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It is 12:11pm and so far today, after getting up at 10:00am, I have only had enough energy to feed the cats, try twice in vain to get the woodstove going, check my email, do today's jigsaw puzzle and read the newspaper. I just want to lie down and sleep more. Toad is still in bed, although he did get up once to take Foxy outside, at Foxy's request, and take his morning meds and apply his nitro patch around 11am. There are things that really should be done today that I am trying to rally myself enough to do: buy more canned cat food (we are down to two cans that will be gone by tonight), pay some bills due by today, finish drying the comforter I washed the other day, use or freeze the chicken broth I made the other day, cook for us, and take my meds.

12:50pm and I've finished all the puzzles in the newspaper today. The sun is now shining through the partly cloudy skies, which is a mood lifter. It is 0 degrees Celsius (32F), -4C (25F) with wind chill factored in. Cold. The car is still covered in snow. The  house is cold with no stove going. Toad is still in bed.

2:47pm and I've cooked for the chickens and had Toad feed it to them, screwed around a few more times in vain trying to get the woodstove going, moved the comforter to the living room to finish drying, washed another load of clothes, made a mug of noodle soup for Toad, washed some dishes, whipped up two batches of tuna salad and eaten one batch with crackers and given the second batch to Toad to eat with crackers when he coveted mine, and just now taken my meds. Foxy is licking the two emptied tuna cans. Toad is eating his tuna and crackers. I am weary and resting a bit. My bowels are in an uproar and I feel miserable. The headache is back and worsening behind  my left eye socket and in a band around my head. Wish I didn't have to get out but the cat food situation is a bugger. The sunshine looks enticing, though.

Had two Skype visits, first with D and the boys and second with Bro during the time I was on hold with D and then with him added to the group call. Bro was letting me know that our dad was moved this morning to the hospice center after getting "aggressive" yesterday evening. Bro went over and stayed for two hours this morning, he said. D had planned to call her grandpa today while her husband is off work and was sad to hear that he's been moved and under sedation. When she began to cry, I did, too. I asked Bro if he could call D next time he visits so that she can speak to him even if he seems to be asleep.

Chatted on FB with a cousin who says she will go see my dad, her mom's brother, at the hospice facility knowing that my sister will not be there.

Dressed for public viewing but no make-up, hair awful, eyes red from crying. Checked mailbox--nada ting. Bought 20 cans of cat food and some groceries and then got us each a burger meal at A&W, which we ate in the car before driving home.

6:54pm and back from the grocery, stuff put away and now sitting down to rest. Took 2 Tylenol for my headache. Checked email & FB for word from my cousin (none) and got sucked into looking at FB posts and sharing a few. Ate a piece of pie bought today.

8:10pm Going to practice French via Duolingo despite this awful headache.

9:10pm: Did one Strengthen Skills exercise in order to maintain my streak but my head hurt too badly to continue. Worked on getting the woodstove going but not successful. No word from my cousin on FB. Ate two clementines. Took two more extra-strength Tylenol though have had no relief from the two taken two hours ago. Have to lie down due to head aching so much.

Thanks Be For: Being able to get by without the woodstove due to  0C (32F) temperature outside

I'm Reading:  A Little Life, by Hanya Yanagihara and Death In A Strange Country, by Donna Leon

French Lesson Sentence(s) of the Day:
  •  J'ai d'autres projets pour la journée.  I have other projects for the day.
  •  Il faut passer aux actes.  It is necessary to take action.
  •  As-tu des projets pour aujourd'hui ?   Do you have plans for today?
  •  C'est la réalité.  It is reality.

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Today's Jigsaw Puzzle

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