide the intake into "happy nuns" and "not so happy nuns." After joining the order their lives were almost exactly the same - same food, same work, same routine... but not the same life expectancy! Among the less positive nuns, two thirds died before their 85th birthday. Among the happy nuns, 90% were still alive. On average the happiest nuns lived about nine years longer than the least happy nuns. Interesting observation, don't you think?
                  In the UK, there is a highly acclaimed long-term study into the links between your status at work and how healthy you are. Professor Sir Michael Marmot and colleagues at University College London have been studying thousands of civil servants for an ongoing research project since the 1960's called The Whitehall Study. They found that if you have a low status job with little control over what you do, you have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. So stress really does take a toll on you.
                  Do what makes you feel good and brings you joy. Don't watch movies or shows that cause emotions of sadness, fear or panic. Don't listen to music that you know makes you feel melancholy, stressed or tense. Avoid people and situations that make you feel negative emotions. And in the meantime, try to think of yourself as if the cancer or illness isn't there. View yourself as having already been healed and feel gratitude for it. Your body's health really will conform to your thoughts.

                  A holistic therapy that is known for much success at treating cancer and other diseases is the Gersun Therapy at the Gersun Institute.  Dr. Max Gersun developed this safe, no side effect disease therapy in the 1920s (yes, a cure has been around that long!) by triggering the body's natural ability to heal itself through an organic vegetarian diet, raw juices, coffee enemas and natural supplements. Do your own research to find the testimonials and cancer reversal stories. The proof is out there. I also encourage you to watch the documentary Food Inc. It offers a substantial amount of evidence that the big corporations are not looking out for our best interests. Also watch the documentary Food Matters to learn more about the alternative Gersun cancer treatment. Both documentaries can be found on Netflix.
                  Clearly we are being fed lie after lie by the Big Pharma for one purpose and one purpose only... MONEY. They do not profit off of health, and they do not profit off of dead people. They want us all right in the middle.
                  The American Cancer Society does not spend a dime on cancer prevention and diet because they do not want people to change their ways. In my opinion, they WANT you sick.      
                  Big Food needs you to not be motivated to be healthy because people who want to be well, don't buy and consume their garbage.
                  These big industries and administrations are clearly connected. Who determines what goes into food, personal care products and medicine? The FDA. Who is the backbone of all regulating? The FDA. Who has the FDA by the balls? You guessed it... the big corporations. The massive money makers are who decides what goes on our shelves. It's the new golden rule: Whoever has the gold, makes the rules.
                  And we as the consumers are keeping them filthy rich. It's a cycle. Consumers eat the highly processed foods, slather the chemical filled products on our skin and ingest things that were never intended for food... as a result, people are obese, unhealthy and feel awful... they want a quick easy fix for their symptoms so they go to the doctor... those doctors prescribe as many medications as they can get away with to treat the symptoms... consumers develop long term dependency on medications and side affects all the while still consuming chemicals and health deteriorating foods... the doctor prescribes new meds for the previous meds side affects... consumers bodies become extremely toxic... consumers end up with diseases and cancer.... doctors prescribe chemo and radiation.... majority die, but those that survive are affected to the point of still needing medication for the rest of their lives. Bingo! The perfect consumer!
                  Now lets just look at this. Follow the paper trail. Whether its the food companies, personal care companies or pharmaceutical companies, the bulk of the money is going to the same place. And we the people are rotting away for it. But WE have the CHOICE. WE have the power. Without ignorant consumers buying their crap, they will not prosper. It is time for change. That time in now. And if you still can't believe that our governement would lie about something so important...well, as P.T. Barnum famously said, there's a sucker born every minute.

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            The Con-Artist named Cancer Treatment


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