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A Lovely Day For A Drive

Sunshine and blue, partly cloudy skies today
I kept the woodstove going all night to let Toad rest and, although I dozed for a bit, at 6:45am I finished the murder mystery I've been reading: Death At La Fenice, by Donna Leon. The plot was engaging, with good character development and dialogue, and I liked the descriptions of Venice as seen by a Venetian rather than by a tourist. I was pleased to have not figured out who caused the death of the victim, and the reasons behind the death, until the end. I was also impressed by the sensitivity and humanity of the Commissario of Police, Guido Brunetti. I'll be requesting the next book in this series soon.

My back is a bit better today, so I hope to accomplish some things in the house that I've had to put off, and hopefully make some progress toward rearranging a couple of pieces of furniture. I also have to make some phone calls, including one to our family doctor regarding Toad, so I need a clear head. I'll need to sleep for a few hours.  It is now 7:42am and I'm going to nap on the sofa to be near the woodstove until Toad gets up. I just put a new stick of firewood in a short time ago and have a nice warm fire going.

Slept until 1:20pm, then up for the day. Chicken food cooked, cats fed, etc. I called our family doctor and got an appointment for tomorrow morning for both of us. I need prescription renewals.

Sunshine today! Looks and feels a bit like Spring outside, despite the snow. Took Toad for a drive in the sunshine as a mood-lifter, stopping to check the mail and then driving to Cap Lumière, on to the Village and circling back to our dépanneur for a treat: our first donair pizza from there. We took it home to eat, as it would have been far too messy to eat in the car. It was lovely to look upon and delicious to eat. After eating I made us each a French Vanilla cappuccino, had my meds, and got online.

I monkeyed with today's jigsaw on and off, as it was a challenge, while practicing French via Duolingo to maintain my streak and keep my French tree gold--all the balls gold in the air, as I like to think of it. This meant strengthening past conditional verbs, economics, and past subjunctive verbs. Tough!

Among my emails were two notifications that the gifts I ordered for my son's birthday February 15th have been shipped and should arrive by Wednesday, February 14th. I'll have to let him know that if he gets any packages from me they are for his birthday and not to open them before the 15th. Yeah, right! Since he does not know that I have this blog, I'll show what I ordered for his birthday this year:

Google Home Mini

Tee shirts, one of each color
I wish I knew how to make the pictures  show up side by side; whenever I try to change from 'center' everything gets messed up. Sigh. When I told Toad about the Google Mini he got excited and said that we should get one. He would enjoy one, I know. Unfortunately, Target says the item cannot be shipped internationally. It will cost much more in Canadian dollars but I may order one from a Canadian website. We'll see.

One routine that I do not have, and want to add, is exercise. I have all kinds of excuses, some of  them valid, some of them not so valid. I love to walk, but cannot walk outside in cold weather due to asthma and have no treadmill nor room for a treadmill in the house. I could drive ten miles to the arena and walk around the ice rink, which I have done in the past, but that obviously means getting out on the roads in bad weather. Even if the roads are good in winter, it is a hassle to get there just to walk a few times around the rink. Lame excuse, I know.

We live in a rural area with no sidewalks and drivers who speed along the road with alarming disregard for life--wild animal or human. In good weather, Spring and Fall, I sometimes take my life in my hands (or in my legs) and walk or bicycle to and from our mailbox for a total of one mile. Until the mosquitoes come out of the woods, and then no way, even with DEET on me they are buggers. They love me, unfortunately. So the arena is my best bet for walking year round, it's just that it's so far away (whine, whine). I've been trying to psych myself up to start going three times a week, which is what I used to do and felt so much better after doing. I was working then and the arena was on my way home. Now it's a destination all to itself. I must try to get into a routine of going there to walk. I'll have to entice Toad to go with me, even if he does not walk. He used to go with me once in a while and sit and people watch, with a cup of Timmy's coffee I would bribe him with, picking it up on the way (it's actually out of the way, but c'est la vie).

One other way to exercise that I've come up with is via either YouTube or DVD. To that end, I requested a DVD from the library called Sit and Be Fit: Fibromyalgia Workout, by Lynne Matallana. It is sitting in one of the black library pouches now, waiting for me to watch and try. If I can get into doing exercises that won't hurt my back or knees on a daily basis, combined with walking three or four times a week at the arena (or on the road in good, mosquito-free weather), I know that I would feel much better. I do have fibromyalgia, so everything I do, other than walk, hurts, which is why I requested the above DVD.

I'm 65 years old now. It's way past time for me to start taking better care of my body. I'm too sedentary, even though I do get up and do things (pet care, dishes, laundry, etc) throughout the day.

Another routine that I want to resume is tracking our expenditures. I did this for years, down to the penny, until I got depressed so badly last year that I let it slide and have yet to start again. I had hoped to start this month, but did not. Not yet, anyway. I still could, if I collect the receipts and record them. Today, for instance, the only money I spent was for the donair pizza, which was a treat that cost $13.33.

I've had Toad get up and take his evening/bedtime meds and remove his nitro patch, and have readied his med and patch for morning. He's gone back to bed and I need to do likewise, as we have to get up early in the morning for the appointment with our doctor. I'm starting a new library book tonight.

My favorite quote:   This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; the being thoroughly worn out before you are thrown on the scrap heap; the being a force of Nature instead of a feverish selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.--George Bernard Shaw

I'm Reading: A Little Life, by Hanya Yanagihara

French Lesson Sentence of the Day:  As-tu du liquide ?  Meaning: Do you have some cash? 

Photo(s)/Capture(s) of the Day:

Today's jigsaw puzzle was a challenge but I did it
Sunshine! Our sea onion loves this spot & is tickling Monsieur Renard's nose
Monsieur Renard is not amused
Monsieur Grenouille is amused, though

Those two "twigs" sticking up from the snow are our crabapple trees I planted last fall.

Toad on his way to the community mailbox today, key in hand.

Cap Lumière. This photo does not do its beauty justice.

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A Lovely Day For A Drive


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