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Dear Women, Shut up!

I recently stumbled upon two things on the internet that left me stirred and ashamed both at the same time. We live in an age where it doesn’t take time in things getting viral seamlessly. I am prepared for this post garnering serious criticism. So long it is healthy, I will happily accept it. Also, the opinions stated are my personal. You, of course, can disagree.

First, I came across a picture of a girl sleeping with stained pajamas as she was on her menstrual cycle. I don’t know what guidelines does Instagram follow and why was her picture taken down twice. But I do have a problem with her justification of putting up such a picture. Yes, we bleed every month. Everyone knows that. It’s f***ing science. When did posting a blood stained picture became a part of demystifying taboos around menstruation? Periods are painful and tough but they are inevitable. Why do you have to shout at the top of your lungs to slam it on everyone’s face? Its’ the reality of  life. It makes no difference in anyone’s life. As a matter of fact why should it? It’s as normal as Women wearing a bra.Would you defy the laws of nature for giving you breasts? Or the laws of society for”making” you wear a bra.  The idea of menstruating is not icky, your thoughts probably are. Lest why would you need to show it to the world?

Sex is a beautiful emotion. It lets you communicate your feelings to your partner in the most exquisite way possible. Talking about sex openly is not a taboo. Or may be it is. So how will you choose to debunk this taboo? By uploading a porn clip online? I am sorry but visual representation of these things do not fall under general standards of decency. As human beings, lets set some bar for ourselves. It’s a messy world anyways, lets keep our actions clean.

While I respect your freedom of expression, I don’t agree with you on the idea of pictorial representation of bleeding. You didn’t break a taboo you just created one! Because, menstruation, for one was never a taboo.

Second, the popular Deepika Padukone video – “empowering” women. When will women stop unnecessarily using the idea of patriarchy? When will they stop wearing Feminism on their sleeves by bashing men. It’s a free world for you and so is for men. Why do you have to paint the picture of men in our society so dark? Just because you “can” do it doesn’t mean you should do it. Come to think of it logically, how can you call infidelity a choice, sexism an empowerment? The concept of feminism in our country is already superficial and pseudo intellectual. When did having sex outside of marriage count is as feminism? The very fundamental question here – Would you be okay if your man haves sex outside the marriage simply because it’s his CHOICE? If we are talking about gender equality, lets talk about equal choices too. Stereotyping genders in the name and pretext of feminism is so saddening that it’s defeating the purpose of these concepts altogether. Patriarchy is not holding this nation, the thought of pseudo feminism is.

The video left me feeling disgusted. Dear Deepika, You failed me. You failed women of India.

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Dear Women, Shut up!


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